A/N: The thing about this FF is that it's about a SOFT side of Harry. And just so you know, this actually HURT to write. I sincerely HATE Harry. He was always mean to Stevie, plus he said that Alex wasn't his son and reminded him of it constantly and he knew exactly how it felt himself. I just could never get passed that. =/ Okay, the writers made him that way… but still. I stand by my opinion!

THIS one goes out to KEPC who challenged me to write HAPPY HARRY! LOL!

"Harry!" Liz screamed as she pushed the unborn child out of herself.

Harry was at her side in seconds, gently gripping her hand in his own. He was a bloke's bloke, so it was hard for him to show emotions, but he loved this woman with every fibre of his being. He was desperately in love with her. she was good for him. She knew what he wanted, what he needed, and she failed him.

Now, she was going to give birth to son number two.

"You can do this," he urged.

Liz squeezed her eyes shut and concentrated hard, pushing with everything she had, her face screwed up with pain so strong that Harry actually felt part of it. It helped that she was squeezing his hand so hard he was sure she was crushing bones.

Finally, she released the pressure and

Harry pressed a soft kiss on Liz's forehead. "I'm so proud of you," he whispered.

"Nick… let me see my son… let me see…" she begged.

The nurse handed him his son in a wrapped up blue blanket, and his heart swelled. This was another son to expand the Ryan empire. This son would never go through the horror that he himself had gone through. He would love this child, and his first born, like he had never been loved.

Harry gently handed his boy to Liz, who cried with joy at the sight of him.

Harry watched on in amazement.

"Daddy!" a little boy cried. Harry turned to see his first son in the doorway.

"Come and meet your brother, Alex."

Alex ran to his father and Harry scooped him up in his arms. "Alex, meet Nick."

"Hi, Nick!" Alex waved frantically.

Liz laughed and Harry felt a joy that he had never experienced.

This was his family. His wife and his boys. Life was good.

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