The Chief Medical Examiner's office at the Boston Police Department didn't quite look as one may think. With luxurious carpets, ethnic and tribal museum-worthy objects, the place seemed more like a small private collection of fascinating items instead of the dull office anyone with preconceived ideas would imagine the office would look like. A complex mixture of class and culture, delicate textures and strong decorations that show a fraction of the essence of said office's owner. Doctor Maura Isles was silently sitting on her chair, observing the screen of her computer, her thoughts fixed on one Jane Rizzoli.

Jane's birthday was coming up and last year had been a dramatic one. Being best friends, she knew Jane didn't like to celebrate her birthday because if she expected too much for it, she was bound to get disappointed.

After serious consideration, Maura realized what she wanted to give Jane for her birthday. It wasn't that it was too much...well, truth be told, maybe it was, but for her, nothing was too much when it came to Jane.

She glanced at the computer again. the arrangements were all set for her to book the Fenway Park for a private party. She knew Jane would object to her spending an outrageous amount of money to it, but it turned out the director of events was a close friend to Constance Isles. The moment he recognized Maura's surname and confirmed she was indeed Constance's daughter, the matter was settled. She only needed to provide the catering. They would have the place for themselves for a whole day. Jane was crazy about the Red Sox, she had once even mentioned she had fantasized of getting married there. That was what Maura pondered the most. If Jane was ever to get married, she, Maura, was somehow taking away that idea of a reception at Fenway Park from her unknown and at this moment, nonexistent fiancé.

Maura tried to ignore the pang of jealousy that arouse from that thought. Lately she didn't want to think of the idea of Jane getting serious with anyone, least of all getting married to anyone. But she couldn't ask that from her friend. Maura looked back again at the emails she had been sending back and forth with Alex Todd, the director of events for Fenway Park. She only needed to confirm the contact information for the catering and she would have the entire Fenway Park booked for herself for Saturday, Jane's birthday.

Maura made up her mind. It was time for her to stand up and reach for what she wanted. Maura reached for her phone the moment she sent the confirmation email.

"Angela? Hi, I need your help."

The detectives' office at the Boston Police Department looked like it did any other morning. Desks with large piles of papers, each waiting to be examined again and again filled the area. Notepads and pens, appeared scattered not in a sloppy manner but in agreement to the owner of the desk, the responsible to make sense out of the outrageous amount of information. The one who would discriminate between litter and a genuine lead.

Then again, one of those desks proudly showed a toy. A doll. An action figure. And it was the proud owner of that action figure who was the first one to cross the office that morning and sat in the chair in front of it. Frost contemplated it for a while. It was his personal morning ritual.

"Aren't you a little too old to be playing with dolls?" The raspy and unmistakable voice of Detective Jane Rizzoli echoed in the, except for Frost, otherwise deserted office.

"It's not a doll," Barry emphasized each word with a defensive tone. "It's an action figure."

Jane rolled her eyes. "Why does everyone seem to have the need to correct my words?"

Frost looked around, subtly implying they were alone in the office. "Who is everyone?"

"Y'know. Maura... and now, you!"

"So...Maura is everybody?"

"What? No!" Jane jolted back turning to her desk and plopping to the chair. She hadn't missed Frosts mocking tone and she refused to partake in it.

Frost shot her a questioning look, which resulted in Jane's growling a sort of frustrated noise that sounded very argh-like.

Frost snickered and pressing his luck continued. "It's kinda enviable what you two have, you know?"

That statement directed to any normal person would be considered as an amazing compliment. But knowing Jane's possible reaction, Frost wondered if he should be wearing his kevlar. Jane could go ballistics if she realized what he was suggesting, and she had her gun and wouldn't be afraid to use it.

Jane unconsciously allowed herself a half smile before her brain registered Frost's words.
"What are you saying Frost? We're friends. She's my best friend, but you and I are friends as well. We are all friends."

"I know, but you two are very close." Frost added with a genuine smile. "Sometimes, you even seem like a couple." Frost knew he had just gotten into dangerous territory, and he still hadn't taken the precaution of putting on his bulletproof vest. Luckily for him, Jane just gaped at him without coming up with any reasonable thing to say, which left the door open for Frost to add. "Especially when you two get into fight."

"...What?!" Jane's voice bordered a shriek.

Frost waved his hand dismissing her question. "Never mind, Jane."

She tried to push to the back of her mind the thoughts that threatened to appear. It would be futile for her to pretend she hadn't sometimes wondered if she really felt that way about Maura. She knew she felt very strongly about her, and there were some times when she would let her mind think about the meaning and true nature of her strong feelings, but at the end she would always reconsider her thoughts and associate the deep feelings for her friend due to their strong friendship and nothing else. The attraction was merely platonic, she had convinced herself. Maura was exceptionally beautiful, inside and outside, but to consider how soft her skin would feel..and her full lips...Her thoughts again were running in directions she wouldn't allow them to go. The bond between them had strengthened because of the events they had lived together and had proved unbreakable. They could disagree, argue.. they had even unwillingly hurt each other, but somehow they always found their way back to each other. That was the thing that mattered. No matter what they were there for each other. Their friendship had overcome so many hardships, it was one of the few things she could count on with blind faith.

Jane was so lost in her own thought that she didn't register the moment when Frost moved from his desk towards hers. Frost snapped his fingers in front of Jane's lost look.

"Earth to Rizzoli, come in. Over." Frost was barely able to hold his laughter.

Jane blinked twice before realizing she had gotten lost in her own thoughts.

"Really Jane, you should just go for it."

"Hey hey, first of all, Maura is no it! And second..." she weighed in her words, considering what was exactly she wanted to say, pausing in for a longer while than was wise.

