Hi, so this takes place about 19 years after the end of "Goddess Interrupted" (and has some spoilers for the book) So if you haven't read "Goddess Interrupted", read with caution

This is the story of Kate and Henry's daughter, Zoë, who goes off to college and is place among a group who call themselves as the Societies of Olympus (which are servants/messengers of the gods/goddesses), makes new friends and goes on new adventures.

Disclaimer: Aimee Carter owns the world and her characters (I just manipulate them)... same with any other characters/worlds/people mentioned throughout the story

To fit in. That's what we, as teenagers, all want. To find our place in the world and to not be mocked. It was on my quest to be with others my age that caused me to leave my childhood home of almost nineteen years.

My journey begins on the day that I left for college. Silence filled the air as my parents and I shuffled towards the portal that would take me to the surface. Anxiety and excitement filled me, for I had planned for this for the past year and it was finally happening. We stopped when we got to the rainbow rock that would take me to Greece – which was where my college was located. I turned back to both my parents.

Mom had tears in her eyes as I gave her one last hug. "Nothing will happen to me, but I need to do this." Something quickly came and went from her face, as she drew me tightly against her, kissing the top of my head – though I was the same height of her.

"Just remember you can come back whenever you wish," She whispered in my ear and I nodded as she let me go.

I gave Dad a quick hug. "Stay safe and remember what I told you,"

"I will." I said, stepping away from them, and half a step away from the rainbow portal that would lead me to the land of the living. "I will be back as soon as I can." I was lying slightly, and I knew they would catch that. It wasn't that I never wanted to be back there, but I wanted to be free for a bit, live a little, before I came back.

I smiled at them as I stepped onto the portal. "Love you." I said before the ground started moving below me and I began to move upward.

"I love you, too." I head them both say before I was completely swallowed by the miles of rock that separated my home from the earth.

Bright sunshine shone from the windows of the heavy mahogany doors, and bounced along the many mirrors in tiny rainbows.

This was not the first time I have seen sunshine. I have seen it before when my parents took me to this New York City.

I had also seen the sun when Mom took me with her, Aunt Ava and James for a few days to some islands in the Mediterranean when I was fourteen. That was probably my favorite trip to the surface. I loved the sunshine on my skin. I loved the feeling of water surrounding me, as I swam through its waves. I liked the warm weather. I liked the feeling that the earth was alive and moving and changing.

It was this feeling of change that helped to decide to leave and explore the world. It was that feeling that led me to where I am now.

After my eyes had adjusted I noticed Aunt Ava standing by the door with a wide smile on her face. "Aunt Ava" I said as I went to hug her.

"You've grown up so much, since I've last seen you, Zoë, and now you are even more beautiful." She said as she hugged me back.

"Thank you," I said as she took the only suitcase I could find in our home and made it disappear.

"Don't worry, it'll be in the car, I promise." She smiled slightly, as if it was some sort of inside joke or something. "So how are Kate and Henry?"

"They're good." I began as we headed out the front doors and down the rock path surrounded by many numerous and exotic plants. "Mom was sad to see me leave – I think I'm still five in her mind."

"It's a mom thing," Aunt Ava said as she smiled at me, "You'll always be our babies."

I nodded slightly, taking this in – which I knew this was the reason as soon as Aunt Ava said it. "But she also said that you and she should get together again very soon, and both she and Dad send you their greetings."

"Most definitely," She said absently as we continued on our way in silence, "Are you anxious about leaving?" She asked as we neared the iron gate and the shiny red convertible that waited on the other side.

"Sort of, I'm anxious about leaving home for the first time, but I'm excited to explore the world and be with others my age." I said as the gates opened automatically for us.

"I would bet, how about meeting guys. You know if you need any help with that–"

"No, thank you, Aunt Ava," I interrupted, as heat flushed my cheeks, and I concentrated on opening my door.

"Alright," She said in a more serious note, "But remember, I'm always here for you, if you ever just need some advice, someone to talk to, anything, I'm here."

"I will, thank you." I said as I slid into the ostentatious vehicle. Inside was very cozy and not as flashy as the outside. Aunt Ava slipped in, with the amount of grace that I was sure only she possessed. She pressed a button and the car came to life with a soft purr. She flipped the top down, and turned the radio on. A sharp guitar came on as she handed me a pair of sunglasses she created before shifting the car into drive.

We set off on the journey through the Greek countryside, passing goats and sheep grazing on the hillsides, mountains, grains, and olive trees. Sunshine shone brightly around us making the scenery seem that so much more real. I stared out my window most of the time, enchanted by the beauty that was surrounding us.

