Lady Florentia de' Medici

Florentia walked along the corridor up to her father's study she lightly taped the door. The Grand duke looked up from his desk up to his daughter who looked like her mother and smiled "You asked to see me father" Florentia asked as she walked into the room "Yes Florentia I have decided that you should visit Florence and visit your uncle".

The grand duke looked to his daughter was smiling "I would love to visit Uncle" Florentia looked to her father,He put his hand on her cheek "You look so much like your mother" The grand duke stood up and kissed Florentia's head he went to a jewelry box and opened the lid,he got a silver locket, the grand duke put it over his daughters neck "this was your mother's I think she would wont you to have it" "thank you father", Florentia said as she exited the room.

Florentia walked into her room and sat on her bed then she stood up and went into the garden, walked round the trees,she saw a blue butterfly on a pure white rose,when Florentia went closer to it the butterfly flew away but the rose was still there so she picked it and went back into her room and put it in a book then she comed her long wavy hair and washed her face.

Meanwhile in Florence

Leo was busy designing a new invention when Mac and Tom walked up to him "what are you doing Leo"? asked an intreged Mac,"Design something new" Leo told them while still looking down,"Why does she have to visit of all the people why her" the group heard as Lorenzo walked up to them "Who's visiting Lorenzo" Leo asked when he looked up from his drawing,Lorenzo sighed "My cousin Florentia"

The three looked to Lorenzo as if he had gone mad "Why would you not look forward to seeing your cousin" Asked a shocked Tom,"because she believes she is better than everyone else"Lorenzo told the rest of them,Leo shook his haed"she can't be that bad" "trust me she is that bad"Lorenzo said,mac looked around then said"you mean Florentia de' Medici one of the most beautiful members of your family".

As Lorenzo left Leo thought about what he said about Florentia was she as bad as lorenzo had let on or was she as beauitful as mac make out he didn't know what to think,Tom saw that Leo was sitting on his own "what are you thinking ablout Leo" tom asked, Leo just stared to the blank canvice in front of him"just what mac and Lorenzo said about Florentia