Prologue: 19 years ago

Serah walked out of the clinic as a man followed her out. She slowly turned around to face his cold black eyes staring at her ocean blue eyes. She turned to walk away leaving the man behind overwhelmed by what just happened! He sighed and watched as his lover walk away slowly trying to comprehend the results they were just given.

Usually, any woman would be excited about this news. But due to the consequences that would happen, she was suddenly frightened not only fo herself but for the life growing inside her. A hand was suddenly placed on her shoulder." What are we going to do our child is bound to heroine fate". The man just stared at her and then sighed he was busy thinking not only about the fate of his child but his lover as well. There was silence between the two for a bit until he spoke. "I will do everything in my power to protect you and our child" He stated calmly.

" What about your wife and your brothers they will kill her for even being born!" she cried scared and frustrated. " You think I don't know that I am more worried about you and her. I already lost Maria I can't lose you as well Serah! He quickly says in fear. But the fear on her face immediately makes him change the subject. Hoping to calm Serah down. "Which one of us will do you think she will look like?" Serah asked curiously. "I'm not sure yet, but hopefully, she has your beautiful ocean blue eyes." Serah giggled and smiled at his charm. The two looked into the calming night sky hoping for the best.

Nine months later

Serah tired and exhausted after giving birth. Though it was a painful process, the result was something her and Hades were glad to hold.
In her arms held a small baby girl with Blond hair with black highlights. She had beautiful blue, cerulean eyes.

"She beautiful Hades and she has a little bit of you in her," Serah said exhaustedly."What should we name her?" Hades asked his lover as he stared at his child.

"How about Seras, Seras Demeter Victoria," Serah said proudly.
"What a beautiful name for beautiful girl oh yeah before I forget." Hades put a little bracelet with a flower and skull on it. " It is to protect her from monsters at least for a while so don't worry," Hades said looking a Serah.

"I will do my best to keep her safe no matter what even if I have to ask Artemis to let her join the hunt," Hades stated. "And just like you asked I went to Aphrodite to ask for a husband that will protect and love you and our daughter. He said cheerily the two looked at the sleeping infant as they hoped for the best for her future.

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