Chapter 1

A/N: This is my first FF I hope you like it. I have to give credit where is due. This story was inspire by Fifty Shades Meander by Mobabe. It is a really good story you should read. Also I don't own Fifty Shades. That is all E. L. James. I don't own any of the characters in this chapter, again E. L. James does. I apologize for any spelling errors, English is my second language and I'm still learning.

Christian doesn't want a family and Ana is force to choose between the love of her life or her kids. What happens with their lives when none of them can compromise? What happens when Christian comes to his senses? is it too late for them?

Looking at myself in the bathroom mirror all I can think is how the fuck am I going to tell him?

My inner goddess is jumping up and down at the idea of having two mini Fifties running around the house. Yes, I said TWO. The ultra sound showed two little blips.

He is going to be so mad at you. I glare at my subconscious for pointing out the obvious. No shit Sherlock!

But he will come around, because he loves you. My inner goddess is full of hope.

I decide that it is time to walk out of the bathroom and face my fate.

I walk into the kitchen where Mrs. Jones is putting our diner on the breakfast bar. My sex god is no where to be seen.

"I was just about to call you Mrs. Grey." Mrs. Jones said, as she finishes putting diner up. "Ana, are you ok?" she ask with worry on her eyes. It most be because I look pale and horrified. I just node my head, because I don't trust my voice at the moment. Christian chooses that moment to walk into the kitchen.

He eyes me warily and I can see the worry in his eyes. I moved my gaze to the food, because I can bear to look at him. Mrs. Jones quietly retire to Taylor's office giving us some privacy. For five whole minutes we stay in silence; Christian eats and I play around with my food not trusting it to go past the lump in my throat. Then, he breaks the silence.

"For God's sake, Ana, just tell me; what the hell is wrong with you?" I can hear the panic in his voice. "Baby, my thoughts are driving me crazy. Just tell me."

"I'm pregnant." My voice is barely a whisper, but I know he hear me. The silence that followed proves it. There is always silence before the storm, so I prepare myself for what's to come.

"What the fuck did you said?" as I expected, he is furious.

"I'm pregnant."

"How?" I give him my "How do you think?" look and he narrows his eyes. Don't start with your smart mouth now! Both my subconscious and my inner goddess glared at me. He is already mad enough.

"You forgot your shot didn't you?" he starts to put two and two together. "For fuck's sake, Ana, how can you be so fucking stupid?" I flinch at his words.

"Christian, don't yell at me please." my voice is breaking and I can feel the tears coming out of my eyes.

"Don't start with the fucking water works." He's beyond angry. "How the fuck am I suppose to be a father?" And I finally see it - The fear. My poor Fifty is terrified of this. Can't he see that I'm scare too? "How could you ruin us like this? I can't raise a child!" Maybe now is not the time to tell him that there are two children.

"Christian, I know this is not ideal, but we can do this. I know we can." I'm hopping we can.

"You don't know shit! How the fuck would you know." I can't take the harshness in his voice anymore. I start sobbing.

"Fuck this!" and he walks away. My Fifty, the love of my life, the father of my unborn children walked away from us without looking back.

I hear the door slam and my feet can't hold me up any longer. I drop to the floor sobbing. My subconscious is for the first time in my life speechless. My inner goddess is next to her on the floor crying her eyes out, because her Fifty just walked away from us.

Mrs. Jones, Taylor, and Swayer made their way to me.

"Can I get you something, Ana?" Mrs. Jones ask with a sympathetic look.

"W-water p-please." I said sobbing.

She went to get the water and I tried to get myself up the floor, but my feet are far to weak. They didn't have the strength to held me up. As I started to fall down again. Swayer got to me just in time.

"Take me to my bed, Swayer, please." I ask as Mrs. Jones try to hand me a glass of water. My hands are shaking and the glass ends up in the floor breaking into a million pieces.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry." I sobbed and cry; trying to get to the floor to clean my mess.

