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My Scarlet Dagger

Chapter 4: Hunted

"Ella!" Aaron called, hurrying down the steps to where Ella was sitting in the courtyard. She hadn't moved for a few minutes after Zsasz had walked away, Aaron probably thought he scared her.

"It's alright Aaron. I'm fine, we just talked. I'm thinking of what he said." She said comfortingly, moving over to allow Cash to sit beside her.

"That's good then. It went well?" He asked, looking around at the patients. Ella followed his gaze and looked around smiling. The patients were all so different, she really hoped one day they could all return home.

"Yeah," She said, still looking around, "It went great. He explained a lot and I think I made a bit of a breakthrough. I can't jump to conclusions yet though, but I feel a bit more confident now." She smiled to herself, tucking a piece of her bang behind her ear.

"That's good Ella, I'm happy to see-"

"Little sister, you met Zsasz I see." Jonathan interrupted, causing Ella and Aaron to tense and look up. Jonathan looked the same for the most part, beside his widened stare and messier hair. The loose bright orange patient outfit didn't fit his body well, making him look almost sickly thin. The orange jacket was zipped to his chest and he was wearing a white tank top beneath it. The image of her brother not in fancy attire was definitely new for her, and his new stare made her uncomfortable.

"I noticed you have met him too, Jonathan." Ella commented, her jaw tightening. She had not completely recovered from the sudden betrayal of her brother, and just his presence frustrated her.

"I have. Interesting fellow, he is. Very useful. He doesn't really understand when people are just using him for themselves." He chuckled almost inaudibly, his hand running through his wavy brown locks.

"What have you been doing with him Jonathan?!" She stood, glaring at her brother. Jonathan's chuckle grew louder as he put his hands up in defense. A few patients and staff in the courtyard were looking over at the scene.

"Calm down Sis, what should you care? Or is the freak growing on you?" He asked mockingly.

"Shut up Jonathan!" She yelled, walking towards him threateningly, her hand raised to strike him. "How dare you betray me and use all these people! We were supposed to help them! You're going to leave my patient alone!" Her hand began to swing towards him, but Aaron grabbed it.

"Ella. Stop. He's a patient now too." Aaron said softly. Ella glared at him for a moment then sighed and lowered her hand, turning away. Frustrated tears were clouding her gaze as she ran off and in to the building, not looking back. She couldn't stand it. Her brother was her best friend, she trusted him with her life and the patients. She hated how he could betray her so easily. How could he call a patient a freak? It wasn't their fault at all. Not at all. Some people were born differently...

Stopping outside by her car, she took a moment to fight with her keys, her eyes watering. Finally finding her car key, she unlocked the door and slammed it once she was in, her head resting on her arms on the steering wheel.

"I can't believe this... why Jonathan?" She cried into the sleeves of her work coat, her hands gripping the wheel.

Staying like that for a few minutes, she was interrupted by a knock on the window. It was Aaron, and the deep frown on his face didn't promise any good news. Lowering the window, she wiped her eyes to clear her vision before looking out at him.

"Sorry Aaron. What do you need?" She said, frowning when her voice cracked from crying.

"Umm... Ella, I got a note here from the boss. It says you're on a two-week suspension for that little scene.." He said solemnly, his face covered with pity. Ella took the note, her breathing ragged still from her own sadness. Reading it over, it was true, she was suspended from work.

"But, why? He's my brother..." She said bitterly, looking out the window. Her grip on the wheel tightened, her knuckles turning white from the grip.

"He's still a patient Ella, and there were other patients there. It doesn't look good to them to see a doctor attack a patient." He reasoned. She knew he was right, but she hated it. She couldn't believe she was suspended. Who would talk to Zsasz? He had just had a breakthrough, he was sure to relapse if she couldn't have constant sessions with him. Her work was ruined, all thanks to Jonathan.

Sighing, she started her car and looked over to Aaron, "Thanks for giving me the note, and thanks for everything else. I'm..sorry for my lack of professionalism. See you later Aaron..." She said.

"Alright Ella, hang in there. I want to see you back here." He said, waving her off as she drove away.

Heading home, her fury was burning a hole in her chest. She wanted to turn around and scream and cry and tantrum, but she knew it was of no use. She was in the wrong. She knew it in every part of her body that she should not have tried to strike Jonathan. She had been in so much anger.

