Hey, guys, welcome to the final chapter of Operation: ERASED. This will conclude all the time-traveling hoo-ha. Here we go.

Roxas Harbor, 2005

It soon became nightfall hours later as the two were now roaming around a casino area aboard the cruise ship. "Sunni, it's been hours, and we still haven't found our-"

"There she is!" Sunni excitedly pointed over at the 6-year-old Mika, standing with her parents as she held her mom's finger. "Mom-" Darcy quickly stopped Sunni before she ran over.

"Sunni, are you crazy?" Darcy whispered. "Running up to a little 6-year-old girl and calling her mom? ? Are we supposed to let her see us? ?"

"Calm down, she's only six. She'll never remember."

"And what if she does?"

Sunni sighed. "Fine. But we have to save 'em somehow."

"Let's go look at stars, Mommy!" the 6-year-old Mika excitedly jumped.

"Hm-hm, okay, Sweetheart!" the mother smiled before both parents led her outside.

Sunni and Darcy were about to follow them, until two hands caught their shoulders and held them back. "Wait."

They turned and gasped with utter shock. Another Sunni Chariton stood behind them. "What-… Who…? !" Sunni couldn't find the words.

"TWO Sunnis? ?" Darcy exclaimed.

"Listen. I'm you from the future." Future Sunni told them.

"But… we're from the future." Sunni replied.

"I'm from the further future. I'm here to stop you from doing this."

"What? ! I can't turn back now! I have to save our-"

"I know." Future Sunni cut her off. "Trust me, it's not worth it. The past can't be changed. And even if it can, you can never get the kind of future you want. It's best to just call it quits."

"I can't call it quits!" Sunni stated. "I can't go back when my mom is still upset. I have to try."

Darcy then realized something. "Um… shouldn't there be a Future Darcy?"

Future Sunni looked down in shame. "Look… there are just some things… that just can't be accomplished. The only thing to do is… live with what you have. And… be happy you still have a loving family."

Sunni tilted her head down, beginning to have second thoughts about this plan. But right then, the entire ship quaked, and people began screaming as Kraken tentacles emerged to drag people down. "AAAAHHH!" Sunni and Darcy gasped, watching as one of the tentacles grabbed Future Sunni, pulling into the depths.

"Well, what should we do? ?" Darcy asked as Sunni glanced over to their future mom and grandparents. She only stood and watched as her grandfather was snatched by a tentacle, pulled into the depths.

"DADDY!" six-year-old Mika yelled.

"Come on. Let's get out of here." Sunni decided, reaching in her pocket to pull out the TRAVELER. "AAHHH!" However, both girls were grabbed by tentacles, and were being swung around. Sunni pulled out her light saber and sliced herself free, then proceeded to save Darcy. As they dropped to the floor, the shrunken TRAVELER fell into an open hole. "Com on!" Sunni yelled, her sister following as they both dove into the hole, going beneath the sea.

They swam around for several minutes, avoiding the destruction caused by the Kraken as they searched for the TRAVELER. Sunni tapped Darcy's shoulder and pointed to said item, sinking several feet away. They swam for it, but two Dutchman pirates dove down, grabbed it, and swam for the surface. Before the girls could give chase, two pirates had grabbed them as well.

Moments later, they were taken aboard the Flying Dutchman. A pirate was holding the TRAVELER, while both psychics were on their knees, staring up as the disgustingly fearsome captain stood over them. "Well, lookee here, boys… two little birdies whom have yet to fly." Davy Jones spoke in his thick Scottish accent. "I have no time for games with such inferior servants. To the depths with them."

The girls shut their eyes tight, awaiting for the pirates to cut their necks open. "Unless…" They poked one eye open, looking at the captain. Davy Jones grinned as he said, "they can sing me a jaunty tune."

Darcy grinned with glee, jumping to her feet to the center of the deck as she began to dance. "OOONE TIME, I WAS a-"

"JUST GET IN THE FREAKING TIME MACHINE, DARCY! !" Sunni screamed, standing over a defeated pirate. The portal spiraled open, and Darcy dashed in, vanishing into the vortex with her sister.

Chariton Household

After their little failed adventure, and returning the time machine to the Gilligans, Sunni and Darcy returned home, kicked back on the couch. "Weell, that didn't really go as I'd hoped." Sunni said. "We didn't save our grandparents or anything. I wonder why that Future Sunni was there to stop us?"

"I dunno. But she must've had a good reason. And Sunni… I'm proud of you." Darcy smiled, putting a hand on her sister's shoulder. "You learned something today. I don't know what happened, but today you learned that... certain goals just can't be reached. I'm not saying it's great to give up… but it is important that some people know their limitations. And now, you know yours."

"Hehehe." Sunni blushed, still very confused. Today, she learned something, without actually learning anything. "Thanks, Darcy… I think."

"Hey, girls!" Mika greeted, coming in to greet them with a smile. "What've you been up to?"

"MOM!" Sunni and Darcy jumped up and embraced her legs in hugs.

"For some reason, we're really happy to see you!" Darcy said.

"Hehehe… it's only been a couple hours!" Mika laughed.

"Hey, Mom…" Sunni began to ask, "if… things have been different… and there was a way to bring your parents back… would you do it?"

Mika's smile went down. The woman sat down on the couch and pulled up the picture of her and her parents. "Well… I do miss them a lot. And sometimes, I do wish I could bring them back somehow… but oh well. I don't need them. Not when I have two sweet daughters like you." Mika smiled, hugging her children once again. "For some reason, I'm just really glad you two are OK… and that you actually exist!"

"Heh heh, so are we." Darcy laughed.

"Yeah… thank goodness everything is back to normal." Sunni said.

Just then, the ceiling broke open, and Roger the Alien collapsed through a hole, glaring drunkily. "I'm LIVING here now, so GIMME some pecan sandies!" He fainted.

Several feet away from the house, Jagar King and Jorgen von Strangle watched this lovely reunion. "Well… all's well that ends well." Jagar said.

"Yes. But Jagar, I've been meaning to ask… why didn't the Quest for the Eight Firstborn begin?"

"Because me and Clockwork didn't start it, so they wouldn't have found Mika."

"Oh." Jorgen's eyes widened with realization. "VAAAIT a minute…"

Jagar laughed and grinned. "What? Can't I play dirty?"

"Well, at any rate… disco?"

"You know it."

In a flash, both beings were in the '80s, dancing to the funky beats of disco. Some cop sirens sounded, and Jorgen gasped at the sight of a squadron of policemen, quickly scampering away from them. "Vait! I can explain! It is all fixed! The girls exist now! GYAA-HAAAAIII!" Jagar ignored the fairy's cries and continued dancing.

And so, we end it there. This took a while, but another Nextgen story is finally completed. NEXT TIIIME... hmm... I DO believe we've let Dracula run around long enough. Let's get to taking care of him, shall we? I will see you for that.