This is one of those chapters when you hate everything you write, and you delete it and try again. Only to receive the same outcome. So yeah. I hope that you enjoy this chapter. The next one will be so much better. Sorry for the long hiatus.

The week flew by faster than Karen could do a costume change for Wolf. She fell into a groove of hanging with the ensemble in the day, between rehearsal and performances. And at night she would settle in the hotel suite with Derek. They would spend their time talking about the show and about Boston. Unfortunately they didn't have much time to spend outside of the hotel room. They ordered in room service and grabbed coffee on the way to the theater. Karen began to feel as if she was Derek's chorus crush. That maybe her leading lady status had boosted her in his sight. Derek had reassured her on several occasions that was far from the truth.

Karen lay in the bed looking at the ceiling, regretting that today was Monday. It was time to head back to New York. The rest of the city was bustling and getting back to their everyday work routines. Karen was trying to neglect her responsibilities. She knew that when she returned to new York she was faced with the task of finding an apartment. She wanted to stay in Boston. Her life was comfortable there. But suddenly her dreams were crashing into a reality. She sat up on the bed and watched Derek pack away all of his belongings very methodically.

"Good morning love" Derek walked over and kissed Karen on the forehead.

"Hey, what time is it" she let out in an exasperated tone as she yawned.

"Time for you to get up and pack your bag. We need to be at the airport in an hour." he walked across the room, not dwelling in the kiss.

"I'm going to the airport? When were you going to tell me about this Mr. Wills?" She responded in a faux-shocked tone.

"Yes love, we have a big day ahead of us." Derek walked off into the other room leaving Karen to ponder on her words.

Karen took a quick shower and gathered her things. They were headed back to New York within two hours. The plane ride was short, and left Karen little time to be anxious. She thought about her apartment, about Dev and her parents. Before she knew it she was back in the big city. They were in and out of La Guardia quickly. Derek was truly a director in all facets of life. He had their journey back home fast and hassle free. Karen admired his dominance. He hailed a cab for the two of them and handed a small slip of paper to the driver with an address.

"I am not looking forward to my hotel shower." Karen broke the silence.

"Don't worry, I will still hug you if you smell weird...Have you smelled yourself after rehearsal?" he laughed as she pinched him.

"You jerk. I do not smell Mr. Wills." giggling to hide her slight embarrassment. She didn't want to discuss her hygiene with Derek.

They sat in silence for a moment both taking the in there adopted home. New York was truly a melting pot, and Karen loved that. She was intrigued by the possibility of finding a new apartment in the city. But with her limited budget, she didn't know what she could afford. She would have to take on more shifts at the café around her busy rehearsal and performance schedule. Even still she wouldn't make enough to afford a nice apartment. Maybe she could get a roommate. Although, finding a stranger to share a place with was no easy task. Suddenly the cab came to a standstill.

"Are you coming?" Derek opened her door and held his hand out.

She stepped out of the car and tried to identify there location.

'Where are we?" Karen inquired of her sly director. She also wonder how long she would think of him as the director, and not just Derek.

"Did you bring your key with you. We're going to need that. " he was slight more elusive than usual.

"It's in my pocket." she responded, still puzzled by his behavior.

She followed behind Derek closely as they made there way through an alley. They were close to the rehearsal studio from what she could tell. They made it into the deep of the alley, right in the middle. The environment wasn't dirty, nor filled with broken glass, just where the back of several clubs and restaurants met. Karen had figured that he was taking her to a restaurant in the heart of the city. But that wouldn't make sense because he told the cab driver to wait.

"Well, go on now. You have the key love." Derek smirked at her, and the light hit his eyes so perfect they danced.

""What is this" she grew suspicious and nervous smiling at the handsome older man. Karen placed the key in the door, and slowly opened it. She behaved as if she was almost scared to open it.

"This Karen is a place, you need a place, so here you are." Derek pushed open the door.

Inside he revealed a stunning site. The apartment was completely open and renovated into a hardwood classic ballet studio. Mirrors lined the west wall from ceiling to floor. Against the east wall was a cherry wood ballet bar stained to match the cherry floors. Karen's mouth hung wide open as looked on in awe.

