Chapter 5

"Did you see that? The new girl's doing pretty well, Kyliz." A male spoke, snickering in a very menacing way.

"I do, you bombhead. Do you want to get punished again, Hidr?" The man named Kyliz snarled at the man named Hidr.

"Sorry, boss but I was just commenting." Hidr mumbled.

"Well, stop with the mumbles. We need to make sure that girl will get to our side. She is valuable." Kyliz smirked evilly as he watched from the orb.

"How are you going to do that, boss?" Hidr asked.

"Simple. Make her bond to us using the ancient language." Kyliz answered, his tone rather happy in a creepy way.

"She'll most likely not listen." Another voice from the other side of the room spoke in a monotone voice.

"How dare you question my ideas!" Kyliz boomed.

"What I say is true. She is a whole lot smarter than what she looks to be." The voice continued, no emotion on his voice.

"Oh, then how do you suggest we should do then, Gynops?" Kyliz glared at the figure who had stood up.

"Trick her into believing that we are the good guys then make us bond to us." Gynops replied, walking towards Kyliz.

"Hm, even better. Nicely done, Gynops. Either way, she'll become ours." Kyliz snickered as he rubbed his hands together in excitement.

"I hope you will plan this well, boss otherwise one slip would cost us the chance." Gynops warned him, ramming his ram on the ground, causing the ground to shake a bit.

"I know, I know. Give me time to think." Kyliz rolled his eyes. Gynops just snorted before heading back to his seat and sat down. Kyliz continued to watch, thinking every possible way to get her to him.

Cleva beat her mighty wings into the air as she flew around, followed closely by Saphira. It was a month since she had began her training and she had improve greatly, thanks to her great tactics to learn quickly when receiving information. Her Rider, Glenda had also learned a lot as well and passed it down to her, giving her more the knowledge about Alagaesia and of the history behind it. All of it was the best part for being a dragon. Able to fly around at free will and learn about the great aspects of the new world they landed in is the most exciting.

Slow down, Cleva. Don't get all too excited when flying. Focus! Saphira chided.

Sorry, I was thinking about everything how I have my species to be surrounding me now. I feels so comforting. Cleva replied, slowing her pace to a steady one.

I know the feeling. When I was fighting Galbatornix, I have that same feeling as well. Now, it's gone. You get used to it once you are around them a whole lot more. Saphira told her, causing her to feel understanding for the older dragon.

Thanks. If only I can understand more of the world, I'll be more understanding to this feeling than before. Cleva sighed.

Hey, don't worry on it. You have a really long way to go. I'm sure you will know more of it soon. Saphira assured her. Cleva just touched her muzzle towards Saphira's and let a wave of happiness wash over her mind. Being a dragon, she knew how it felt to be when you can't totally express it out towards others around you in view. It is always mental. Still, it was enough to tell that people to would admire her for who she was.

Where is Thorn? Cleva finally asked.

He's hunting. He told me that he'll come back as soon as he is finished. Saphira replied.

Right. You still haven't taught me how to hunt. Cleva said, suddenly eager to learn it.

In time, young one. Right now, your battle skills is more important than your hunting skills. Saphira said, pointing it out.

Ah, well that would have to wait then. Why is my battle skills important though? Cleva asked, curious.

Because in case of a battle, you need to be prepared whenever possible. Saphira explained.

Well, mentioning that, do you want me to practice with you? Cleva wondered, tilting her head to the side. She heard a rumble from the blue dragon's throat as she knew she was probably laughing.

I thought you wanted to practice it with Thorn. Why the sudden change? Saphira asked, sounding almost teasing.

You brought it up so I thought it would be better if I did with you now. It sounded like you want to resume back to our training. Cleva mumbled a bit, a bit embarrassed.

Young one, I'm sure you understand being a dragon you need to protect your Rider as much as you can, right? Saphira asked.

Yeah, I understand that part. Cleva answered firmly.

Well, then... Saphira suddenly launched at her, her jaws open and ready to grab her neck. Cleva was surprised but nonetheless dodged the attack and counterattacked by lightly scratching Saphira on the belly. She heard the blue dragon roar as she used her talons to try and scratch lightly on Cleva. She barely dodged it, only to get a scrape from the strike. Roaring in return, she twisted her body so she faced her on head and swinging her tail, lightly hit her on the side. Saphira yelped a bit but was unharmed.

Shocking. I didn't know you would use your tail as a weapon. Saphira blinked.

Glenda told me to use it to fight. She says it is for fighting as well. So, I practiced using my tail to fight as well as my jaws and talons. Cleva explained.

You should teach me that once we are done with your training. Thorn needs to learn it as well. Saphira had an amused tone in her voice.

Ha, since when did I become the teacher here? Cleva taunted a bit.

Just now, little one. Saphira snickered as they began to playfully attack each other. Cleva wished it would last forever.

*End of Chapter 5*

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