"How is the apartment?" Kaylie asked her father cautiously as she stared out the front windshield. The trip back to Boulder was several hours, and she had been spending most of the time napping or listening to her I-pod. She and Austin had gone running that morning which really tuckered her out. Now they were twenty minutes away from her father's new apartment, and she decided it would be a good time to spark conversation. After all, she would be living with the man for the next week while her mother was doing her comeback tour in Asia.

"It is nice. Two bedrooms, one bath, and spacious living area. There is plenty of room for the two of us." Alex Cruz explained as he drove smoothly down the highway. He had only moved in a couple of weeks ago, but his only son, Leo, seemed to approve when he helped his father move in. Alex bought the place with his children in mind. Three bedrooms were hard to come across, and he did not want all the space that came with the condo. He finally settled on an apartment complex that was down the street from the Rocky Mountain Training Center. Kaylie could walk to the gym if she ever got stuck as his house, and Leo had already claimed the pull out sofa bed in the living room when he was home from college. That meant Kaylie would get the second bedroom which Alex had a started to get ready. There was a bed, a dresser, and a desk in the room to start. He figured the teenager would decorate it once she got home from the Training Center.

Kaylie nodded slightly. "Leo texted me that he liked it. That is always a good sign. I will probably be staying with you a lot these next several weeks leading up to the Olympics. Mom said she would not be around much after her tour." she explained to her father. Her dark brown eyes wandering about the passing scenery. Boulder filled her mind with memories as she passed through it. She would soon be leaving in again for a few weeks when she was in London, and no one knew where she would end up after that. Her plans were to use her sponsor money to pay for a college education since she no longer qualified for scholarships. Her dream was to get her degree in therapy, so she could assist people who were going through the same problems she had gone through and was still going through. She would always have to fight against relapsing. It might sound easier said than done, but Kaylie had a wonderful support system to keep her in the right track of mind.

"Can you believe you are going to be an Olympian? It seems like only yesterday you were learning how to do a somersault." Alex asked knowing it is was cliché that almost everyone one used. However it did seem like only yesterday he was sitting on the bright blue gym mat holding out his arms as she rolled towards him in a Tiny Tots class. Years later, he was building her an elite gym for her and her friends to train at. He went to the extremes to make sure the gym met his expectations. And when his Olympic sliver medalist gym coach quit, he went and convinced the man who won the gold to coach at the Rocky Mountain Training Center. Now she was going to London to accomplish her life long dreams. Alex was as proud as any father would be, and he was glad he put in the effort and money into her. She had stumbled and let him down along the way, but he would not want it any other way.

"Here we are!" her father announced as he pulled into the complex. Kaylie looked around as they parked and walked towards the lavish building. It seemed family friendly, and she could get use to living in smaller area. Her dad lead her up to the fifth floor where he lived. Apartment 521B. She tapped her foot as he dug through his pocket for his key. Alex finally found it and shoved the key into the lock. He pushed up the door and waited for Kaylie's reaction as they walked in.

[Author's Note: I know Steve Tanner is the one who brought Sasha to the Rock, but for my purpose, Alex Cruz is the one who did it in this story.]