Two chapters in one day? Wow! Even I'm surprised!

Chapter Seven: In Which Tigger Thinks He's Captured a Jagular

When Rabbit and Emily arrived in the living room, they saw Pooh and Piglet staring at Tigger, who was sitting on a something that was tied up in a blanket.

"What's going on here?" Rabbit asked, clearly annoyed.

"There was a jagular, Rabbit," Pooh responded. "So Tigger captured it."

Emily gave them a look, "Are you sure it was a… whatever you called it?"

"Yes!" Piglet exclaimed. "It tried to eat me!" Piglet jumped behind Pooh as a whimper was heard from under the blanket.

Emily was not entirely convinced, "Let me take a look." Tigger hopped off as the being under the blanket stopped moving. Emily grabbed the cotton fabric and lifted it up. The animals gasped as the creature was revealed.

It was a husky puppy with blue eyes.

"Taro!" The little dog barked with joy as Emily picked him up. Taro began to thank her by licking her face.

Piglet screamed, "The jagular's eating Emily!" Tigger ran to the pantry and grabbed a broom. He returned to his friends and attempted to hit the beast attacking Emily.

Instead, he hit Emily in the back of the head. He hit her so hard that she dropped Taro and fell to the floor. Taro, slightly oblivious to the occurring event, leapt out of his owner's arms and ran into the hallway.

"The jagular's getting away!" The gang all began to ran towards the puppy, only to be stopped by Emily's voice.

"That's my dog, you idiot!" They all stared at her blankly.

Pooh was the most confused, "Um… dog?"

Rabbit elbowed him, "Of course a dog, Pooh! He acts just like Skippy!"

"You mean the thing that gave Piglet a joy ride?"

"Yes, Tigger. That." Emily got back on her feet and glared at Tigger.

"You jumped my dog?"

"Well, h-hey… Tiggers can make mistakes, right?" Emily growled loudly as she began to chase the striped animal around the living room. "Hellllllllllllllllllllp!"

"You so much lay a hand on my dog again, I'm gonna beat you senseless!" They went on like this for a while until Rabbit noticed something.

"Wait a minute! Where's Eeyore?" As if on cue, a loud grunt was heard in the hallway. Everyone ran to see a tailless Eeyore. Before anyone could ask, Taro appeared from behind the corner, Eeyore's tail in his mouth. He tumbled back and forth, biting into the pink bow.

Tigger grinned, "Well whaddaya know…. Doggies like Eeyore tails."

"If you don't mind my saying so," Eeyore asked. "I would very much like my tail back." Emily walked over to Taro and pulled the tail from his mouth. She reattached the tail to Eeyore's rump, causing him to squeal for a moment. Emily then picked up her puppy and began to walk back to the living room.

The little dog whined.

"Don't worry, Taro. I won't let them hurt you ever again." The group of animals looked at each other in embarrassment, Tigger the most. Emily cared for this puppy a lot and he had just held him captive. He bounced over to the two, the others following close behind.

"Emily, I'm sorry for hurting the little guy."

"It's not me that you have to apologize to," Emily snapped.

TIgger turned to Taro, who stared at him blankly, "I'm sorry, Taro. Could you ever forgive a terra-bib-bull Tigger?" Taro responded by licking Tigger's face with a yip. Tigger laughed as Taro pinned him to the floor, "Stop it, little guy! I'm ticklish! Hoo-hoo!" Rabbit and the others looked on with smiles.

Emily grinned slightly, "I think he likes you."

"You know," Rabbit said. "I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." The others laughed as they watched Taro continue to slobber Tigger. It was the start of a friendship. Not just for Taro and Tigger, but for everyone else as well.

So what shall happen now? They've met Taro, but they don't know what happened to Christopher Robin. Will they ever find out? Stay tuned!