Happi Synthesizer 5%[Revised]

Dear Readers, I'm revising this chapter because I was told it was confusing and looking at it again I realized this may be a problem in the future. Also i was getting TOO serious TOO soon! Oh, well the previous idea could not work anyway. So let's try again next chapter!

{Side Story}

"Friends? What friends?" asked Piko "If you mean those UTAU's he talks to online I guess they're kinda friends?"


"B-but, last night he told me he had "plenty of friends"" Len stammered.

"Yeah and last night he said "Don't worry I won hit you too hard, Utatane" replied Piko applying a pack of frozen peas onto his shoulder. He winced. Damn that's gonna leave a bruise!

"Did he really hit you that hard?" asked Len, who also had his own purple bruise on the nose from Oliver.

"Let me explain it this way" said Piko through his teeth "I know stuntmen with less bruises than me right now."

"Morning!" chirped Lily pirouetting into the room. Both boys gave her a vague wave. "Awe, don't be so down guys I'll make some flapjacks!"

"I like flapjacks" said Tonio appearing in his chair.

"Flapjacks, such a wonderful American invention!" said Hiyama-sensei, "Like pancakes only bigger!"

"What flavor?" said Miss Prima suddenly coming between the two shotas.

"CHOCOLATE!" sang Lily.

"Well, I might as well join the insanity" Sweet Ann yawned from the couch. She was wearing here robe and night dress. Both boys blushed at the sight of her.

"Sweets, have you gotten bigger" said Miss Prima narrowing her eyes.

"Hmm?" Sweet Ann looked down at chest and pressed her hands against them. "Nope. Why?"

"Just asking" Miss Prima smiled, and then turned around turning her perfectly manicured fingers into a fist.

"Did I miss something" asked Big Al. And then turn to see his sweetheart in her nightgown. "ANN!"

"Not so loud dear, I have a headache." Said Ann waving him off.

"Ann, your clothes!" Al hissed his face turning redder by the minute.

"Oh, you big baby fine?" she closed her robe. "There are you happy?"

"Better" he opened his arms for a hug, and as she stood up—

The robe was too short.

"Al?!" Sweet Ann shouted holding up her boyfriend, who was way too tall! "Al? Did you just faint?! Tonio don't you dare take pictures!"

Tonio's arm slithered back to behind the newspaper as the smut novelist mumbled "no fun" under his breathe.

"What's with all the yelling?" Oliver's voice came from behind Miss Prima.

And Tonio's arm snapped itself from around the newspaper again.

Piko moved the frozen peas from his shoulder to his nose.

And Prima jumped backwards, and crashed into the wall.

Sweet Ann's face looked horrified.

And Len wanted to look anywhere, but at Oliver.

Oliver had come downstairs unaware that Lily had once again stuck on one of her new designs on him that night (after he'd practically punched Piko's spine out).

Oliver looked around at the faces he was getting and looked down at himself to see a pair of blue bloomers. Oh no!

Oliver ran straight to the mirror as a brown cat tail flowed behind him.

"LILY!"Oliver's horrified voice could be heard all through the house.

Oliver ran back to the dining area just as any overly happy Lily sashayed in with a plateful of chocolaty giant pancakes.

"Lily!" Oliver shrieked "I can understand that you need to experience yourself, and you have you fetishes. I can understand the bloomers and the short sailor top. I can even under the dog treat in my pants!"—both Piko and Prima fainted from this—"but, what have I told you about dressing me up as A NEKO!"

((That's right you heard it correctly. Oliver with a short sailor top, bloomers, and neko-ism!))

Len crossed his legs rapidly because something that was rising should not have been rising for Oliver.

And cute little Neko-Oliver's tantrum was not helping because everyone knows nekos look cuter when there upset.

"Lily-chan!" he fused "it's not cute! It's not manly at all! It's beyond shota-ish! It's just you being a pedo! I hate you! Why do you do this to me?! Why, why, why, why, why—are those flapjacks chocolate?"

Lily nodded.

"Then I forgive you ~nya!" purred Oliver holding out a plate making a perfect neko "yay!" face.

"Oh shoot!" shouted Len falling to his knees holding a hard on between his legs.