Pulling in to her driveway and heading inside, she couldn't help questioning her anger. Why had she acted so instantly? She was so calm-mannered in most situations. Remembering the scene, she realized it had been when Jonathan had turned his harsh, mocking words on to Zsasz. Was she so protective of her new patient that she risked her career?

Shaking her head at herself, she sat at her computer to research more in to Zsasz's case. She knew it was better than sitting around moping. She had to question why she was so protective towards Zsasz, but she assumed it was just due to the frailty of her psyche after her brother's betrayal. Knowing this, she decided to take the two weeks to research her patients and focus on regaining her own pride as a doctor and professional through careful work and study.

Over the course of one week, she managed to learn a plethora of new information while managing to suffer from sleep deprivation and slight hallucination. Her work hours she allotted for herself went from when she woke at 8 am until about 9 pm, with three breaks for meals. The majority of her time was spent reading news articles on the patients. After she could find no more, she spent her time reviewing her notes she had taken throughout her years and reading up on books in the library.

She realized she was being obsessive, but when she stopped working she was consumed by an overwhelming dread. She had spent so much time with her brother that she hadn't gained many friends, so without him she was horribly alone. The solitude she had to deal with made her miss her brother and her patients, especially Zsasz. She had been thinking of him a lot, worrying about his possible relapse. She stopped herself for the first week from calling Aaron to get an update, but she couldn't wait any longer.

Waiting until the late evening, Ella sat on her favorite soft red armchair and pulled her knees to her chest. The television was on some reality show she had no interest in, and her room was dim excluding the soft light the table lamp emitted from beside her and the flickering light of the television. Her files were messily piled on the table beside her next to her favorite red coffee mug. She was wearing a light pink tank-top and blue jeans, her feet covered with fuzzy pink socks. Her wavy brown hair was tied back in a loose ponytail, strands falling beside her face. She reached beside her on to the table and grasped her phone, dialing the asylum's security office number.

"Hello?" Aaron said, his voice sounded stressed.

"Aaron? It's Ella. I'm just checking in, is there something wrong?" She asked nervously, Aaron never lost his composure.

"Ella, thank God, I was about to call you. There's been a break out." He spoke, his words rushed. Ella sat up, her eyes wide. She listened to careful not to miss any of his words.

"Who Aaron?" She said calmly, hiding her fear. She knew who, she just didn't want to admit it.

"Your brother Ella, and Zsasz. They're somewhere in the asylum, at least we think so. We will find him El-" He paused then whispered, "Hold on." She heard footsteps on the other line, then a door opening and loud scuffles and grunts.

"Hello!" She called, "Is someone fighting? Aaron?"

"Ella?" The sadistically wise voice of Zsasz came on to the phone. His breaths were heavy in her ear after the fight. Her hand was starting to shake.

"Victor. You need to give yourself in Victor." She pleaded. He laughed maniacally on the other end of the line.

"Why would I? I'm...free! I can finally resume liberating the zombies. Tell me, doctor, what have you been doing?" He said mockingly.

"Working Victor. I've been working at home."

"Of course you were, how, uninteresting. Shame, and I thought you were different. You're brother is right, you need to be liberated..." He cackled. Ella gripped the phone in anger.

"Don't listen to Jonathan, Victor. He's using you." She reasoned.

"Not true Ella, your brother shares my vision, a world of blood."

"Don't say that Victor. It isn't true. Your dreams are different entirely. Please, just wait there. I will be back soon to talk. We can find a cure for you!" She said desperately.

"There is nothing to cure! I am salvation! And you failed me doctor, you've left to be like the others, miserably working all day. You aren't different. You're going to be liberated." He hung up, leaving her terrified. The phone slipped from her fingers and onto her lap, the 'call ended' window blinking on the screen.

Scrambling around her home, she began to pack as much as she could into her large white purse. She couldn't think of anywhere that would be safe from Zsasz and her brother, but she had to try to live. She grabbed a jacket, some food and water, her keys and phone, and a few other necessities before rushing out to her car.

Darkness had completely consumed Gotham, and the only light outside was the street light above her head. She lived in an outer neighborhood, so there was only the one street light on her quiet street. Every other place on the street was black, shadows surrounding her like a cage.