But when we came closer towards Athens (and the hills and cattle being replaced with houses and industrial buildings) I took out the letter that was in my pocket, and began to reread the words that I had committed to memory. It was worn at the edges from me taking it out and reading it almost constantly since it arrived in late June.

"What's that?" Aunt Ava asked, glancing at the envelope. I stopped reading and closed the letter with the photos inside.

"A letter my roommate, Annabel, sent to me." I said quietly, showing it to her.

We were getting closer to Athens proper, for the houses had grown closer together and now disappeared, and the buildings were getting taller with randomly scattered ancient Greek-styled buildings. The Parthenon rose in front of us, signifying that we were getting closer to my new school.

I clutched the letter tighter in my hand, anxiety coursing through my veins at the thought of all the unknowns that would come this year. Annabel seemed like a very sweet girl, but what if she wasn't anything like who she seemed like in her letter. What if she was mean to me? What if I couldn't get along with any one? What if no one liked me? What if everything went wrong? What if they found out about my family? What if I would reveal us?

"Calm down," Aunt Ava said softly as we were entering a group of buildings whose inspiration was that of the architecture of ancient Greece. "It'll all be ok, Sweetie. Everything will turn out for the best. Just think of all the adventures you will have, all the friends you will make, all the people you will meet. Everything will be fine." She was slowing down, and turning onto a side street, and I realized we were almost there. "I will visit you often, if you would like. And if you absolutely don't like it here you can quit – no one will think any less of you. And if you don't want to go back to your home you can stay with us for awhile. You and I can go on adventures, if you would like."

We were pulling up to a building with intimidatingly tall and large columns out front and steps that led up to several glass doors – my new home. She pulled into a parking place and turned off the car. "But just remember everything will turn out for the best." She sounded so much like my mother in that instant that I went around the car and threw my arms around her. She hugged me back, and said – in her normal cheery voice–, "Now let's get you settled in." I smiled as I reached into the back to grab my suitcase and backpacks.

Aunt Ava took my suitcase as we went up the shallow stairs to the doorway. "What room are you in, Zoë?"

I stopped to take out the manila envelope that I recieved last week which had all my information, keys and such inside of it. "2-11" I said as I looked at the info sheet before placing in back into the envelope "It's on the second floor on the right." We walked past a large library with its large golden-oak doors propped open, to the large marble stair case which split into two different directions after several stairs. We headed up the right staircase.

When we reached the second floor we came to a closed off door which matched the library door. "You'll need to use your ID badge." Aunt Ava said softly. I nodded and took the card and waved in front of the magnetic square. The square beeped and the door clicked. I opened the door and held it open for Aunt Ava.

The door opened into a large room almost triangular-shaped room. On the widest part of the room, along the back wall, was the setup of a kitchen. Tables and chairs lined the rest of the back wall. Worn leather couch and loveseats were surrounding a TV in the corner to my left. To my right there was a large metal cabinet, and a small table with two chairs.

There were people scattered throughout the room. There were two guys at the pool table to my left, a girl and a guy playing ice hockey (also to my left), there were others around the TV and two girls playing some sort of card game to my right.

"Do you need any help?" One of the two girls asked as we stepped in, "I'm Helen, by the way." Helen was one of the prettiest girls I have ever seen. She had light golden-blonde hair that waved slightly to the middle of her back, and she was tall – a good five inches taller than my five-foot-six-height.

"I'm Abby," The other said from the table. She was pretty, also, but hers was the more subtle beauty than Helen. She had completely straight black hair, which she wore in two long, low pigtails.

"I'm Zoë," I said softly, shaking the hand Helen held out.

"Oh," She said with a smile, and it brightened her face, making her that much more beautiful. "Well Abby and I are your suitemates – we are in the room next to you and Annabel. Annabel should be there, if not, you can put your things away and join us if you wish. Or if you and Annabel both wish to join us you may. We're just playing Go Fish, Abby's trying to teach me Durak – but I'm not really getting it."

"Alright," I said timidly, with a small smile, "Thank you."

"No problem," She said as Aunt Ava and I continued toward the door to the hallway.

"See, you've already met someone, things won't be bad here." She said quietly as she opened the door.

"Maybe," I said as I spotted my room, which was almost directly in front of the door. I swiped my ID card, and the door unlocked.

Annabel wasn't inside, but her things were. Her bed was made –something I hadn't done since I was thirteen and my mom quit making me. Her white quilt was tucked in, and her wine colored blanket was folded up at the end. Pictures were scattered all over the left side of the room. Some were of the lake she sent me, some of an inn, of cats, a bunny and a Scottie dog. There were also people in her pictures, one was of five people standing in front of an inn, another of four little kids gathered together, a little boy and girl holding a baby, and then there were many of a strawberry blonde girl and a golden haired girl together – and sometimes there was a golden-brown-haired guy with them. This was what the sole framed picture directly above the top of her bed was: the two blonde girls and boy standing in front of a lit Christmas tree, all three of them were smiling brightly.

