Chapter Four: In Which Emily and Pooh Have a Late-Night Conversation

Emily sat up form her bed and looked at the clock. 2:18…. Her body fell back on the bed with a thump. She had been awake since midnight, having been awakened by that terrible feeling that all kids hated waking up to: the feeling of free-falling that jolts you out of sleep. She knew that she would not be able to fall back asleep for a while. So instead of sitting back on her bed for another hour, she slipped out of her bed and walked to her easel on the other end of the room, towards her window.

It was a small little thing, made with pieces of oak. It had been her dad's gift to her when she had turned eight. She loved to paint and he knew it well. Emily was thrilled when she first got it. In fact, she even rushed it to her bedroom and began painting pieces of paper she had clipped to it (she was so excited that she never had the chance to unwrap the package of canvases he also had bought her).

She turned on the small lamp that shined on her canvas. It helped during times like these when her mom thought she had been asleep, when really she was creating art. She let her brush be her guide, an image already set in her mind. Before her eyes emerged a dark-haired girl inside a padded cell with a small, barred window being her only source of light. How Emily wished to be that girl, to be in a safe place where no one and nothing could hurt her.

She was so lost in her work that she didn't notice-.

"Emily?" She jumped, turning to Pooh standing beside her. She had forgotten that they were still here. How long had he been standing there, she wondered.

Pooh had been standing there for a little while, having noticed her absence only twenty minutes ago. She was good, in fact, her paintings her better than any other he had seen.

"Why are you up so early, painting?"

"Well… I like it." She continued to paint as she spoke, "It makes me… less sad."

"Oh," Pooh replied. "Then why does she look sad?" He pointed to the girl in the portrait.

"She…She's been captured."

"Then we should rescue her!" The bear exclaimed in a determined tone.

Emily shook her head, "She doesn't want to be rescued."

Pooh looked at her, confused, "Why?"

"She finds it more comfortable in there. She doesn't want to leave."

"But isn't she lonely?"

"Sometimes," she uttered softly.

"Maybe we should go visit her someday," he said with a smile.

"Maybe." She turned off the light. "Let's go to bed, Pooh."

With that, they both crawled into Emily's bed and slept soundly throughout the rest of the night.

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