Rigo was waiting at Payson's car when she finished ballet. He glanced around the scenery before planting a kiss on her lips. "I rode my bike from training to here. It is my lunch hour." he explained while nodding towards the BMX bike leaning against her trunk. Rigo had strategically planned his kidnapping, but he knew that the event must end with her getting dropped off at the gym to finish her own training. Payson had her car keys dangling from her hand, so he slide them off her fingertips. Before she could protest, Rigo loaded his bike in the trunk and climbed into the driver's seat. Payson obeyed as he motioned for her to get in. Rolling her eyes as she pulled open the passenger door and took her seat.

"I hope you realize I still have at least four more hours of training before I can come home to you." Payson reminded as she glanced at the clock. By the time he would deliver her to the Rock it be two in the afternoon. All the gymnasts were dismissed at five to go home, but Payson Keeler would spend an extra hour to make up for the time missed due to ballet. Rigo seemed to hear her as he drove, but he did not reply or even gesture. His eyes remained glued on the road and his car mirrors as they drove back to the Rocky Mountain Training Center. The clock read 1:53 when he pulled into Payson's spot. "You have seven minutes in heaven with me." Rigo proclaimed as he unbuckled his seat belt. He reached over and started to kiss his favorite female gymnast. All was well until someone knocked on the window. Shoot! Payson thought as she pulled away. There outside her door was Summer who definitely would not approve and might even tattle on Payson to Sasha and Coach MacIntyre. "I love you Rigo, but Ms. Abstinence is the only option, is standing right there. Take my car, pick me up at six. Love you!" Payson told him as she grabbed her gym bag from the back. She shoved open her door and almost knocked Summer over in the process. Payson sprinted into the gym before Summer could bring up the make out session to her. The seventeen year old looked at the clock on the wall as she entered the locker room. 1:58. She had two minutes until she should be getting back to training. At least that was in Payson's favor.

Colleen was sipping on her water when Payson ran in. The girl was scrambling as if she had seen a ghost, and it was chasing her. That was not the case. In fact the only thing that came inside afterwords was a beautiful blonde lady that Colleen assumed to be a gym mom. The woman had confidence in her stride, but her face depicted something else. Colleen kept her eyes glued on the lady as she walked up the steps and entered the office where she took a seat at the gym manager's desk. So she is the gym's co-manger. Colleen though because she already knew that Payson's mother was also manger. Colleen shook off the events that just happened and tossed her paper cup in the trashcan. She headed towards the practice pit where she began working on her round off back handspring for her vault. It was a level four skill, but it was the first part of her Amanar that she would be doing at the Olympics.

Kaylie hoisted herself onto the four inch beam. Her routine was nothing compared to Lauren's, but she hoped that Sasha would up her Degree of Difficulty to bring her scores closer to Lauren's and Payson's scores. It only seemed fair since everyone was doing the same thing for her strongest event, vault. Kaylie was going to prepare two vaults for London because she had a strong shot at getting gold in individual vault. She was worried about getting a spot in the individual all round. There was only two spots open, and five of them competing for it. She figured with Lauren's heart and her strength on beam, Lauren would not be chosen neither would Colleen. Colleen was an asset on bars which was the apparatus, the U.S team struggled with, but the girl was not good anywhere else in Kaylie's opinion. It would be a showdown between Kaylie, Payson, and Jordan for the all around spots.

Coach MacIntyre stood back as Kaylie and Jordan worked together on beam skills. He was impressed by the duo. Back at the training center, the two butted heads when he added Jordan to the mix. Now they seemed to be closer than ever. It made Mac even prouder that Kaylie encouraged Jordan to try a new skill and make her work harder, but he respected Jordan's decision not to. Jordan was concerned about safety which was also important. Coach Mac and Sasha discussed everyone's routine for each apparatus before the girls arrived. They all agreed that Jordan would be adding at least one new element to her beam, a double illusion. That was a definite. Sasha suggested to revamp Kaylie's completely, but MacIntyre was not sure. Of course, he wanted to support Kaylie in her goal of an all around gymnast, but he felt that Payson and Jordan were more suited for that title. Despite the lower DoD score, Kaylie had a solid beam routine that was strong and clean.

Payson exited the locker room dressed in her black ballet leotard. She was hoping that Sasha would let her work floor, so she could work on her dance elements. She spotted him with Becca working on her floor routine. Her sister was a junior elite, and she definitely used power to her advantage. Becca had become more grateful of her power moves when Payson broke her back, and she did not abuse them. "That double arabian is looking a lot cleaner, Beccs." Payson complimented as she stood beside Sasha. Becca nodded before walking back over to the corner of the floor. Once again, she sprinted towards the center before unleashing her power into an intricate tumbling pass. Before Becca had even finished her move, Sasha was being poked by Summer who had enter the gym in an angry fury when Payson was watching her sister fly through the air fearlessly. "Can you spot, Becca?" he asked as Summer began to drag him towards the office. She grabbed Coach Mac on the way. "What is that about?" Becca questioned as she popped up next to Payson. "Me, I think" Payson answered. She glanced towards the office before looking back at her concerned younger sister. "Don't worry about. Do you want to work some ballet moves with me? I might be adding a new dance combination to my floor routine." Payson redirect as she walked to the middle of the floor. She executed five pirouettes before falling out of the fifth. Becca followed her sister and plopped down on the spring filled floor to stretch out her legs.

Summer made sure the door was locked before starting her rant. "I thought we had a no dating policy at this gym, Sasha Belov. No dating, no boys, no kissing, and definitely no sex." she shouted in rage. Sasha glanced at Mac who seemed to be just as confused. Of course, the training center did not have a rule against dating, so Mac never had to deal with these issues of angry gym mangers. "If I may ask, what the bloody hell are you talking about?" Sasha shot back in confusion. Summer glanced towards the girls and boys working below them. "I was on my way in to do some paperwork when I saw Payson in her car. Not a big surprise, right? Wrong! She was in the passenger seat, and a boy was in the driver's seat. The two of them were shoving their tongues down each other throats like the boy was a solider about to be deployed. I might expect something like this from Lauren, but not Payson Keeler. I think now that she is on the Olympic team, she can go around breaking the rules. Well that is not going to happen if I get a say in this. I think you should end this behavior immediately otherwise you might have a second gymnast who drops the sport due to pregnancy, Mr. Belov." Summer ranted on. Sasha looked at Coach MacIntyre. "I'll talk to Payson later. But I know that a good round of condition will not set her straight. She thrives off of workouts." Sasha explained hoping it get Summer off his case.

[Author's Note: I know in the show, Coach MacIntyre did not think Payson would be an all around that she was only a place holder. For my purpose, it is going to be Kaylie because it will be a source of much needed drama. Leave your reviews below. I love and respect all of them. Oh, and the deployed solider reference came from my history teacher last year. That was one of my favorite classes.]