There was a click at the door and I turned around to see the strawberry blonde girl walk through the door. She smiled at me and said in a soft Irish accent, "Hello, I'm Annabel MacGhlais, you must be Zoë." I nodded and shook her hand. "It's very nice to finally meet you."

"It's nice to meet you too," I said with a smile – and it was, nice to meet her.

She turned to Aunt Ava, "And you must be," She paused for the briefest of seconds, "Mrs. Winters."

Aunt Ava smiled and shook her head, "No, I'm Ava, Kate's friend."

"I'm sorry, it's very nice to meet you, too."

"Nice to meet you, Annabel," Aunt Ava said before pulling me to the side. She pulled out another plastic card from her pocket and handed it to me, "If you need anything, use this – but remember to keep it away from anything magnetic, including your phone." I nodded and she pulled me into a quick hug. "Remember everything will be fine, but if you need me just let me know. See you soon," She smiled before slipping past Annabel through the door.

"Is Kate your sister?" Annabel asked after Aunt Ava left, as she sat across from me.

I shook my head, "No, I'm an only child. Kate and Henry are my parents."

She looked a little astonished, "Just out of curiosity, how old are your parents?"

Grinning, I answered her as I began to unpack my backpack, "Older than they appear – same with Aunt Ava."

"So your mum is friends with the embodiment of Aphrodite?" She asked as I placed the books I took with me on the shelf above my desk.

"Yeah, I guess she is." I said as I carefully took out the framed picture of Mom, Dad and me on my seventh birthday. We were laughing in the picture, I forget now what it was that caused us to all be so giggly – I think it had to do with Mom trying to put icing on me. The picture was taken in Sheep Meadow, with us all sitting on a picnic blanket. There's a picnic basket behind me, and we're each had a cupcake that I had helped Mom make in our hands. They were white cake with purple frosting, and were probably the best cupcakes I've ever had. Other than that it was an almost exact replica of the picture I found later of Mom and Grandma.

"Would you like any help? I have a hook you can use to hang that up with." Annabel asked, drawing me away from my memories.

"Thank you," I said as she reached into a desk drawer and retrieved a small plastic hook.

She handed it to me, "That's a very neat picture. How old were you when it was taken?"

"Seven," I said as I peeled back the piece of paper that was on the back, and placed it above my bed.

"It's almost as if you are moving." She said quietly, and I smiled – for that was exactly what was happening. It was a reflection – just like the picture of Mom and Grandma. She handed me the picture and I hung it on the hook. "You're not a wizard, are you?" She asked lightly, and I could tell she was kidding.

"No," I said with a smile. I went back to my backpack to grab my sheets.

She was quiet for a minute and I began to make my bed. "There's a party tonight on top of the roof, and I was wondering if you would like to join me." I stopped, and the top sheet slowly fell toward the bed. Party. That was specifically one of the things Dad told me not to do here. She noticed my hesitation and added, "It's not that kind of party, just a big celebration before orientation week begins tomorrow. If it gets wild we can come back here."

Well that would be ok, wouldn't it? That wouldn't go against Dad's rules, would it? If I was out of there before anything happens? "I would like that, thank you." I said as I finished placing my quilt over the bed.

"Great, I can help you get ready, if you wish."

"Thank you," I said with a smile as I placed the pillowcase on my pillow. Maybe Aunt Ava was right, maybe things would turn out well here.

So yeah, I hope you enjoyed it... (If you are wondering, the song that is playing when Ava turns the radio on is "The Sound" by Switchfoot)

The next chapter should be up sometime this weekend (and it'll have Liam - who's the brown-haired guy in Annabel's pictures - in it, then in the third chapter will have Rose and David and a little bit about the Olympic societies. The Societies of Olympus is a group of eleven separate groups which includes the original sisters, then the other Council members and Persephone. If you have read "Starcrossed" they are similar to the Scions)
Btw, if I say things which are inaccurate (like dialogue, and such) please let me know (especially with Liam and Annabel)

Have you read "Goddess Legacy"? I really liked how Kate and Henry first met (yes, Zoë's picture was modeled after it... and in *this* story Kate found out about it that day, Zoë's birthday, when she made a small comment about how she wonders if a large dog will come by this time, then she turns to Henry and say in astonishment/realization "That was you and Cerberus."Henry gave her a quick smile before turning to Zoë and whispering lound enough for Kate to hear, "Happy birthday, Zoë. I wish you an infinite number more.")

Anyways, hope all of you have a wonderful week :)