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Lilly was sitting motionlessly in the waiting room of the hospital when Scotty rushed into the hospital, followed closely by Sophia.

Lilly had called Scotty to tell him to update Stillman that she might not come in the next day. When he'd asked why, she had simply uttered Ella's name, voice cracking dangerously. Lilly didn't know what had happened either, but she could still hear the terror in Christina's voice as clearly as if she was an inch away from her.

"Is she okay?" Sophia asked, looking around as if Ella was in the waiting room.

Lilly's face was pale and she shrugged; the movement was so subtle that they weren't sure if she had even moved. Scotty examined her; her face was scarily vacant, ghostly. He had seen the look before, when her mother had died, that day in the apartment when he had told her she could call him any time. "Just say 'hey'"

Scotty sat down next to her. "It'll be alright, Lil. She's ain't gonna give up."

Lilly looked at him emptily. Sophia hovered close by, arms crossed, concern etched across her face.

At the end of the hall, the doctor came out, clad in a white coat and large glasses, her dark hair pulled back in a neat twist. Lilly and Scotty shot up from their seats and the three stepped towards the doctor, who didn't seem surprised by the sudden charge.

"What happened?" Sophia asked quickly before anyone could say anything.

"The baby had an allergic reaction," the doctor answered, looking around at them seriously over her glasses. "She went into anaphylactic shock, her body's reaction to the nuts that were in the food she was fed."

"She okay?" Scotty trailed off uneasily, glancing at Lilly, who hadn't uttered a word yet and was watching the doctor, unblinking.

"The baby's fine now," the doctor assured them. "However, it's going to be very important in the future to be cautious. She and her mother will be out in a moment." The doctor smiled once at them and walked away.

Scotty turned to Lilly "Hear that? Nothin' to worry 'bout," Scotty told her, attempting a smile. Sophia hovered behind him, her sense of reverence for Lilly preventing her from interfering too deeply, despite her concern.

The relief was slowly washing over Lilly's face and she looked up as the far door opened again and Christina and Ella made their way out. Ella was asleep in Christina's arms, face peaceful, as if she hadn't been wheezing desperately moments go, struggling to breathe, face a strained red, then a terrifying blue. Christina was walking slowly, as if Ella was a fragile piece of glass.

Christina stopped before them, glancing at Scotty in surprise before fixing her eyes on Lilly, who smiled tightly, trying to conceal the terror that had bathed her face a second ago.

"Lilly, I'm sorry-" Christina began, but Lilly stepped forward, placing a hand on her sister's cheek.

"It wasn't your fault," Lilly said quietly, meeting her gaze. Christina looked down at Ella and held her out to Lilly, who took her slowly, her eyes locked on the sleeping baby.

"Hey, Scotty," Christina said softly, shifting towards Scotty, her arms wrapped around herself. Lilly looked up sharply and Sophia frowned at the tone of her voice.

"Hey...Chris," Scotty said, taking an almost imperceptible pause and stiffening. Sophia's brows furrowed as she glanced between Christina and Scotty, shooting one look at Lilly, who had frozen. They were all lost, lost in the past. There was wistfulness in Christina's face, uncertainty in Scotty's, and an exhaustion that seemed to stretch far deeper than the surface on Lilly's.

"Been a while. How've you been?"" Christina asked, smiling and looking at him too sincerely. He glanced briefly at Sophia out of the corner of his eyes, nodding.

"Good," he answered concisely, pausing for a second. "You?"

"Been better," she said, smile widening slightly. Scotty nodded slowly, uncomfortable. Sophia stepped forward to stand next to Scotty, words coming out choked.

"I'm Sophia," she announced and Christina turned to her. "Scotty's...friend." There was a deliberate pause in her words and Scotty shot her a sharp look that Sophia returned evenly. Christina looked hesitant, glancing at Scotty as the air slowly got tense.

"We should get Ella home," Lilly intercepted, her quiet voice ringing in the silent hall, bringing them back to the moment.

"It was nice to see you again, Scotty," Christina said, smiling at Scotty, who simply nodded again; her gaze flickered to Sophia, who was staring pointedly in the opposite direction, and she left the hospital with a final wave.

"If you decide not to come in, I'll tell the boss," Scotty told Lilly, putting a reassuring hand on her shoulder.

Lilly nodded once gratefully at him, following Christina out. Scotty and Sophia were still for a moment and then Scotty rounded on Sophia.

"What was that?" Scotty snapped. Sophia regarded him coolly.

"I don't know what you're talking about," she replied plainly, brushing past him and leaving the hospital. Scotty stood there, hands on his waist and, with an irritated shake of his head, emptied the waiting room, too.

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