A young, slender female stood atop a small hill to look out towards the horizon. Highlighted strands of dull purple bangs flicker wildly as a light breeze hits her, her delicate cape fluttering softly behind her shoulder. Taking a few steps forward, her movements made eerily little noise despite the metallic greaves on her feet that extend upwards to her mid thighs. Her icy blue eyes stared out with determination into the distance and found nothing but a vast expanse staring back at her, pitch black save for the sinister appearing crimson sky meeting the horizon and a series of unexplained pits of fires that breach the surface from the abyss underneath. She looked back and gazed upon five figures crouched on the ground near her, surrounding a fire that illuminated faces weatgered by fatigue and concern.

An unlikely alliance forming, leading us to this place. In a realm where no light or hope penetrates the infinite darkness of its skies, we are the last hope for the world of Runeterra. The Void...a place of undescribable evil and terror that its very atmosphere would drive any human to insanity. Here, we take the final stand against the greatest lie in the history of our world... a lie that we have all unknowingly played a part in. The thoughts plagued Fiora's mind, her arms crossed tightly over her chest. The sound of a faint rumble reached her ears, cutting through her thoughts like a blade to bring her back to conscious awareness.

"Do you hear that?" She asked in a stern voice, now deprived of the arrogance that once distinguished her.

"Yeah," A female voice answered apprehensively, the woman wearing a large cloak rising from her seated position. Her hair was tied together into a large bundle, draping loosely over the silhouette of a large crossbow on her back. Instinctively, she checked the smaller crossbow mounted on her right hand, its firing mechanism clicking tensely, to ensure that it is loaded and ready for battle. "It seems the shadows are sending us company."

The sound of the rumbling in the distance intensified as the ground below them began to shake. Where are they? It was apparent that the unseen enemy knew exactly where they were and was rapidly moving to close the distance. As the rest of the team rose from their respective spots, each of them drew their weapons in preparation for the inevitable battle that was to come. Their journey in the Void thus far had been relatively uneventful; each of them knowing in the depths of their mind, however, that this calm in the storm was to be short lived.

"Lets bring some light on the situation!" A high-pitched female voice exclaimed in an exuberant tone that contrasted their surroundings as she walked ahead of the others.

She raised her right arm to reveal a ornate staff, decorated with multiple rune symbols that instinctively glowed brightly, revealing her shoulder-length blonde hair that flowed freely with the breeze that began in response to her spell. A glint reflected off of the silver breast plate that extended to her upper abdomen, the rest of her body covered in a snugly fitting suit interrupted only by a white skirt and gloves.

"Hah!" She exclaimed as she swung out her right arm with a swift and smooth motion, causing the staff in her hand to release a bright flare of light into the dark abyss ahead. Moments later, the flare exploded, its radiance illuminating the atmosphere to reveal the rapid approach of three enormous creatures, each identical in appearance, approaching with rapid and chaotic movements. The bright light from the flare reflected off of their smooth carapace that was arranged in segments, extending from their heads to their mid torso. Their faces revealed eyes that glowed ominously and a mouth lined with sinister rows of razor sharp fangs. Deadly spines extended forward from the back of their jaws, its deadly tip glinting like a blade in the presence of the light spell. Two large feet propelled the creatures forward, causing the ground below them to shake with every step of their feet.

Surrounding them were countless smaller creatures that ran on four legs, their mouths snarling with greater ferocity with every step they took. Their eyes glowed a sinister red and mouths hung open, revealing a row of razor sharp teeth that drooled not unlike that of a rabid dog. Two curved spines protruded forward from behind their jaws and a third extended from the middle of their forehead. Examining their features, Fiora found herself strangely comparing them to a mutation between a dog, a unicorn, and one of the larger creatures that they had accompanied.

As if in response to the explosion of Lux's spell, each of the larger creatures stopped momentarily, two large armored protrusions erupting forward spontaneously to terminate in sharp curved scythes, the mere appearance of which strikes terror of being impaled. The creatures let out one last loud blood-curdling cry before rapidly advancing.

"Remind you of something?" Vayne asked as she forcefully threw aside her hair to draw her large crossbow forward. Lowering her bow into firing position, her eyes focused for a moment on the ornate silver crossbow decorated with multiple runes that glowed a dim purple. Drawing back the large bowstring, a large glowing blue arrow manifested on its surface, causing her to let out a bittersweet sigh at the thought of resorting to using magic herself.

"Yeah." Fiora responded as she stepped forward, turbulet gusts hitting her face causing her eyes to flinch slightly. "It seems that Cho'Gath's larger friends from back home are paying us a visit."

Raising her right hand that is now adorned with an ornate gauntlet, she narrowed her eyelids before swinging it outwards causing a long white blade with a small, scythe like curve at the distal end to materialize in her grasp. The hilt consisted of a white handguard, the top half of which extended back midway up her forearm, with multiple rune markings along it that glowed a bright yellow. A trail of bright clear crystal dust followed in the wake of her swing, creating wispy clouds of light before settling onto the ground.

"Time to put our skills to the test!" Shifting her legs into a striking position, she brought her sword forward, held out with poised intensity towards the approaching enemies.