-Sophia is Scotty's girlfriend. Don't let this bother you. Bear with me. I think you might come to like Sophia. :)
-This takes place about two to three months after where the Cold Case bitterly ended. Cold Case lives on!
-The first chapter is iffy, mainly because I try to establish the setting here. Keep that in mind; you may have to reread it.
-Also, it's impossible for me to portray Lilly Rush like the brilliant and beautiful Kathryn Morris did, but I tried.
-I do not own Cold Case *sadness*

It has been almost three months since Lilly and Scotty rescued Christina...and her baby. Christina checked into rehab for a short while, to get rid of her addiction, but signed out eventually; however, she managed to pull herself together, although it is still difficult. Lilly did not join the FBI, although occasionally, they recruit her for some joint cases. The "thing" with Cavanaugh faded away.

Sophia strolled into headquarters, a case file in her hand and a strange look on her face; it was a strange combination of thoughtfulness, surprise, and excitement. Scotty looked up from where he was standing when she entered, deep eyebrows rising.

"You forgot this," Sophia explained, handing him the file absently.

Scotty half grinned and handed it to Vera, who glared at him squarely and snatched it, muttering, "Been looking for this everywhere." Kat shot Scotty a wry look and Lilly grinned absently in the midst of writing.

Sophia wasn't paying attention to him; instead, she said, "Guess what I heard in the elevator?"

Scotty glanced at her, amused. "Don't exactly got time to gossip, Soph," he told her. She wrinkled her nose at him and broke into her story regardless.

"There were these two women in the elevator and one was crying and talking about this guy who broke it off with her. She said he was a big jerk and didn't even have the decency to just tell her he didn't want to be with her. Instead, he said that he couldn't stop thinking about someone else. She called him a bunch of names and said he was a liar and he didn't have a sensitive bone in his body," Sophia said, pausing to take a breath of air.

Scotty exchanged a glance with Jeffries, who was grinning, and with Vera, who looked like he'd rather be held at gunpoint than keep listening.

"So then, her friend asked her if he told her the name of the other woman, you know, the one he couldn't stop thinking about, and guess who the other woman was," Sophia asked, the excitement vibrating in her voice; for some reason she shot a glance over at Lilly, who was still immersed in her paperwork. Scotty noted it, suspicions rising.

"Don't know? Who was it?' he asked, although he had a very strong hunch.

"Detective Lilly Rush," Sophia announced triumphantly.

Lilly's pen stopped and she looked up, eyes wide, lips parted with confusion. Vera looked immensely more interested now and he leaned in, openly listening; Kat strolled over casually.

"Did you get the name of the guy?" Scotty asked, glancing at Lilly; she had returned to her work, fixing her eyes on the paper, but it was clear she was listening. Sophia's eyes widened, as if she couldn't believe she hadn't said it sooner.

"Oh, yeah. Um, Ja-Jason Kite?" she said hesitantly. Vera was almost chortling with glee at the latest development. Lilly was motionless as Stillman came out of his office, stopping before them.

"Need someone to go pick up Gordon Wantenoff," the boss announced, looking around at the detectives.

"The husband? Didn't we just bring 'im in?" Scotty asked. A woman had been found dead in 1987 supposedly having committed suicide. Stillman nodded.

"Got a hunch, need to bring him in again," the boss said thoughtfully.

"I'll do it," Lilly said too quickly. She seized her coat and, head bowed, disappeared from the office, the eyes of the other detectives following her. Vera stood, "I'll go, too," he announced and followed her slowly, a smug grin on his face. Stillman peered over his glasses at the place where she had hurried away.

"Was it something I said?" he murmured.

"No, Lilly has a secret admirer," Sophia chirped. Stillman's brows rose and he blinked.

"The guy's not so secret," Jeffries corrected from his perch on a table. Sophia looked over at him, confused.

"What do you mean?" she asked.

" 'Sides the fact that you told us his name, they got a...history. Ain't a good one," Scotty told her. Her face flashed with embarrassment.

"Oh. And I came in here to announce...," she trailed off, face red. Scotty grinned at his girlfriend, shaking his head as he looked through some papers.

"So who is it?" Stillman asked, confused.

"DA Kite," Kat said, leaning against a desk with a smirk.

"Oh," Stillman said, nodding with a small confused smile. He decided he wasn't even going to bother asking.

"Hey, boss, how's the exhumation order going?" Kat asked suddenly, straightening.

Stillman shook his head. "Haven't heard anything yet."

"Meaning you might need someone to go and harangue a certain DA?" Jeffries said suggestively, a small grin on his face. Stillman didn't answer, just shook his head and returned to the safety of his office.

Lilly's hands were tight on the steering wheel. She had only been half-listening to Scotty's girlfriend until she had mentioned her name. And then Kite's name. Annoyance and slight anger pricked at her, along with a little bit of something else that she refused to acknowledge. Kite had no right to use her like that, but he was an egotistical jerk who didn't care about anyone but himself. She tried to push down the memory, but her mind was intent on flashing the moment when he had sat there, ending it between them. Her jaw tightened and her knuckles turned paler.

Vera glanced at her, eyebrows knitted together with a smirk. "You, okay, Lil? Thinkin' about a certain someone?"

She shot him a deadly look, but didn't answer. It didn't have to bother her. It wasn't like she had to see him.

There it is. When I think of Lilly, I think of Season 4, although ION television, where I watch Cold Case, is currently showing Season 7. Ahh, not that anyone cares. :) Anyways, any feedback would be loved.