Hellooo, everybody. I know I should be working on Anthony, BUT… I figured I'd get this story started for the heck of it. Here we go.

Chariton Household

Mrs. Mikaela Chariton levitated a box beside her head using psychic as she walked up the stairs to her attic, setting it atop a stack. She watched as her daughters, Sunni and Darcy came up the stairs, their faces blocked by huge boxes they were carrying. The two plopped the boxes down beside each other as Sunni gasped for breath. "Thanks for helping me move stuff to the attic, you two." Mika thanked.

"Yeah, no problem, Mom." Sunni panted.

"MIKAAA? We have anymore bread?"

"There might be some in the pantry!" Mika yelled down. "Hold on, Rainier, I'll come down! Be right back, you two." With that, Mika left down the stairs.

"Ho, finally, we can catch a break." Sunni sighed in relief, sitting on her box.

Meanwhile, Darcy was using this time to dig around one of the boxes. "Boy, Mom sure has a lot of old stuff."

Sunni got up and walked over to look behind some other boxes. "Dad, too. Look at this old robot." She pulled up a small, rusted robot with severed hands. "This thing looks a thousand years old."

Darcy continued to dig around until a picture caught her eye. "Hey, Sunni, look! It's a picture of our mom when she was little."

Sunni put down the robot and walked over to study the picture, of a 6-year-old Mika being raised up by a man and woman. "Hey, it is. But who're those two people?"

"I think those are her parents."

"You mean our grandparents?" At this, both siblings exchanged questioning glances. "Hey, how come we never met our grandparents?"

"I dunno. You think they… died?"

Meanwhile, Mika was on her way back to the attic. "Heh, that silly Mew. He was hiding the bread all along. That little…"

"Mooom!" Sunni and Darcy came running down the hall just then.

"Hey, kids! What's goin' on?"

"Mom. Are these your parents?" Sunni asked, holding up the photo.

Mika bent over to look at it. "Oh… Boy, that sure brings back memories. Those are my parents."

"How come we never met them? We met our dad's parents once."

"It's… not something I'd like to remember." Mika said, a frown appearing on her visage as she looked up in thought. "During the summer when I was six, the three of us went on this cruise. We were having fun, until…"

"What happened?" Darcy asked.

"Our ship was attacked by this, giant octopus thingy. It was huge. It destroyed everything, and ate my dad."

"What happened to your mom?"

"Well, I survived being eaten, and I held onto one of the floating ship pieces. Before the attack, I saw this pirate ship in a fog. I swam over to the ship and climbed up the side. And then… I saw my mom and the others passengers taken hostage by these… weird zombie-fish pirate guys. My mom spit in the captain's eye when he threatened her. And then he…" Mika was unable to finish, the memory of the sword penetrating her mother playing in her mind. "Well… anyway… I fainted afterwards, and… that's when I met Mewtwo."

Sunni and Darcy held horrified looks. "I'm…I'm really sorry, Mom." Darcy said.

"Oh… it's okay." Mika said with a light smile. "Over the years, you learn to let it go. Anyway, come on. We still have more stuff to move." With that, Darcy followed her mother back to the attic.

Sunni just stood in place and looked sympathetically down at the picture in her hand. She then looked in the direction of her mother with worried thoughts on her mind.

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But not quite yet. :P So yeah, a story starring Sunni and Darcy Chariton! :D This should be neat, right? Anyway, yeah, here is just a prologue, but we'll see what this is about soon enough. Later!