The sun was shining, no clouds in the sky and people were wearing summer clothes.
"This day is crap. Really, really crap."
A black haired girl jumped from shadow to shadow, sweating all over in her yellow-red uniform.
She leaned against a Mini-Van and sighed.
"How can it be so hot in this damn city. The sun should not find a way around this tall buldings. I mean, why did we built them. They must be useful for something."
She smiled, short and weak, but smiled.
"Come on, girl. 2 more blocks. Don t be a pussy!"
A fist pump later the jumping started again.

The door was closed.
"Oh no, she is home", she thought by herself.
Her roommate always locked the door despite the already and always locked front door.
She opened the door, walked in an went into their kitchen aka. kitchenpart of one big living room/kitchen/bedroom.
She just wanted to start to empty the bags when she heard something.
It was hard to detect, and very silent.
After a few seconds she could detected the source.
Her bedroom.