"You're gonna do it then?" Frost could hide his excitement at the idea.

"Do what?" Korsak's voice cut into their conversation, asking with mouthful of jelly donut.

"Noth-" Jane was saying as she was cut off by Frost's sudden shot of inspiration interjecting, "The Rizzles! It is ON!" The clapped his hands enthusiastically, extremely amused by his own wit.

"WHAT?" Jane shrieked getting supremely irritated by the second as Korsak chuckled somewhat confused.

"The Rizzles? The heck is that Frost?" Korsak asked at the time he finished the last bite of the jelly donut, completely ignoring Jane who looked like she was about to explode.

"C'mon man, it's like Brangelina, but you know..." Frost wiggled his eyebrows suggestively towards Jane.

Korsak looked confused for a second and then a small 'o' formed in his lips.

"Oh, that's good Frost! I won't even comment on how girly you sound mentioning Brangelina, but Rizzoli and Isles? That's hot." Korsak nodded with a smug look on his face.

"Shut it! both of you!" Jane exploded pointing her menacing finger at each of them. "Leave us out of your twisted fantasies. And stop reading crappy magazines Frost!"

"It'd be the BPD's celebrity couple. Our own Brangelina." Frost couldn't hide the smug look on his face either, mimicking with his hands a marquee with neon letters. "Rizzles. It's catchy, huh?"

"Oh, oh yea like Tomkat!" Korsak exclaimed eagerly. He might not follow the pop culture but even he knew who Tom Cruise was, and considering the current conversation it didn't matter he added a remark he would also classify as sissy. Men didn't talk about celebrity couples, but the occasion required it.

"It can't be. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes just split. Tomkat is history now." Maura's composed voice joined the conversation, completely unaware of the conversation the detective's were having.

"Maura! Reading tabloids? Again?" Jane almost whip slashed her neck with the speed she turned around when she heard Maura's voice. How long had she been there? Had she heard?

Maura winced surprised. She was used to Jane's annoyed tone, especially early in the morning and coffee suppressed, but right now it seemed a little more off than usual.

"Well.. I don't read them. I see the covers when I'm in line at the store. It's not my fault I remember them being the topic in the second week of last July. Some headlines were pretty harsh. Of course there had been news of them splitting in 2009 and 2010. This time it's final though."

Jane looked at her in disbelief.

"Gee Perez Hilton, what about Brangelina? Can the world still count on them?"

"They have appeared on some covers seeming very happy and very together. You're mocking me, and I shouldn't put up with your constant abuse. Although it is a very juvenile idea to combine both names of a couple to coin in a common nickname to refer to said couple, I think that it can be very endearing, if both names fit nicely together, that is." Her gaze fixed on Jane's. There were times Maura couldn't stop herself from looking at Jane warmly even if she was being mean at her. "There are names who just can't be put together nicely..."

Jane snorted and pretended to look for some papers. Fortunately for her, both Korsak and Frost fell silent too. One thing was to nudge Jane when Doc wasn't around, but now that she was here too, they felt outnumbered.

Maura couldn't help thinking about the word she had come up once, combining Jane's and hers last name. She had been idly doodling in her legal notepad, while being on hold in the phone. In between the doodle she wrote Jane's surname, and her scrabble-oriented brain kicked in. It was silly but it had a nice sound to it. Rizzles. It made her feel like an adolescent in love. Because... mainly because she knew she was. She had gathered the evidence and in true scientific procedure determined her attraction to Jane Rizzoli, went leaps ahead from attraction. Her friend was so uptight in certain matters, Maura had accepted to refrain from any moves towards Jane. She wouldn't do anything to risk their friendship. Not only was she curious to know what it would be like to physically love another woman, but with Jane she wanted more. There were men she had just wanted to sleep with and enjoy the pleasure of the moment and nothing else. She knew she liked to enjoy a sexually healthy life with men that were fit to her standards. With Jane, she wanted nothing so simplistic as just sex. It was easy to fulfill the basic chemistry for sex, it was more difficult to find someone to bond with in more intimate levels. Someone who would challenge her, and make her feel whole. With Jane, she wanted everything.

Jane glanced at Maura who was still standing there, and shared with her a brief smile, before her phone started ringing.

She answered it, still sharing the smile with Maura, the kind of small details neither Frost nor Korsak missed. Those two women exchanged so many long puppy love looks, they were amazed neither had jumped each other bones yet.

"Yeah, yeah I'll be right there". Jane pocketed her phone and headed to the door. "Gotta run to Personnel, something about my paperwork. Catch up with you guys later."

"Oh, ok. I'll ride down the elevator with you to my office. Bye guys."

Frost and Korsak nodded to the M.E, while Jane true to her nature, opened the door for Maura waiting until she went through and followed her.

"You were in dangerous territory Frost. I couldn't have saved your ass." Korsak laughed as soon as both women disappeared.

"Nah, I think Jane needs to be pushed a bit on this."

"Don't you think it could get weird?"

"Actually I think most people here already think of them as a couple, but they just haven't realized it yet.".

"You're on your own if this backfires kiddo."

Author's Notes

Well I'm back to writing fanfiction. Rizzoli & Isles have completely taken me over.

Go easy on me, I have much of the story outlined but I thought this first chapter was ready, I'll try not to rewrite it.

I don't think I'll get much into cop procedural stuff because I don't think I'm fit for that, but who knows. Other than that it's supposed to focus on the romantic stuff, which I thought I wouldn't write again, but here I am...

Comments are always appreciated, as well as corrections. English isn't my native language, but there's something about keeping the character's in their original voice, so I can stay true to them as much as possible.