In a big city call Hoshi their lived a blue hedgehog who didn't have a care in the world. Until one day he felt a little lonely he didn't have anybody to be with, to love with, and to hold with. He wanted someone to love and love him back.
Sonic: Huh…oh sorry about that tails I gauss I zoom out there
Tails: Sonic what wrong with you…you haven't been yourself lately
Sonic: It's nothing bro
Tails: Hey sonic did you hard what happen on the news today
Sonic: No what…
Tails: There been people saying they was on a alien space ship
Sonic: Oh please tails don't believe everything they say on TV maybe they just wanted to be on the news
Tails: But sonic it been 20 people and they all say the same thing plus the weirdest thing is they are all male.
Sonic: woooow…that is weird
Tails: Well I'm going to bed are you coming
Sonic: No I thank I stay up a little loner
Tails: Alright good night sonic
Sonic: Night tails….what a woohoo alien spaceship that crazy…mmm now I'm hungry…time for a chilidog ( tails won't know I'm gone)
Sonic lift off running to the chilidog stand but what he didn't know he was being followed. As sonic was almost to the stand he was gabbed in the air by a bright light. He was flowing up as the bright light over came him.
Sonic: Where am I
Shadow: In my ship
Sonic: Who said that?
A black hedgehog with red spikes with three red eyes came out of the shadows
Shadow: I did
Sonic: Who the hell are you….uhm…and why am I chain up
Shadow: My name is shadow I'm king of the black arms
Sonic: Yeah so but tell me why I'm chain up here
Shadow: You see the reason for that I'm look for a queen
Sonic: A queen but I'm a guy not a girl
Shadow: You see my people only mate with males and I have to say you the most beautiful one I catch so far
Sonic was taking by what he just said and blush madly
Shadow: And I say you make a great queen
Sonic: I'm nobody queen
Shadow: Oh that's what you think
Shadow got closer to sonic and started to lick sonic cheeks
Shadow tongue went up to sonic lips licking them this surprise sonic and he was blushing very madly. Sonic open his mouth so he can taste shadow warm tongue. Shadow stops the kiss for some air.
Shadow: you like that didn't you
Sonic was too dizzy to listing what he just said so just shadow chuckled.
Shadow: So tell me what my beauty name
Sonic only blush what shadow just said
Sonic: my name is sonic….sonic the hedgehog
Shadow: what a lovely name for a new queen
Sonic: I'm not muup….
Sonic was cut off by another kiss
Shadow: I'm going to take you to my home world sonic
Sonic: WHAT….
Shadow put one hand on sonic cheek
Shadow: you will be a great lover and you will have our future children
Sonic: " oh no someone help me"
As shadow ship set off in deep space heading to his home planet