Maybe it was the fact that Rigo was able to come back to Boulder with her or maybe it was the fact she was back home after being at the training center for so long, but Payson was more than excited as she merged into the off ramp to Boulder. Her back of her car was loaded with everything she had brought with her when she left. Her father had come up the day before to help her finish packing. He took the train home, so his daughter could drive home the next day. Rigo was fallowing in his own car behind her as she lead him down the roads where she grew up. It might of only been a few months that she was gone, but it felt like everything changed. Her eyes wandered up the road to the stop sign where they would make a left onto the street where her family home was located. She started to apply her break as she approached the stop. She turned on her left turn signal to show Rigo the way.

The doorway was decorated with a "Welcome Home Payson" banner and at least a dozen balloons. Payson smiled at her family thoughtfulness as Rigo pulled into driveway. They had made it. Payson eagerly climbed from her car, leaving everything in the back of the car to unload later. Rigo came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Ready to meet Mom, Becca, and Phoebe?" Pay asked as she leaned back into his arms. Rigo simply nodded and started to head towards the door. He had met Payson's father at Olympic trials, but he had yet to meet the rest of the Keeler family. It would be interesting experience. He just hope they liked him as much as he loved their oldest daughter.

Payson pushed open the front door and was immediately greeted by Phoebe's barks and kisses. Payson knelt down and welcomed the small dog into her arms. Payson lifted the mutt up in the air to allow her to sniff Rigo. Phoebe met Pay's boyfriend with kisses. The small dog was only the leader of the pack of welcome love. In a matter of seconds, the rest of the family was giving out as many hugs and kisses they could fit in. Once the love settled down, Payson smiled. "Mom. Becca. Meet Rigo, Rigo, my mother and little sister Becca." she introduced. The three seemed to get along fine just as Payson had hoped. Payson glanced at her Blackberry. No New Messages the screen read. Payson sent a message to Lauren and Kaylie to let them know she was already home. They were coming home for the months leading up to London. They would train at the Rock with their two other Olympic teammates under the watchful eyes of Sasha Belov and Coach MacIntyre.

"Are you really an Olympic bound BMX rider?" Becca curiously asked. Payson nodded and hugged her boyfriend. The two would be traveling to the Olympics, and she did not want it any other way. "Yes. I do ride BMX" Rigo answered. He knew it was the first of many questions her family would ask in the next few days. Rigo would be spending the week at the Keeler's resident before heading back to his hometown to train. Rigo glanced as he was invited out of the entry way and into the dining room for dinner. He took Payson's hand as they strolled towards the dining room. The table was already set and in the middle was dishes of food. Payson guided him towards where they would be sitting. All the food looked delicious. Stuffed shells, sausage, meatballs, garlic bread, tossed salad. It had seemed her mother went all out on the welcome home dinner. At this moment, Rigo anything then cafeteria food was a good first meal after leaving the training center, but a homemade dinner was about as good as it could get. It sure beat anything he could make after a long day of driving.

[Author's Note: This is my first published Fanfiction. I know it is short at only 680 words, but the first three chapters will be introductions. The real drama begins in chapter four. I would love and appreciate reviews and constructive criticism.]