Fallen apart

I remeber the time everything was great i had the love of my life Hikari by my side i always dreamed of being with and now all my dreams have come true everytime i see her its like im falling in love with her all over i love the way she cares about everyone shes equally fair about rules and to people she always remembers my birthday and always gives me a gift even if it is the dumbest gift ever she gives it out of her heart.

"Takishima! Takishima! wait up!" everytime i look at Hikari i always see a bright smile on her face and a beautiful girl she grabs my hand and i feel like my heart drops to my feet "so i was thinking we should do something tonight like catch a movie?".

"Hikari that sounds great! but o wait" Hikari bent down and looked at his bummbed out face "whats wrong Takishima" "well tonight i have a very important meeting with the board of takishima corp can you take a rain check?" "shure i guess buisness is buisness right?"

"Hikari are you shure its fine" "yes dont worry about it sweety its just that i reserved tickets but its okay i can cancel" with a big smile on her face "well i have to go big test to study for" as Hikari was walking away Takishima grabbed her hand "Hikari i love you!" and he kissed her on her forhead"

"goodbye Takishima" a few hours later in the green house... "Hikari! Hikari!" "Akira what is it?" "i need your honest opinion wich dress looks nice" as Akira pulled the dresses up "umm the one with blue dressy one" "o i knew i can count on you Hikari!" "so whats with the blue dressy dress anyways?"

"well as you know Tadashi is taking me out to a fancy dinner tonight and i want to look very good!" "o i see" with a gloomy face "whats with the gloomy face Hikari" "o its nothing its just that Takishima had to take a rain check on me for our movie date tonight so i was gonna invite you"

"o im very sorry Hikari but me and Tadashi have been looking forward to this date " "its fine what about the others?" "he he umm from what i heard i think there doing something too sorry Hikari" "its fine i guess i should go get a refund for those movie tickets"

"well ill see you tomorow Akira-chan" "see you tomorow my darling angel Hikari!" Akira and Takishima didnt know that by leaveing Hikari walk by herself was the worse thing they can do because a horriable tragedy was about to happen .

To be continued...