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Chapter 1—Welcome To Dalton

In this world, there are many people who go through their lives optimistic and cheerful, oblivious to the misfortunes of others. They gallivant around with not a care in the world, and ignore everything and anyone that might potentially bring their little world down. And then there are the people who misfortune smirks upon. These people stumble through their lives, one misfortune following another, time and time again. However, just occasionally, one of the latter group break free, and control their own fate.

Third Person POV

Kurt Hummel looked up at the grand building standing solidly in front of him. One hand reached up to unconsciously caress his throat, and, realizing this, he dropped it to his side, and stepped through the door waiting for him. Making his way to the front office, he tapped on the door, then stepped inside. A woman sat at the secretary's desk, looked up, and smiled gently at Kurt.

"Are you Kurt Hummel?" she asked.

A nod.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Ms. Bodamer, I'm the secretary. I assume you'll be boarding."

Another nod.

"Okay, well, the only open dorm is in Stevenson, number 47. That alright?"

A nod and a smile.

"Great. Well, here's a map, and this is where we are," she tapped a building, "and this is Stevenson. Your uniform and luggage should be waiting there for you."

Kurt smiled, and took the map. Heading for the door, he stopped when Ms. Bodamer called out, "And if you ever need anything, I'm here."

Kurt gave her a polite smile, then left.

As promised, a uniform was hanging in his closet and his suitcases were sitting by his bed. His dad had dropped these off yesterday, as Kurt had wanted to be by himself when he first arrived. Burt had protested, but in the end, Kurt had won the argument. He always won.

Kurt surveyed the room, his room now. It was smaller than his basement at his old house had been, but still quite spacious, with a walk-in closet and private bathroom.

Deciding to get his room sorted out before anything else, Kurt began to unpack his suitcases. He hung up clothes, put out books, put up pictures, and generally made the room his own. About an hour and a half later, surveying the room thoughtfully, Kurt decided that he could stand to call it home. Kurt's gaze focused finally on the notebook and pen he now kept with him at all times. Grabbing it, he slipped the map in the front cover. He stepped outside his dorm, standing in an empty hallway. Seeing as it was almost three o'clock on a Sunday afternoon at Dalton Academy, it was to be expected that no one was in the hallways.

Walking endlessly around the school helped Kurt figure out where everything was. He now knew that he could confidently get from his dorm to all of his classes, the library, the main office, and the cafeteria. He was walking down a hallway when a sudden burst of music made him freeze.

Looking through the open door, he spied a group of boys in uniforms, harmonizing happily. Kurt watched them for a while, transfixed by the music, before he felt a tap on his shoulder.

Jumping about a mile, Kurt whirled around the see a blond boy with brown eyes smiling at him.

"Hi." The boy said. "Do you want to go in?" he asked the shocked boy.

Kurt shook his head slowly.

The blond boy frowned slightly. "Are you lost?" he asked, unsure by the silence he was receiving.

Once again, Kurt shook his head, albeit frantically this time, and, before the blond could ask anything else, hurried off down the hall.

"Are you coming in, Jeff?" A voice called from inside the room.

Jeff walked into the room. "I'm here." he said, holding his hands up in the air.

"What took you so long?" Wes asked disapprovingly.

"I ran into some guy outside." Jeff defended himself.

Wes frowned. "A guy? Who?" he asked.

Jeff shrugged. "I don't know. He wasn't in uniform, but we aren't required to wear uniforms during the weekend. Though he did look a little familiar." he answered.

"Okay, well, if you see him again, point him out." Wes said, and Jeff, nodding, rejoined the group.

Kurt's POV

I hurried back to my dorm. I hadn't wanted to see anyone, and didn't want to that blond boy to think I was spying, as I had once done.

Memories flitted past my mind's eye:

"Don't mess with me!"

"If you tell anyone, I'll kill you..."

"Why don't you go spy on the Garglers?" "It's the Warblers." "Yeah, whatever. Go see what they're up to."

"Hi, my name's Blaine."

I jerked myself out of my reflections. I never wanted, and never would hear my voice again except in my head. Karofsky was gone, and only remained in his last (successful) effort.

His last effort...

"I promise, I promise, I won't tell..." "That's not good enough. Besides, I said I'd kill you..." and Karofsky's eager fingers had fixed themselves around my throat, muffling my scream...

Realizing I was about to start hyperventilating, I breathed slowly, trying to calm myself down.

Think, think of something else, I ordered myself, think of Dalton, think of Blaine!

I concentrated on my first visit to Dalton, a few weeks ago. I had found an extra blazer in an empty classroom, and shrugged it on. With my leather jacket underneath, it was only a little big. I had hurried down the giant spiral staircase, following the rush of students. Confused, I had tapped one boy on the shoulder, and had been met with a handsome face of olive skin and expressive hazel eyes. He had introduced himself as Blaine, and had told me about the Warblers—the glee club here. He had grabbed my hand and led me to the Warbler's room, then had stepped forward to sing lead. Blaine had been amazing (and dreamy...), but I had left immediately after the performance, fearful of being caught. After leaving the blazer in the office, I ran out of Dalton.