She quickly moved in to the front seat and started the car, driving as quickly as she could, she turned down a few streets, speeding by her brother's old home. She didn't know where she was heading, but she knew her dark neighborhood wasn't a good option. She had to find somewhere they wouldn't find her. The main problem was, Jonathan knew her better than she knew herself. Every place she thought of he knew. She thought of calling the police, but she knew the asylum's alarm system already probably alerted them of the situation.

Turning in to the busier streets, she instantly regretted it. The streetlights casted shadows all over the sidewalks, making every trash can's shadow seem intimidating. There were people, but no one that looked friendly. Many looked starved and bitter, some looked to be plainly insane. Only few looked fed and normal, but they stayed together in their gangs. No one was approachable. The realization about how much of a Hell hole her city was began to dawn on her slowly. She understood why so many have told her don't go through Gotham at night.

Turning down another road, she was relieved to see the wealthier part of town. Though all the buildings were locked tightly, she was relieved not to be in danger of getting her car stolen.

Pulling up to an older brick building, she decided it was her best bet. It looked like no one had entered the building in some time, so no one would think she was there. She parked in a shadow close to the building, then got out to go inside. The building was old and faded, gang symbols spray painted on the outside.

She walked up to the entrance slowly, noticing the door had been boarded up by a few large slabs of wood and some nails. Reaching past them, she was able to push the door in, its hinges snapping due to rust. The boards were nailed on the wall on each side of the door, and she knew she wouldn't be able to move them, so she settled with squeezing between them. He body barely fit, and her hands gained a couple splinters as she pushed against them and squeezed her upper body between two of the wood boards, finally sliding in onto the floor. She worked quickly to move the door back in place, not wanting to gain any suspicion from people in the neighborhood.

The room was completely dark, with a strong wet basement smell that stung her eyes and nostrils. The floor was damp, with water in the cracks. Her white slippers she had thrown on over her socks dampened quickly as she walked forward.

The building was silent, her footsteps echoing off the walls. She grabbed her keys from her pocket and fumbled with them before finding a small flashlight key chain she had gotten after she had tripped and fell one night as she tried to find her way to the front door after a late shift.

Turning on the light, she gasped, her stomach tightening with sickness. The room was filled mangled bodies, their blood splattered on the walls. Rats ran over them, scavenging their meals. Ella backed up, only to step beside a body on the floor behind her. Screaming, she ran to the only direction there wasn't bodies, which happened to be a steep staircase to the upstairs. Running up, she stumbled over and over as panic took her over. She didn't understand why there were so many bodies. She hadn't looked close enough to see any details to know how they could have died, so she had no guesses.

The door at the top of the steps was solid and gray, it's hinges screeching in protest as she pushed it open. Inside was a small apartment like room that smelled of mold and dust. The furniture looked old and worn, with holes in most of them. Walking in further, she looked out the only window that hadn't been boarded up. The city skyline was beautiful at night, with the lights of speeding cars and sky scrapers decorating the darkness. She loved Gotham, but at night it was best to admire from afar.

Turning away, she drew the curtain shut and moved to sit on an old wooden dining chair, the old wood creaking beneath her. She looked around, trying to give her racing heart time to relax. The image of the bodies on the floor below flashed through her mind. She didn't know where she was, but she didn't feel safe at all.

After a few minutes her heart relaxed and her adrenaline rush calmed. She sat in the quiet for a moment, contemplating her next move. She honestly couldn't think of anywhere to go. She was lost and had nowhere to turn to. The silence around her was only heightening her sense of solitude, so she decided to listen. She strained her hearing, trying to hear any sound that would make her feel less alone. After listening deeply for a few moments, her phone suddenly started ringing loudly in her pocket, making her jump, her heart pounding against her rib cage.

She looked to the caller ID, it read Aaron. It was his cell phone. Her hands shook, the last she knew of Aaron was when Victor Zsasz attacked him in the security office. At that time Zsasz had spoken to her on the office's phone. If it was Aaron's cell phone, she hoped that meant Zsasz had not killed him. Focusing on stopping her hands from shaking, she answered her cell phone.

"Aaron?" She said, her voice more timid then she intended.

"I see you found my recent victims little sister." Jonathan said on the other line.