Ok, so I've tried to do this story a couple times before and didn't like the way it turned out. This is a re-write and I like the way it's going. I've posted the first two chapters. I'll try to update more chapters as soon as possible. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this story.

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(Spoilers for the Season Four finale, Hostage)

Chapter One: Hostage Situation

Mac Taylor stood in the doorway of the back stairwell of the First National Bank in Manhattan staring the assailant right in the face. Mac knew he didn't have a choice. The robber had asked for a member of the crime lab to prove his innocence and Mac wasn't about to let anyone on his team risk their lives if he could help it. Mac had to admit that he loved his team like family. Basically they were the only family he had, except for his mother, who lived in Chicago.

Mac's attention was drawn back to the robber as he went through his crime scene kit, pulled out the utility knife and slid it back to Mac with his foot.

"Come on, let's go," the robber instructed.

Mac sighed quietly and reluctantly followed the robber into the bank after picking up his kit.

"Where's the body?" Mac asked with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Over there, now go," the robber said and pointed towards the open vault door.

Mac walked over to the vault, all the while noting the scenery of the bank. He looked over the hostages one by one and noticed something a little odd. There was a young girl that couldn't have been more than about thirteen or fourteen years old. Mac didn't have long to think about it before the robber was yelling at him to get moving.

"Go!" shouted the robber and motioned toward the body.

Once inside the vault Mac started to process the scene before him. He noted a small void in the blood pool coming from the victim's gunshot wound.

Mac turned to face the robber, "I gave you what you wanted, now are you going to keep up your end of the bargain?"

A hostage and masked bank robber came bursting out of the front doors of the bank. The terrified bank robber ran directly to Don Flack.

Back inside the bank the robber was keeping a close watch on Mac as he processed the scene.

The robber tossed a bag of money and Mac's handcuffs he had snatched from him and told him to put one end on the bag and one end around his ankle. Mac just stared at him like he was nuts. The robber just motioned for him to oblige. Mac had no choice.

"You got a name?" Mac asked as he was processing.

"It's Joe." Was all the robber said.

"OK, so what's your real name?" Mac wasn't buying any of it.

"All you need to know is that it's Joe," Joe said, irate.

When Mac was taking pictures he snuck one in of a reflection of Joe when he wasn't looking and sent them to the lab. Danny and Adam quickly figured out that Mac was trying to help them ID the robber and ran his picture through every conceivable database.

When Mac was over by the computer sending the photos he once again surveyed the hostages. Something wasn't right.

"You a cop?" one hostage asked.

"Crime scene investigator."

"I'm three months pregnant, I don't want to die!" another hostage whisper-yelled.

"I'm only fourteen years old!" the scared young girl informed Mac.

Upon closer look of the girl, Mac noted she had blood on her and some bruises. "What the hell happened in here?" Mac wondered to himself.

Mac leaned down so he was on the young girl's level, "Are you hurt?" he asked her.

She nervously shook her head but before Mac could inquire further, Joe motioned for him to get back to processing.

"Hang in there Sweetie, I'm gonna get you out of here," Mac promised her.

The girl just nodded, visibly scared.

Outside Mac knew Hostage Recovery was getting restless. Mac continued to process while Joe yelled to whoever was on the other end of that phone he was on. With Sid's help, via telephone, Mac removed the bullets from the victim and compared them to the one the Joe fired off when he entered the bank.

After Mac informs Joe that the bullets are too damaged to get a positive reading, Joe yells at Mac to get down with the rest of the hostages. Mac recants and Joe calms down. Mac tells him he's got one more science procedure to try and returns to the vault.

Mac waits for just the right moment and ambushes the suspect. They wrestle to the ground and Mac manages to get the gun away from Joe. Mac grabs the gun and aims it at Joe. Joe grabs the young girl in an attempt to get Mac to back down. Mac could tell the girl was terrified. She was visibly shaken and on the verge of tears. Mac recants and brings the gun down.

"Just let her go Joe, she didn't do anything wrong." Mac pleaded.

Joe loosened his grip on the girl for just long enough for Mac to grab her and get her behind him. She looked at Mac with terror in her eyes. Mac gave her a reassuring look.

Joe finally breaks down and tells Mac that they will kill his family if they see Mac walk him out of the bank and that they have to get to them first. Mac agrees and makes Joe give up all his bullets before they go.

"The girl comes too!" Joe told Mac.

Mac knew this wasn't a good idea but he knew arguing was an even worse idea. Mac used the red phone from earlier to communicate to Stella that they were on their way out of the bank.

"They're coming out!" Stella shouted, ready to put their plan into action.

When Joe, Mac and the young girl came bursting out of the bank into the daylight, Don and Stella shared a look of, "This isn't gonna be pretty," when they saw the girl with Mac. The three got into the unmarked NYPD car that Joe had requested and Joe ordered Mac to drive. Stella knew they needed to get to Joe's family's house before Mac and Joe did. When they arrived, they weren't prepared for what they saw… the house was completely empty.

"Well, obviously no one lives here," Stella proclaimed.

She knew right then that something wasn't right and that Mac and that young girl were probably in grave danger.

Back inside the NYPD SUV, Mac heard Joe load a bullet into his gun.

"You kept a bullet…" Mac said, knowing things had just gone from bad to worse.

To be continued…