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A/N: I'm gonna start listing the songs I was listening to so that you guys have a better understanding at the things that inspire me to write stories X) You could skip this if you want, but it'd be a good idea to listen to the music while reading this X) Think of it as a way into my weird mind. XD Songs might be old though, but it's still good XD.

#1: Watcha say- Jason Derulo

#2: Heartless- Kanye West

#3: Knock you down- Keri Hillson ft. Kanye West & NeYo

#4: Gold Digger- Kanye West ft. Jamie Fox

#5: Stronger- Kanye West

(These songs are what inspired this story… to think that kids listen to this stuff! My gosh! Then people wonder why people grow up too early!)

Soul smiled as Blair pranced out of his room again, a content smile on his face. "What a good morning." He said with a sigh as he stretched out on his bed. "Just another day in my life I guess." Soul muttered sitting up and dressing himself.

Maka sat at the kitchen table, when Blair walked in, a huge smile on her face.

"Blair?" Maka asked, trying to ignore the pain in her heart.

"Yes Maka?" she asked stretching.

"Could you… um… I don't know how to say this… Could you keep it down when you and Soul are…" Maka couldn't finish the sentence so Blair smirked.

"I can't control his groans Maka." Blair said chuckling.

"Could you at least warn me next time, so that I won't have to hear you guys?" Maka asked her.

Blair just shrugged keeping her back to Maka as she served herself something to eat.

Soul walked into the kitchen, ready to go. "Let's go Maka, before I regret getting out of bed." Soul muttered.

Maka shook her head and managed to slap on a fake smile. "I'll see you at school Soul, I want to walk today." Maka mumbled as she stood up to grab her text book and walked out of the apartment, lightly closing the door behind her as she walked out of the apartment building.

"What's wrong with her?" Soul asked as he looked at the closed door, chewing lightly on the inside of his lips.

"Oh never mind her. Skip school today Soul." Blair purred as she leaned against him, her fingers drawing small circles on his chest.

Soul grinned, Maka slipping out of his mind. "Maybe skipping the first few classes wouldn't be so bad." Soul murmured as he smirked down at Blair.

Maka stepped into her favorite café on her way to school. "Maka! It's good to see ya." Kilik called out as he approached her and drew her into a hug.

"Hey. Shift ending already?" she asked him.

He nodded. "Come on, breakfast is on me." He said as he grabbed her hand and pulled her to one of the tables and sat her down next to him on one of the tables. "What's wrong?" he asked her after he placed their order, already knowing what Maka likes.

"What do you mean? Nothing's wrong!" Maka exclaimed looking in the other direction.

"Maka…" Kilik said with a small chuckle. "I know when you are lying… why are you lying to your best friend… it's about Soul isn't it?" he asked, his chuckle disappearing as he sat up straighter.

"Is it that obvious?" Maka asked smiling nervously as she nervously played with her fingers.

"Maka… the only reason that I could read you like a book is because you are letting me. Heck, I think that if I wasn't a meister, I'd be your weapon." Kilik said chuckling as their coffees were served to them.

Maka shrugged and looked down at her coffee, a frown on her face. "They were doing it again…" Maka trailed off trying not to remember the sounds, wincing.

"Maka, I don't know how many times I've told you, you could move in with me whenever you want." Kilik said his hands going to cover hers. "They aren't going to stop just because you are there. Soul is a fool for not noticing how much you love him." Kilik said, squeezing her hands lightly.

Maka sighed. "I guess it'd be a good idea… I'll pack up my things after school, of course Soul is still going to be my weapon… but I'm just tired of going through all this crap." Maka said wiping away a tear before it slipped away from her.

"That's better, I'll help ya, now come on, finish your coffee and I'll give you a ride to school." Kilik said before he took a sip from his own coffee.

Maka managed to put on a small smile as she drank her coffee. "I just want to get this day over with." Maka mumbled once they finished their coffee and walked out the door to Kilik's car.