Murtagh watched as the mirror shimmered into being of Eragon where he knew he would communicate with his foster brother. It had been two years since Galbatornix fall of the Empire. The boy that was once under the rule of him and now freed was glad to be broken free of the spell. For that, he was happy with his dragon Thorn for the past two years now. Eragon's image soon became clear that Murtagh was able to become a clear image. Murtagh formed his lips into a smile as he heard his brother speak.

"Murtagh, it has been awhile." Eragon spoke in greeting.

"Indeed it has. How have you been?" Murtagh gave his greeting back as well as a question in mind.

"I have been doing well. Some of the dragon eggs were hatched and now were given a home to stay in. Raising them was an interesting experience. Saphira had enjoyed their presence even more than I did. How about you and Thorn?"

"We are doing great as well. We have been happy ever since we were freed of Galbatornix's oath. I would love to help you raise the dragons though. I am still ashamed that the Riders and dragons would hate me still." Murtagh gave his reply back though at the end of the sentence there was a hint of sadness in his tone plus some coldness as well.

"Well, whenever you are ready,"Eragon said with a smile,"We would give a warm welcome. Take your time though, we are not in a hurry to have you to help us raise the Riders and train them. Speaking of raising, I would want you to keep a dragon egg so before it hatches, you can give it to a person that wants to be a Rider."

"What good would it do when people from the Empire still hate me? I would be simply too much to bear for them." Murtagh sneered slightly as the bitterness came back to his demeanor,"After all, no one would like me after the damage I did to them and the Varden."

"Murtagh, I know they might hate you but if you reason with them, they might oblige and accept that you were still supporting the Varden in the first place and not Galbatornix. Please, the egg is already coming to your way." Eragon was pleading in great lengths to have him to take it.

Murtagh let out a sigh."Fine, I will. I would do anything for my power to protect it."

"I am glad you will do what is good for the Riders. Thanks, bro." Eragon smiled in appreciation.

"No problem, brother. I'll be sure to protect it." Murtagh nodded.

"Well, I shall see you soon. Farewell." And with that Eragon's began to shimmer away. Murtagh just watched the mirror until his image came back and he sighed turning his back away from the mirror, looking up at the ceiling for a moment, thinking. It was also the same time that Thorn had entered his mind and consciousness as well.

I heard that you need to care for a dragon egg. I am so not ready to do this. Thorn said with a snort and Murtagh could swear he saw smoke puff out from Thorn's nostrils.

Stop being so whiny. We had to do what we can for Eragon since he had already began sending it towards our way. Murtagh replied.

Oh, and me not being whiny would make things look as though it wouldn't be for the better good? After all, I can be whiny whenever I want. Thorn sneered.

Why you... Murtagh half growled at the cocky attitude Thorn posed out. It often pissed Murtagh off yet sometimes it made him feel proud of his dragon. He felt a beam of satisfaction from the red dragon's thoughts which could tell he was satisfied at annoying him. He sighed both mentally and outside as he stood up and walked outside where they lived. It was a small cottage near the Beor Mountains as well near the waters. It was the perfect place for both him and Thorn to stay in since the view of the scenery was nice to see. He sat down on a log he had placed near the cottage and looked at the waters, admiring it. He could feel that Thorn was admiring it as well which made him quite happy despite the taunts and remarks that came out from the red dragon moments ago.

If only Eragon and Saphira would come here to see this, I am sure the would like it as well. Thorn said dreamily.

Yes, if only. Murtagh let out a sigh as he looked at Thorn. Thorn's massive head turned towards Murtagh and lowered it until it was at the young man's height. Murtagh stroked Thorn at bit, smiling at him. I am glad to be your Rider.

As am I. The red dragon replied a purring sound coming from the throat of him. Murtagh chuckled a bit before releasing his hand from Thorn and turning back towards the sea. It would soon that they would receive the egg to raise.

*End of Prologue*

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