Me: Yay, another Harry Potter fic!

Ron: Oh no, are you going to k-

*grabs Ron and muffles him* Me: Shh Ron! I haven't showed them everything about the last one yet!

Ron *grumble*: Fine. Am I in it?

Me: Yes. Now will you shut up and do the disclaimer?

Ron: Farali doesn't own Harry Potter, she just wishes she did. I bet she asks Santa for it. If she did own Harry Potter, well... I'd probably have been killed off real fast. She doesn't like me for some reason...

Me: Oh shush Ron!


October 31st, 1981, Lord Voldemort came strolling down in Godric's Hollow. He tormented the small children who dared to look upon him.

Yes, he thought to himself, James and Lily Potter should have trusted a different friend to trust their lives with – and that of their twins. Peter Pettigrew – Wormtail, as he called him – had squealed like the rat he was. But he was sure to repay him later… yes, he would be rewarded greatly.

For Voldemort had learned of a Prophecy or… most of it, anyways. It had predicted that twins born as July ended to a couple who had thrice defied him would be his downfall. That, while alone, they were already gifted, extraordinary wizards, and together they would be able to perform feats of near-impossible magic. Magic that would destroy him – but not if he could help it

He looked into the window before he entered. There was arrogant James, yawning and waving off a tired looking Lily, who held two babies in her arms. In her right arm, pulling at her hair, was a laughing boy with black, unkempt hair like his father and startling green eyes – his mother's eyes. The little girl in Lily's left arm was his complete opposite: She had already-long dark red hair, and a gentle face, like her mother, but the bright hazel eyes of her father.

James tossed his wand to the couch, stretched, and followed soon. Yes… now was the time to strike. Voldemort blasted open the doors, and James shouted, "Lily! HE'S HERE!" But it was too late. Undefended, James Potter was killed as he stood there yelling.

Voldemort slowly made his way upstairs. He pushed open the door slowly like in the Muggle horror films. He just saw Lily gently drop the twins in the one, blue crib. She turned to him.

"Step aside girl."

"No! Not my twins! Don't harm them!"

"I said step aside! Your life may be spared yet!"

"No! Not my twins! Not after James–"

"Silence, girl! Move and you will be spared!"


"Avada Kedavra!" An ear-piercing shriek filled the small room.

The twins looked at their mother, and started silently crying when they saw she would not get up.

Voldemort looked at the two children greedily, which should he kill first? But he chided himself, the two children were sitting so close, nearly clutching each other tightly with their still-pudgy baby hands, one carefully aimed shot would kill both. The moment had come


But the light rebounded, and Lord Voldemort was no more.

Dumbledore and McGonagall waited, frozen, outside of the house belonging to a Muggle couple and their son.

Suddenly they heard a roar: Hagrid was using Sirius Black's motorcycle as a way to travel with the twins. He landed and brought the two bundles up, and placed one in each of the Professors' arms.

Dumbledore looked down at his small bundle, "Ah… So this is little Harry James Potter. I hope he lives well here… and safe…" Dumbledore's finger nearly brushed the small, fresh, lightning-shaped scar on his forehead.

"And you, Minerva?"

McGonagall opened the small blanket gently, "Carrie Lily Potter. They look so much like their parents…" She sniffed and she traced the outline of a small, star-shaped scar at the nape of her little thin neck. "Albus, is this the right thing to do? Any wizarding family would take them in gladly! But to leave them with these Muggles? Albus, I have watched these Muggles constantly and they are just plain horrible!"

"I have my reasons Minerva."

And at that, they lay the two small bundles on the doorstep, with a letter.

"May our love and luck bless them. Goodnight Minerva."