"It's ok, Ana, I can do that." I hear the concern in her voice. The others say nothing and I can't look at them.

Swayer scooped me up and takes me to my room. He puts me on the bed; takes my shoes off; and tucks me under the blankets. Then he left me to cry myself to sleep.

I wake up with a jolt. I hear someone running into a table.


Is that Christian? I hear the noise again, so I get out of bed and go into the foyer.

Christian is making his way to the house; bagging himself against every piece of furniture in the room. He is drunk! I couldn't believe it. What did you expect? You just gave him the shock of his life! My subconscious glared at me.

"There you are my love." He looks at me as if seeing me for the first time. "You're beautiful." At least he is not mad anymore. But my thoughts change when he speak again. "There is a little invader inside of you." Two actually. He gets closer and put his hands on my flat stomach. "You are going to choose him over me." That's barely a whisper. "You can't take her away from me!" my heart breaks. "She is mine!" He yells at my stomach. "You're mine." He whispers and try to kiss me.

I see Taylor and Ryan out of the corner of my eyes. Do they ever sleep? "Baby, is late, Let Taylor help you get to our room." I beg him.

"Ok," he smiles at me. I'm beyond relief when he didn't put up a fight.

Taylor gives me a sympathetic nod and help Ryan take Christian to our bedroom.

"Wait a sec!" said Christian and start to look through his pockets. He takes his cell phone out, but it is vibrating and his drunk hands drop it.

"It's ok, I'll get it. Just take him to bed." I bend down to get the phone and what I see stop me dead on my tracks. A text message from the bitch troll. At one in the morning. Why the fuck is she texting my husband? I open it to read it.

*I hope you made it out of the elevator. Oh, and BTW you are going to be a great father ;D*

That Fucker! My subconscious growls. As she goes to do CPR to my inner goddess who is lying flat on the floor. I made my way towards the bedroom; my blood was boiling furiously.

I storm into the bedroom. Christian is sitting on the bed and I launch myself at him. "How could you?!" I scream as I slap him everywhere with my left hand. He tries to block my hits as Taylor pulls me away.

"Mrs. Grey, please calm down!"

"Ana, what the fuck do you think you're doing?" Christian is at a lost.

"Let me go Taylor! I'm going to kill that fucker with my own hands." I throw the cell phone at him and hit him at the corner of his left brow. I see blood, but I don't care. I want him to feel the pain he is causing me. "How could you! After all I been through with you; for you!" I don't know if the hormones are doing it but I can't stop myself. "You left me, crying to go get drunk with that whore!" His eyes are wide with fear and regret. "What else did you do with her?" for the first time I see Mrs. Jones on the room trying to hold me. "You took our private live to the woman who used you and abuse you for years. You bastard!" Tears are coming out of my eyes freely. I scream bloody murderer and held on to Mrs. Jones for dear life.

She takes me to the guess room. I feel lost. I don't know what to do. I don't know what is going to happen to our lives. I feel betrayed. Of all the things he could've done to me, this hurts more than anything. I can't stop asking myself what else happened between the two.

Mrs. Jones comes back into the room with a cup of tea. I feel so numb inside and out. My inner goddess is lying on a bed barely alive. My subconscious looks too tired to think straight at the moment. At some point in the night sleep finally takes me.

I woke up the next day a bit disoriented. I took in my surroundings realizing that I was on the guess room. I look out the big window to see Seattle at my feet. Then I remembered the events of last night; and felt as gloomy as the outside. I looked like it was going to pour down. I decided to get out of bed and made my way to the kitchen.

Mrs. Jones is getting things ready on the kitchen and she gives me a sympathetic smile when she sees me.

"What would you like for breakfast, Ana?"

"Is Mr. Grey here?" I ask.

"No, he left early. But he told me to tell you to check your email as soon as you woke up."

I go to our bedroom where there is no sign of last night commotion. Mrs. Jones probably clean up early today. I take cell phone from the night stand and look for the email. What I find makes my blood run cold.