But the thing I remembered was not how amazing the Warbler's had been—it was what I had said: "Kurt...so what exactly is going on...so the glee club here is kind of cool?"

I had talked. Blaine had heard my voice. I really wish I wouldn't see Blaine ever again.

Monday morning arrived, and with it came the first day of school for me. At 6:30, I woke up in my new bed, stretched, and got ready for the day. Once I'd done my moisturizing routine, fixed my hair into it's normal coif, and smoothed out any (nonexistent) wrinkles on my uniform, I headed downstairs for breakfast.

The cafeteria was crowded and noisy, with groups of boys at each table talking and laughing about weekend adventures. Not wanting to stay long, I got myself a piece of toast and a fruit cup along with a normal cup of coffee from a machine (I didn't want to risk it by writing down my order to a barista), and took it back to my dorm. I ate in peace until 7:50, when I started off for my first class.

My first class turned out to be Physics, and, as I was five minutes early, I approached the teacher, notebook in hand.

As I couldn't clear my throat or anything like that to get her attention, I stood there for a minute, feeling silly, until she looked up.

"Oh, you must be Kurt Hummel." the teacher, a young woman named Ms. Cohen, assumed.

I nodded, and Ms. Cohen smiled.

"Well, welcome to Physics. You might be a little behind, so you'll just have to catch yourself up using the book, but if you need any help understanding something, I'm open for extra help. Also, I'm sure another student would be happy to help as well." she said cheerfully.

My smile faded slightly, and I took out my notebook and pen to write a quick message, and handed it to her. She read it, and her brow furrowed.

"You don't want people to know you can't talk?" she asked, confused.

I nodded.

"Honey, they're going to notice pretty quickly." she told me gently.

I grabbed my notebook back, and wrote, I don't want them to know it's not by choice.

Passing this to Ms. Cohen, I looked at her pleadingly. I didn't want questions about what had happened—I didn't want to think about it ever again.

She read it, and her confused expression cleared. "Well, I don't know whether that illusion will last long, but if that's what you want, then I won't tell." she promised.

I smiled thankfully at her. "Now, why don't you take a seat in the back, so no one will have easy access for talking to you during class. Can you see from there?" she asked.

I sat down, and nodded. She smiled, and the bell rang. A minute later, many boys in blazers pulled into the classroom, all still laughing and joking around. A couple of kids stopped to look at me curiously, but most of them merely glanced at me briefly, then continued on talking with their friends.

"Okay, class," Ms. Cohen said, standing up, "settle down. As you can see, we have a new student, Kurt Hummel, who just transferred here."

An Italian-looking boy with silky brown hair turned around to face me. "What school were you at before Dalton?" he asked me.

Panicked, I opened my mouth, closed it, then looked frantically at Ms. Cohen. She thankfully took mercy on me. "I don't think Mr. Hummel wishes to disclose that information, and I hope none of you will pry. Okay, Nick?"

The boy, Nick, nodded easily. "That's fine. I bet it was some sort of secret spy school that swore him to secrecy, right?" he joked.

The class burst into laughter, and when the laughter died down, everyone looked expectantly at me. Realizing they were waiting for me to comment, Ms. Cohen stepped in once again, asking, "Okay, so does anyone remember what we were doing last week?"

Throughout the rest of the class, I noticed several boys giving me weird looks, then glancing away quickly when I saw them. Ah yes, I though as I sighed, and now the bullying begins.

After the bell had rung, I hurried quickly to my next class—English, with a Mr. Raisman—before anyone could ask me questions. I already had a note prepared, so when I entered the classroom, I went straight for his desk and handed him the note.

It read: Hi, I am Kurt Hummel, your new student. What make-up work should I do, and I would appreciate it if you wouldn't mention my voice.

He glanced the note over, then looked up at me, his expression kind. "Hi, nice to meet you, Kurt. I wouldn't tell anyone, as it's not my secret to share, but people are going to notice you don't talk." he said gently.

I nodded, and scribbled another note. Yes, but when it does come out, I would rather they thought it was by choice.

He nodded, and handed me a list of books. "Okay, I understand. Here are all the books we've read this year—we go through books fast. Since I'm sure you'll have a ton of other make-up work, why don't you just read them all, and write me a quick summary of all the one's you haven't already read for school."

Nodding, I accepted the list gratefully. Scanning the list over, I saw that I'd already read two of the five novels. I crossed these off, then showed him the list again. He nodded, signifying that he understood.

By this point, about five kids were sitting down, including the boy, Nick, from Physics. I looked back to Mr. Raisman, and he seemed to understand my unspoken question, and asked, "Do you know Nick?"