"Oh my gosh, seriously?!" Karen squealed in excitement. She ran on the dance floor and couldn't help but dance. She performed a combination of Jette tombe pas de beurre, kick ball-change double pirouette. She looked at her form in the mirror and smiled. Then she fell to the ground and laid there as Derek watched in amazement. She started to cry.

"I can't stay here Derek." she looked up at him as he walked towards her.

"Nonsense. You can and you will. You are going to need a place to stay, and I can't have you living out of a hotel." Derek wiped a tear from her cheek as he knelled by her sighed. "there is more, would you care to see it?" he reached out a hand to help the young woman up.

"I can't afford the rent here Derek, even if Bombshell is a hit." Karen as upset with him for showing her such a beautiful place. It was like giving someone a million dollars, and then yanking it out of their hands.

"Well then, it's a good thing I own the place." his surprises never ceased to amaze Karen. He lifted her from the ground and chuckle at her expression.

"You own this, how? It must have cost you a fortune." Karen let Derek led her around the corner and up the stairs to the rest of the apartment. There was a beautiful bedroom with a two medium length windows, with a decent view of the neighborhood. The room was decorated with Victorian style furniture. The decor was lemon yellow and beige. A canopy bed, dresser chase and vanity filled the small space of the room. But Karen thought it was perfect.

"Derek, this is beautiful. I love it!" Karen jumped into his arms and kissed him. Slowly, passionately and intensely intertwining her lips with his.

He relished in the kiss for a moment and then pulled away.

"Go ahead and look around, the kitchen and bathroom are through the hall, I am going to go pay an angry Cab driver." he smiled at her, knowing he would have to answer all of her questions when he returned.

"Okay, hurry back" she exclaimed still in awe of the apartment.

She walked through the hallway passing a bathroom that was decorated in the same colors as the bedroom. There was a large Jacuzzi style bathtub and double sinks adorned with gold Victorian style faucets. She walked into the kitchen, and admired the contrast from the rest of the apartment, it was shocking. The rest of the apartment had an old world feel, but this kitchen was modern. The room was filed with stainless steel appliances and a built-in bar completer with three-tier liquor shelves. Karen laughed, only Derek would have a built-in bar in an apartment.

"What is so funny?" Derek said awaiting an answer.

"You scared me" Karen breathed rapidly as she turned to face him, her heart was racing. "I was laughing at the bar." she explained.

"Maybe you'll have yourself a party." he joked with the young woman.

"So what is this place, is this where you take all the young women you...employee?" Karen was serious, but her tone remained playful. She tried not to think about Derek and other women, but she couldn't help herself.

"Seriously?" he was offended by the accusation. "I don't have time for this Karen." Derek huffed.

"I was just-" she tried to explain, but he cut her off.

"Yeah you were just saying...if this is going to workout, you have to stop comparing yourself to other women. In fact stop talking about it all together. I am not focused on other women, I am focused on you." And with that he turned and walked out of the kitchen and down the stairs.

Karen chased behind Derek. "Derek, Derek,wait don't leave." she pleaded with him.

"I need to be at a meeting in a few hours. I will be here to pick you up at eight. Investors party, there are a few dress in the closet." he kissed her on the forehead. He was obviously still upset, and she could feel it. He picked up his luggage he sat by the door and exited the apartment.

Karen wondered why he gotten so mad with her. She hated that she couldn't control her mouth when it came to those things. But he had not right to get mad, it was a valid concern. He had the reputation for being one of entertainments most permissions directors. Karen just wanted to protect herself, from more pain. She turned around to look at the apartment in disbelief. Derek was kind and generous. And this studio was beautiful, and the apartment up stairs even more so.

Karen decided she would take a nap before getting ready for the party. She walked into the bedroom and realized nothing she need to get ready was here. She sighed knowing she would have to hail a cab to go over to her hotel. She sat at vanity and realized there was a small note on the dresser.

All of your things are moved in, go ahead take a look. I bet you have that silly confused 'I can't believe it' look on your face. Take your nap and get ready. See you at eight.

Karen laughed at the note. Was she really that predictable? Even though she was pissed off with Derek, she was so thankful for him. She crawled into the bed, and drifted off.