From: Christian Grey

Subject: Situation

Date: November 03 2011 06:40

To: Anastasia Grey

I have to go to New York for work. I'll be gone for two days. I trust you not to get in trouble while I'm gone. You're not going to work. I already talk to Roach and let him know your not going to be coming back to work for sometime - we are NOT going to argue about this. I also made an appointment for you at the clinic to take care of the situation. Swayer will take you and Dr. Green will be there to assist you with anything necessary. There is no need to fear for your health. I hired the best Doctors for this. Your appointment is at 09:00am be there on time. You'll be going home on the same day, but please follow doctor's orders.

I'll see you on Sunday.

Christian Grey

CEO, Grey Enterprises Holding, Inc.

I couldn't believe it. My inner goddess went into a coma and my subconscious look as pale as I ever seen her. I had to sit down on the bed a minute to regain my composure. I was in shock. I thoughts where black. I couldn't even see what was going on around me. He call our babies a "situation." He wants me to get rid of our babies. Ok, so maybe he doesn't know there are two babies, but I don't think that will make him change his mind. In fact I think that will only make him more willing.

I hear a soft knock on the bedroom door. When I look up Swayer is standing there looking at me apologetically.

"Mrs. Grey, its already 8:30. We need to go." go? go where? my mind still to slow to process anything. I can't even speak. I just nod my head and walk into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later I come out of my room. I'm wearing black dress pants; a red shirt; and some black shoes with no hills. I'm still on shock not understanding where I'm going or what exactly is going on.

I'm at the clinic. I'm sitting on a bed wearing a hospital gown. When we got here Swayer said something about waiting on the waiting room in case I needed something. I hear a knock on the door and I see Dr. Green walk in with another doctor and its like someone throws cold water at my face. I come out of my shock. I start crying and shaking violently. Dr. Green as the other doctor to leave us alone. AS soon as he walks out of the room she is by my side holding me.

"That bastard, said we could have a family." I cry. "He said he was going to give me everything I wanted." My mind is finally functioning properly. "Why is he doing this to us?"

"Listen to me Ana." Dr. Green looks me in the eyes. "No one, and I mean no one can tell you or force you to do anything with your babies."

"This are my babies." I say. I finally understand that, this are my babies. I'm their mother and I have to stop thinking about me or Christian. I have to start thinking like a mother and think about my kids. If I do this, if I put my needs above the needs of my kids I'm not better than his mother was. I love Christian, but I also love my babies. They are a part of him and me. But in that moment I also understand that because I love him I will never hurt Christian. I could never asking to dealt with something he doesn't want to. I made a mistake and I'll have to live with the consequences. But Christian doesn't have to. I should have known that this was going to happen at some point. In the end I was right, I'm not good for Christian.

"I'm not having an abortion." I said with finality. "Can you call the doctor in?" Dr. Green goes to get the doctor as I look for my clothes. When they walk in he seems surprise to see me putting my clothes on.

"Mrs. Grey, where are you going?"

"I'm leaving." I said. "Here is the thing doctor. I'm not having an abortion. I'm going to leave this hospital. and you are not going to tell anyone. And I really mean anyone. If my husband ask, everything went well." I look him straight in the eyes for the next part so that he knows I'm serious. "If you even dare to give any other information to him or anyone else I will sue you for violating the doctor patient confidentiality. I will also make sure you lose your license." He looked terrified. He should be. "You may leave now."

After the doctor left the room I ask Dr. Green for a favor. I call a cab and ask to be picked up on the back entrance of the clinic. I typed an email for Christian then give my cell to Dr. Green asking her to press send 10 minutes after I'm gone. I ask the cab to take me to the bank. I cash a check for $5000 then took a second cab to the airport. For the first time since yesterday luck was on my favor. I was able to find a a flight that was on its way out to Savannah. By this time Christian probably already know I left him. I hope he doesn't fire Swayer because of these. When I feel the plane take off I finally allow myself to cry.

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