(with Stella)

As she watched her friends get hurt she panicked.

"What am I going to do! I'm running out of time" said Stella who was running back towards the two week fairies.

When she left from watching the Winx club most of the specialists were down. The Winx girls were running out of power fast. She didn't even want to think about how much time Bloom and Mikey had left.

After continually pounding the dark prison Stella remembered something. When she first turned into her energy the witches coward. It was almost as if they couldn't handle the sunlight.

"That's it!" yelled Stella who had fallen over in excitement "All I have to do is attack it with pure sunlight. But how long will it take, I don't know what type of dark magic it is. "

She decided to try anyway. She quickly shot a large blast of pure sunlight. But it ended in the same result as her other attacks. She slumped over and tried to think, her friend's lives depended on it.


Miss Faragonda had worked for hours with Stella. After all that hard work Stella had finally mastered the energy technique. Once Stella had finished they started discussing what to do once inside.

"Once you go in you will see them trapped inside of their power. All you have to do is use your fairy dust to get them out." said Miss Faragonda

"But what after that, I don't think the ancestral witches would make it that easy" commented Stella

Miss Faragonda thought about it for a minute, then was shocked that she didn't think of that sooner.

"I would guess that they would use one of their darker prisons to hold them in their powers. You still need to use your fairy dust. But that wouldn't get rid of it. The fairy dust would just open the protective nature of the attack. Then you should attack it with your powers." told Miss Faragonda

*end flashback*

Stella immediately jumped up and faced the dark orb. She then turned into her Enchantix form. When she did she activated her fairy dust and sprinkled it on the orb. Upon doing so the orb seemed to change color. The once sinister dark purple was now a violet color.

"Ok now Stella" she said to herself "I've got to make this one count."

Stella walked up to the violet orb and put her two hands on it. "Solar Flare!" shouted Stella as her hands turned into a bright yellow flash. After the flash subsided she discovered that her friends were outside of the orb. She quickly transformed out of her fairy state and ran towards them. Upon checking them, they seemed to be ok, but they were very weak.

Moments later the floor of the dark void began to shake, and the entire space filled up with a strong flash.

(with the Winx)

The girls were almost done for when they saw Stella's energy come out of Bloom and quickly go towards her body. Moments later she ran towards the girls.

"Did you do it?" asked Flora who was getting helped up by Aisha.

Stella quickly nodded to her friends. But when she turned to face the ancestral witches they were gone. Before any of the girls could respond a blast of sunlight filled the cave. When it subsided they could see Bloom on the floor, looking very pale. When the girls and the specialists ran up to her Tecna noticed something.

"Hey guys. Where's Mikey?" asked the technology fairy who had transformed back to human form, along with her friends.

The Winx girls looked around for a second but didn't respond, they wanted to help Bloom quickly.

Seconds later they heard a voice come from the rubble on the other side of the cave.

"I'm here. Is everyone ok?" asked the girl

When the figure walked out of the smoke it was revealed to be Mikey.

Not only were the girls surprised to see that she was conscious. Mikey was standing there, holding in the water dragon power from coming out of her.

"Wait, do you still not remember anything?" asked Musa who was the first Winx girl who could talk through their shock.

"No, I can remember now. Funny huh?" Mikey said acting as if nothing was happening.

Sky being happy to see Mikey went to go check if she was ok. But when he tried to get in for a hug Mikey stopped him

"If I was you I wouldn't want to get too close now" said Mikey who was pointing to the water dragon half sticking out of her abdomen.

Sky agreed and asked Mikey "Do you know whats wrong with Bloom? She looks really hurt."

"I could explain it but why don't you guys look up first?" told Mikey

The group agreed and looked up to the top of the cave, and recoiled in shock. They saw the Dragon fire flying around in circles around them.

"I promise to explain on the way down but first, Aisha I need you to do some stuff. Is that alright?" said Mikey looking at Aisha

"Why should I help you? The only thing that came out of knowing you is my friends getting hurt." said Aisha

The Winx girls thought of what Mikey might need her to do, but they remained quiet to hear Mikey's answer

"I'm not asking you to do favors for me. But if we just stay around here longer Bloom will die. So I suggest we stop fighting." answered Mikey

Aisha looked at Mikey thinking about her words, then looked at Bloom. She had become paler while they were talking. Aisha silently noded to Mikey to show that she agreed to help.