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Get Through

Chapter Twenty-Seven

Morning came all-too soon, the wary rays of sun delicately breaching my cocoon of happiness. Somehow, in the nighttime, I had managed to discover a new sanctuary in JJ's arms, one which I never wanted to leave. I shut my eyes rebelliously, pretending that I could will sleep to return so I could simply lie here. But every little noise seemed to stir my sleep, whether it was the thud from the apartment above, to the trill of a bird, to the droning honk of a faraway car. Finally, I heard a noise that didn't irritate me, the gentle sigh of my waking lover. I found myself captivated by her, it was as if the shroud once covering my eyes was lifted and in the morning light, I could finally see. Her golden hair was shimmering in the sun, fanning out against the pillow like a messy halo; her face seemed to glow, honey skin radiating vitality, and her sleepy blue eyes, revealed by her tired lids fluttering open, glittered like the finest gemstones. It seemed that in the wake of last night, everything in the world was sparkling. JJ propped herself up on her elbows, blinking the sleep from her eyes while the sheet shifted on her body, revealing more of her familiar-yet-tempting curves. I could feel that familiar buzz of arousal whirr to life, and I knew she knew the same when she leaned over and kissed me.

"Good morning." She yawned sleepily, smiling softly at me before her eyes finally focused on the clock beside the bed.


"What's wrong?" her outburst had shocked me, and the first thing that popped into my head was that I had done something wrong, or that she was already regretting last night.

"We were supposed to be in the office ten minutes ago!" she announced, jumping out of the bed, into a nearby robe, then into the bathroom-more specifically, the shower- in less than five seconds flat. Mentally grappling whether to be relieved that it wasn't something I'd screwed up, or disappointed that JJ was gone and I had to get out of bed, I sat in stunned silence for a moment before slowly returning to action. By the time I had gotten dressed JJ was out of the shower, and I leapt in after her.

"Em! I have nothing to wear, and everyone's going to know something's up if I wear the same clothes I wore the day before!" JJ called from my bedroom.

"Just grab something out of my closet!" I called out, scrambling to blow-dry my hair while simultaneously brushing my teeth. I came out of the bathroom, fully dressed and ready, to find Jennifer packing her stuff, wearing a grey suit and purple top of mine. Something about seeing her in my clothes made the nagging buzz in my core grow, and before I could help myself I wrapped my arms around her waist and kissed her softly. I was shocked to be pushed away by her hand.

"Hun, I love you, but not now, we're nearly a half-hour late." I was brusquely rebuffed as she dragged me out to the car. My head was still spinning from the fast pace of the morning, and I couldn't help feeling a little lost until I felt the blonde's hand work its way into mine, intertwining our fingers. That little touch seemed to anchor me, and I felt the craziness clear just a little bit. Our hands stayed linked as we walked into the BAU, not really caring who speculated about us. I figured that having your boss call during sex was the most embarrassing, but effective way to out oneself. Although, Hotch didn't seem to take notice…

"You two…" Garcia had found us early, and she was staring at us from her lair with the devilish eyebrow quirk that meant nothing but dirty thoughts. I knew she wouldn't give up without harassing us, and I preferred not to have my sex life shouted across the FBI hallway, so we detoured over to where she stood.

"Aww! I can't ask for details with the both of you here, that's awkward!" she announced, causing me to groan inwardly.

"Garcia, is it possible for us to keep anything private!" I hissed, secretly amused by the blonde, but I sure as hell wasn't going to let her know that!

"Privacy? That term is lost on the Omniscient Gossip Goddess! If it's not too much of a bother, I'm going to steal your blushing blonde so we can… review a case. Tah-tah-for-now!" JJ mimed begging for help as she was dragged into the office by her exuberant friend. I chuckled under my breath upon hearing Garcia query whether JJ was wearing that same purple top I had purchased on a girls shopping trip months ago, before heading into the bullpen where Morgan was tossing paper balls at Reid.

"Derek, stop mishandling the genius!" I scolded playfully. Reid seemed to perk up at the sight of someone coming to help defend him from the office battle.

"I was simply explaining my recent success in our basketball pool, how I broke down the teams' shooting strategies, most common plays, average heights and weights of players, team morale, etcetera. Actually, the act of scoring a basket is simple when broken down. If you manage to get the perfect angle, plus or minus a few degrees to make up for the backboard and other variables like wind speed, and keep the ball on a set velocity, the players could easily adjust their positions on the court and their posture to score more baskets per attempt. Also, players between a certain height range have the advantage because of-" his long-winded ramble was cut off by another perfectly lobbed ball of paper smacking him straight in the forehead, mussing his bangs and distracting him.

"Then I was so moved by his rant that I decided to test out his theory, and I haven't missed my mark yet!" Derek crowed, stretching back in his chair before Reid smacked him upside the head with another ball of paper.

"Hehe, neither have I!"

"Behave yourselves boys." I joked, sliding into my chair, unable to keep the radiant smile from my face.

"Well, someone's quite chipper today, some would say giving off a glow… fun night Prentiss?" I reached for an abandoned paper ball to toss his way, but before I could smartly retort back, Reid jumped in.

"Actually, her out-of-character happiness could be due to a lot of things. Hormone cycles, variations in air pressure, some sort of serendipitous incident, although I don't believe happiness can be measured quantifiably, and therefore tracked. There have even been cases where extreme bouts of euphoria are caused by tumors that secrete serotonin…" wow, two Reid rants in five minutes, we've set a new record.

"Reid, I wasn't quite thinking hormones and tumors. C'mon, the spring in her step, that grin, the fact she was half an hour-"

"Twenty-seven minutes, eleven seconds." Reid interjected.

"-Whatever, half an hour late to work, I'm thinking someone got lucky last night!" he grinned cheekily, and I failed at resisting the urge to toss another paper ball in the direction of his smug smirk. The euphemism seemed to have been lost on Reid, who's eyes darted between us like he was decoding some cipher.

"C'mon kid!" the muscular man groaned good-naturedly, tossing a ball of paper to Reid, who caught it and returned the throw, beginning an intense game of catch between the three of us, my sex life mercifully forgotten. Just as Reid and I went rogue, turning on Morgan and pelting him with our ammunition, Hotch walked in with an older man on his tail.

"Ahem." He cleared his throat, looking torn between amusement at our foolishness, and embarrassment at our foolishness.

"This is SSA David Rossi, our new team member." The older man looked confused at the fact that world-class profilers were acting like a bunch of kids in the third grade when the teacher leaves the classroom. Morgan and I both introduced ourselves, both blushing at our stupid game, and then came Spencer.

"Rossi… David Rossi, served in the U.S. Marine Corps, you were one of the original profilers! You were there at the Ruby Ridge standoff, you've interviewed Manson, and Bundy. I've read all your books, if you don't mind I just have a question about a point you brought up in your book Deviance: The Secret Desires of Sadistic Serial Killers, you stated there that unsubs are most commonly motivated by-"

"Nice to meet you too." Rossi interjected, offering his hand to shake which Reid turned down, as always.

"Anyway, we have a case, roundtable room in ten minutes, nice to see you're feeling better Prentiss." He added as he walked past, making me blush even redder. The question still lingered in my mind whether he truly knew, I mean, he's not letting on if he does, but he is Hotch, one of the greatest profilers of all time. I pushed my speculation aside, and walked to the roundtable room, taking a seat beside JJ, and holding her hand beneath the table. Having her by my side made me feel safe, protected, and ready to face another day at work, with all the trials and trauma that may bring.

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