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Chapter 1- Hidden beneath my Heart

Spike entered the room which all he can hear are mumbles and complain of his unicorn friend.

"Oh no! Oh no! I'm late" Twilight frantically spoke as she reach for her scarf and then a customized purse made for her by Rarity.

Spike just let out a small smile at her then placing his hand to her foreleg.

"Twi please just calm down you still have a hour before the party." Spike grabbed the scarf then putting the purple cloth around her neck

"But... but..." She mumbled

"Believe, all you do is alright just be calm and it will be all ok." Spike word finaSpike had grown taller in the years. He truly became taller, his scales had became more rigid, and what's most fortunate is he had became more mature mentally in his time at Twilight's care.

Twilight couldn't hide her blush as she look at him, "He really became a handsome dragon." a thought race through her mind but she quickly brushed it of.

Twilight shook her head vigoriously which caught the attention of his dragon companion.

"You ok Twi?" He asked which Twilight answered with a nod.

Thankfully Twilight had became well prepare for the so called party Pinkie Pie hosted for them to celebrate their friendship aniversary which she likely came up. Twilight became fully dress for the event taking one last look at the mirror before again checking a list of things 'To be prefared at'

Spike reach the said parchment slowly removing it from Twilight gasped. She retialiated but soon realise Spike's made her calm taking a few breaths in the moment

Upon reaching Pinkie's party place (of course named by Pinkie Pie herself) Twilight reached the door nob but felt a sudden anxiety once it was an inch close to the metal handle.

She can feel something behind that door something she can feel is sinister, like Discord or worse. Feeling the unicorn's unease Spike himself had opened the door and like they expected the pink party pony had suddenly jump in front of them nearly giving Twilight a heart attack and causing Spike to let out a girly scream.

A moment later they regained their composure and been greeted by her.

"Welcome! Oh welcome to my party waspy!" She squelled

Twilight took a snip in the air it was to, she quickly covered her snout with her hooves upon realizing what was in the air. It was strong, bold, and worst of all it was intoxicating... it was alcohol.

Spike fliched, the smell was all too over whelming for the dragon causing him to turn back on the two mares.

"Spike are you ok?" Twilight rubbed the dragon's back and soon enough Twilight managed to bring him back to his health.

Spike let out a sighned of relief at her. Twilight sight withdraw from the dragon to the over active pony who was jumping up and down.

"What in the name of Celestia are thinking Pinkie?"

"I just wanted to try out a new type of party so I thought of using alcoholic spirits to wake you mares up?" Pinkie lead them to the house which has been littered by cocktail glass ,beer mugs and objects that leads to drinking, alcoholism that is.

Twilight sighted the area as her eyes looked at the place she saw a familiar friend on the floor not moving yet still gasping for air. The purple unicorn and the baby dragon quickly sided with her checking her condition and as they already suspected she was drunk beyond measure. Fluttershy's eyes were blood red, her voice was hazy and all she can say at the time was "Why!? Why!? Why still no colt would take me?"

Twilight raced an eyebrow still they must do something about their drunken friend.

"Pinkie can we use your bedroom Fluttershy needs it?" Twilight asked but Pinkie just shook her head no

Twilight was about to asked why but she was cut short by the pink mare's statement "Because Rainbow Dash and Applejack is using it and they locked the door so maybe after their done you and Fluttershy can take you turn."

"Oh NO! Pinkie we would never! Oh just... forget it we'll take her home if that's ok?"

"Sure she already had 30 glass of my Pink Parade anyway"

"What's in that stuff anyway?" The dragon asked

"Everything!" Pinkie responded


Spike volunteered to take Fluttershy home leaving Twilight in the party along with the others.

"So when will you tell Spike your feelings for him?" Pinkie Pie asked

"I don't know Pinkie he still have that crush on Rarity with that I don't know if he'll love me back." Twilight shrugged

"Well I guest that won't be a problem since Rarity now has coltfriend." This caught Twilight by surprise, but after a quick eye to her surrounding and Rarity's absence in the party it would speak for it but what was worrying her is how would she tell this to Spike. The young dragon would sure be brokenhearted by the events and who know what he might do to himself or others. She has to think of a way, a way to help him or... it would open him to her.

NO! She could not take advantage of him like that he is too important for her. Spike is too innocent!

Her thoughts raced and raced in her mind yet it was put to a halt by the pink mare's intrusion with a glass of her cocktail.

"Why don't you take a drink to loosen the edge will you?"

Twilight complied quickly she might lose it like the last time she had no Friendship reports to Celestia so she took one quick sip to the glass and after that she felt so relieve. She quickly swayed from one one side to the another like she loss all control to her body and the alcohol was only working in her mind.

An hour later Spike came back to the party a bit tired from bringing the drunken pegasus home yet he was focus on the party and his crush Rarity. Her trotted inside yet all he saw was Twilight and Pinkie talking. No sigh on the white unicorn so he decided to ask them.

The moment he step closer to him he saw Twilight jumped in the air and before he can even react she had already placed her fore hooves to his neck bringing him in a very tight hug.

"Twilight what's wrong with you!" Spike yelled out, from all of his years with her this might be the only time he saw Twilight this drunk .

"Why *HIC*my little dragon is*HIC* hugging wrong with you? The drunken Twilight let out

"Gosh Twi your drunk how many did you take?"

"A LOT!" Pinkie answered for them

Spike instantly pushed Twilight off him which caused the unicorn to fall to the carpet below.

"Can I take Twilight home to Pinkie I guess she had too much of that drink?" The dragon asked

"Well... Ok" Pinkie frowned

Taking the unicorn home Spike carried her still managing to walk it wasn't a hard chore but he was more worried that angered to her. She is terribibly drunk and by state who knows what she can do. Upon entering the library Spike located the bed and after a small resistance from the pony he manage to put her in her bed.

He let out a quick sigh and after that he was aboout to leave yet something is wrong. His body it won't respond. Spike searced the room and he can only gasped on what his yes saw.

Twilight's horn was glowing, slowly he felt being lifted in the air coming closer and closer to her.

"Why don't *HIC* you made love *HIC* with me pretty colt." Twilight hazily spoke it was clear that the alcohol truly have a hold on her

Spike was immobilized nothing can be done with Twilight like this and a level of her magic she can easily do this to anypony but why him.

"TWILIGHT PLEASE STOP THIS YOUR NOT YOURSELF!" He screamed but those words only hit deaf ears as Twilight only resumed her doing.

Soon Spike was placed just an inch close to Twilight side bringing an uncomfortable feeling to the dragon.

"Now how do I BUCK you Lover boy?"