A.N.~ Well here I am yet again..except one thing.I HAVE HAD A LOT OF CAFFINE!!!!!! WEEEEEEEEE!!! So I have decided that (mwa hahahaha) I would make silly commercials with the Yu-Gi-Oh cast MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA.

Yami: AAHHHHH Nooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Yami Bakura: Shut up you old pharaoh!

Yami: Why I outta!

Hear fighting in the back round

Authoress/Narrator: Mwa hahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!! Okay I've decided to make my first commercial on...DRINKS!!! Who shall be my first victim!?!?!

All cast members back up except for Honda who is too busy eating the food for the skit than to see what's going on

Authoress: tapping foot HONDA!!!!!!

Honda: GYAAAAA!!! What the! Oh . hehehe . hello . kawaii_anime_lover! Please don't torture me!

Authoress: Get into your costume you're my first victim!! MWA HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Now Yami Bakura get the stage set up!

Yami.B: You can't tell me what to do! Now where is Yami I want his Millenium Item!

Authoress: How dare you! You . you bleached hair, tomb robbing FREAK!!! Mwa HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAA You will go with Honda for this commercial!

Yami.B: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I'm sorry!! Please no nnnnnooooooooooooooo!!!

Authoress: snap's finger and Yami.B is in a pink frilly dress


can hear yami laughing his butt of in back round

Honda: back stage I refuse to wear this . this.this thing!!!


Yugi: Should I tape this commercial kawaii_anime_lover?

Authoress: eyes turn into hearts Yugi!!! Of course! You can tape this one! Your sooooo kawaii!!!!!!

Yugi: blushing Thanks!

Authoress: OOOOOOHHHHHHHH SOOOOOOO KAWAII!!!!!! hugs Yugi then goes to check up on Honda and Yami.B

Authoress: Okay tape one food commercial HAHAHAHAHAAAAA ACTION!!!!

~*~*~Drink commercial take one~*~*~

Honda walks on stage in a purple frilly skirt and pink blouse with pink high heel shoes he can barely walk on

Honda: Hi! Try our new tasting vodka coke!stumbles oof!

Authoress: Cut! CUUUUUUTTTTT!!!!!!! It's not vodka it's VANILLA!!! VA-NIL- LA!!! Get it through your head!

~*~*~Drink commercial take 20~*~*~

Honda walks on to stage now used to walking on high heels since he's done the commercial sooooo many times

Honda: Hi! Try our new tasting vaccine coke!


Honda: Va-nil-la!

Authoress: YES! Now get it right this time!

~*~*~Drinks commercial take 50~*~*~

you can hear snoring in the back round

Honda walks wearily on stage

Honda: Hi! Try our new tasting VA-NIL-LA coke!

Yami.B walks on stage pouting. You can hear the snoring stop and Yami laughing uncontrolably

Yami.B: growling Hey is that the new vanilla coke? Honda: Why yes it is! Here try some!

Authoress: Here Yugi get a close up of Yami.B!

camera zooms closer to Yami.B's face

Yami.B: sip's the coke Ahhhhh!! That's some nice coke!

Authoress: There! That's it! Finally it took 50 takes just to get Honda to say vanilla right! By now my caffine has worn off! I need more! Next chapter will have more craziness!!! MWA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!