I nodded. "Why don't you sit behind him, okay?" he told me.

I nodded again, and went to sit in the empty desk behind Nick. "Hi, it's Kurt, right?" he asked, smiling.

I smiled briefly, and nodded.

He started to say something, but a voice cut him off. "Nicky! I missed you!"

I turned to see the blond boy from yesterday afternoon come towards us, a big smiled fixed on his face. Nick smiled in return. "Jeffy!" he cried, and hugged the blond tightly. Pulling back slightly, Nick gave Jeff a quick peck on the lips. I tried not to stare in shock. They were gay? They hadn't come off to me as particularly gay. And no one cared? If they had been at McKinley, they would've been shoved into a locker by this point.

Jeff smiled, and they sat down, Jeff next to Nick.

Nick turned to me. "This is my boyfriend, Jeff." he introduced us.

I smiled weakly as Jeff's eyes widened. "Oh, hi, I remember you!" he turned to Nick. "Kurt was the one outside the Warbler's room yesterday! The one I told you about!"

Nick turned and looked at me appraisingly. "You should have come in! We love to have people watch us!" he told me.

I gave a little shrug. "You weren't spying, were you?" Jeff joked with an easy grin.

My eyes widened briefly in panic, then I just shrugged and shook my head.

They looked at each other, then back at me. "Can you-" Nick started to ask, then was cut off my Mr. Raisman.

"Settle down. Now, who wants to summarize Friday's reading?" he asked, and class began.

I fidgeted through the entire class, nervous that Nick and Jeff would figure out my secret.

When the bell rang, I got up quickly, but before I could run off, Nick and Jeff stopped me. "Hey, Kurt, can we ask you something?" Nick asked me.

I nodded slowly, preparing myself for this.

He took a deep breath. "Can you talk?" he asked hesitantly.

My heart racing, I shook my head slowly.

"Oh crap, sorry." he instantly apologized.

I took out my notebook, and wrote—It's fine. I just don't like to talk.

They read my note and nodded. "That's fine. No one will give you any trouble, don't worry." Jeff assured me.

I smiled hesitantly. "Can we see your schedule?" Nick asked.

I handed it over to him, and they looked it over. "So you have Physics with me, English with both of us, Math with both of us, then History with Jeff. Oooh, and you'll have French with David, and study with me!" Nick informed me enthusiastically.

'David?' I mouthed, giving him a curious look.

"He's in the Warblers with us." Jeff explained.

I nodded. "You know about the Warblers?" Nick asked, confused.

Oh darn. I quickly wrote—I've heard of them, and I heard them yesterday.

They nodded, seeming to accept this answer easily. "Here, let's go to math. We can show you the way." Nick said, and grabbed my hand, pulling me out of the classroom.

My mind flashed back to the last time that had happened: "It's the Warblers...every now and again they throw an impromptu performance...here, I know a shortcut!"

"Here we are!" Jeff exclaimed cheerfully. Blinking, I realized that we had arrived at math, pre-calc to be exact. Nick led me to the teacher's desk, then released my hand.

I slid the teacher, Mrs. Hyde, a copy of the note I'd given to Mr. Raisman along with the part about wanting my silence to be seen as by choice. She read it carefully, then smiled at me. "Of course. Do you know Nick and Jeff?" she asked.

I nodded. "Yeah, we just met. We're both in English with him, and Nicky has him for Physics too." Jeff informed her.

She smiled. "Well, I don't know where you were at your old school, so would you two go through with him any material he doesn't know?" she requested.

I was slightly surprised when they chorused, "Sure!" enthusiastically.

"I have study with him as well, so that works out perfectly!" Nick said happily.

"What period?" she asked.

"Sixth." Nick replied.

She smiled. "Perfect. I don't have a class then, so I can write you a note, and you can use my classroom. That way, you'll have access to any materials not in the library, like old tests and quizzes."

I smiled my thanks, and accepted the note she passed to me.

"Here, there's an empty desk behind us." Jeff told me.

I smiled, and followed them to the back. A thought struck me, and I passed them a note. They looked at it, then smiled guiltily. "Why do we always sit in the back? Umm, well, all our teachers got annoyed at us staring at each other from across the room, so they all put us together, but in the back, so other students wouldn't get cavities from watching our sappiness. Those were our friend Wes' words." Nick added.

I smiled as they blushed. Uncertainly, I wrote down—So they don't care that you're gay?

Jeff nodded, smiling. "Nope! We were best friends first, and it was our friends who told us to get our acts together." His smile faded. "A-are you? You don't have to tell us if you don't want to." he assured me.

I nodded. I am, and I was out at my old school. I want to be out here as well.

They smiled, and nodded. "That's cool. If anyone asks, we can tell them." Nick promised, and I smiled my thanks. Mrs. Hyde started talking, and they fell silent for the duration of the class.

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