Just a Mudblood

The ballroom was decked with red white and green

Awaiting the guests that were soon to be seen

And this was just how it was on the evening of December 17, 1975 at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The professors thought that it would be a good chance for the students to relax and have fun, ("yeah, have fun while you're up there stuttering in front of a pack of girls trying to ask one of them while they all giggle at you!" Frank Longbottom had mumbled to his friend), with Voldemort rising to power everyone was in a state of tense worry and a Christmas ball would let people loosen up, if only for a night. Half of the school agreed with them.

Every girl fourth year and above was giggling and joining in on the gossip of dresses and shoes and on the night of the ball, the girls from each house would pile in to the seventh years' dorm and do make up and shoes and discuss who had the handsomest date and all. The boys on the other hand hated the idea of a ball and were constantly trying to figure out if the girl they liked was taken or not and if she was not did they have the courage to ask her.

Rudolphus Lestrange was feeling the disappointment of not being able to take the girl he liked to the ball, and he hated himself for it. here he stood, dressed in rich and expensive dress robes, with the beautiful Bellatrix black on his arm, dressed in a floor length, sweetheart neckline black dress with silver accents that hung gracefully to her curves, he should be smug as hell, as he was the envy of all the Slytherin boys, but all he could do was watch her twirl around the ballroom in the arms of that stupid half-blood Diggory. He cursed himself for lusting after a Gryffindor, and a mudblood no less. He had watched from a corner, memorized as Lily Evans came down the stairs in a dress of gold that hugged her body then flared out at the waist in a waterfall of gold satin. She looked good in gold, it suite-don't finish that thought, Rudolphus. He thought warningly. He tried to steer his mind away from the subject of the mudblood and instead focus on Bellatrix.

As the night went on he still found his min wandering back to the mudblood, he caught himself staring at her once or twice, even Bellatrix noticed it. Stop, he told himself, that is something that bloodtraiter Potter would do, you are Rudolphus Lestrange, she is a filthy mudblood, and besides you have Bellatrix.

It was about eleven when Bellatrix left to dance with Lucius Malfoy, leaving Rudolphus standing in the doorway, leaning against the wall. he lost himself in thought of the mudblood, every once in awhile trying to shake his head and rid her from his thoughts.

"Excuse me." a timid voice said next to him, jerking him back to reality. it was her, standing right in front of him, she looked amazing, like the queen of Gryffindor herself, with red hair and her gold dress. He cleared his throat.

"i need to get by." she said. He stepped aside. She looked at him quizzically for a second and then walked of to the Gryffindor common room, Rudolphus' eyes following her all the way.

"Come on, Rudolphus, let's dance." Bellatrix called, he walked after her, still in a daze from his encounter with Lily Evans.

She's just a mudblood.