Jade's P.O.V.

Even though I didn't really show it much, I was scared. Really scared, but I wasn't going to let them see that! Everybody sees me as the tough badass girl. There was a person wanting to kill us! But who, is the problem! As soon as the guy left I leaned over to the girls.

"Hey! We can't let them see we're scared! We have to find a way to outsmart them! The question is how?"

"But what if while trying, they hurt one of the guys? We can't let that happen! If one of us is gone, nothing would ever be the same again!" Tori warned.

"I know, that's why we have to be super careful! Someone is out to kill us!"

"Why do they want kill us? What wrong did we do?" Cat sobbed.

"Who could it be?!" Trina interrupted.

"We all gotta think back when we were all together, and did something messed up that could've dragged us into this!"

We all stopped talking and began to think.

Andre's P.O.V.

Oh man! Why did have to put us in different rooms! It's killing us that we don't know how the girls are doing! That big guy tried to make us shut up by a gunshot. Now, we made a decision not to provoke the guys into a bad mood. We don't want to hurt one of the girls or us by pretending to be some cool ass guys that are unbreakable. When one of the guys was on talking on the phone, we heard someone heard them to kill us?

"Do you guys, honestly, think we are going to make it alive?" I asked.

"We have to! It's life or death! And I'm going to pick life!"

Robbie had a point. It's either life or death, there is no other choice.

"How do you guys think the girls are doing?" Beck asked.

"Hopefully, they're doing well. We haven't heard any screaming coming from the next room," I sighed.

I was more worried about Tori, which may sound like I don't care about the Cat, Jade, or Trina, which is not true. I just care a little more about Tori. I guess you can say I may have a crush *cough*love*cough* on her. It's been a damn year already and I haven't had the guts to tell her how I feel about her.

It's been a long time already. I'm estimating about 2-3 hours. We haven't heard anything from the girls nor the giant men. I wonder what they're planning. Just as I was thinking the door busted open.

"You!" I heard a man screeched.

"Who?" Beck asked.

"Don't play smart with me! All of y'all dumbasses!"

"Sorry sir," Beck apologized in a low voice.

I felt someone roughly tug me off of the ground and shoved me through the door. I heard Robbie and Beck grunt, possibly they were going through the same thing.

Tori's P.O.V.

I sat there still wondering about what we've could've done to deserve this. I heard soft snoring which I'm guessing was Cat. Just then, I had flashback of something. Something that had totally had forgotten.

"Cat! Jade! Trina! I remember something! It's about-"

All of sudden, one of the men broke into the room.

"Time for all of y'all to go bye-bye!" He shouted.

One by one they took us out. We still had our blindfolds on so we had no idea where we were. We stopped.

"Kneel down!" He demanded.

We did as he ordered.

"Tori?" I heard a familiar voice.

"Andre?" I asked.

I felt someone rip my blindfold off. I looked around. We were in dark room only lit up by one light bulb.

It was only Andre and I kneeling there. We were staring up at a throne like seat but the light couldn't reach it.

"Tori? Are you okay?" Andre asked.

"Yes I am!"

"Silence!" Ordered the voice coming from the throne.

The voice was familiar but it was deeper. Thing is I knew exactly who it is…


I'm extremely sorry I couldn't update! My old computer got a virus and it was pretty old. We are short on money so that's why we took so long to replace it. Hopefully, this chapter makes up for it! Also, this might end up being just a short story. Also, I got question, why do a lot of you want something bad to happen to Jade? Sorry if it's a short chapter. I tried to make it as I can because I don't want to run into another chapter.