Chapter 5: Regain of a Queen

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Run…run was all Trixie could do now. Her speed continued to increase in desperation, all just to escape the feral beast that chased after her with nothing but blood lust in mind. She knew that it wouldn't take long for the monster to finish his first meal of baby dragon, and so preserve her survival all she wanted to do was run. With all four hooves pounding through the plants and dirt of the forest, Trixie had only thing within her thoughts and it simply was to survive. Branches broke, bushes hit her sides; all of it only managing to slow her down a little at a time, but she continued to run.

In an instant, the once boastful mare felt her body become numb; she then remembered that it had been days since she had done anything to properly nourish herself. Without any more energy to spend, her weakened body fell to the dirty ground. Her body commanded her through pain to stop her running, her mind screamed at her for her own incompetence and idiocy, and her eyes begged to be shut; all so that the natural defense of sleep could attempt to revitalize her, if just a little. Unable to run and unsure of her safety the reality of her sins began to play in her mind. "Trixie deserves this cruel fate," she thought, with nothing else in her power to do; Trixie lay in the plants just waiting for the beasts most assured return.

The shadow of the manticore approached her being, and it wouldn't be long until she met her end. Without a moment of hesitation, the beast opened its enormous jaws; the creature's breath reeked with the scent of the defenseless creatures it had killed, and devoured. A pungent gas spread to the air, Trixie couldn't move; she would have run away but she was all too weak to do so. "The Great and Powerful Trixie is to die to the fangs of a stupid feral beast, such irony." She didn't have much luck with the Ursa so what chances did she have with this monster?

The beast stalked ever closer, mouth agape and ready to eat. Closing her eyes one last time, Trixie braced herself from her impending demise; maybe just maybe her death would be painless as she desired her death always to be. Yet she felt nothing, but she heard something else, something all too familiar. A shout announced his presence and landed in her ears, quickly waking her in from her half sleep.

"Sp...Spike...!" The same dragon Trixie kidnapped from his home, tormented and planned to sell is trying- NO! He was willing to save her. After all the things she had done, after all the awful stuff she said; this dragon, this noble dragon had come back to save her from the monster. It was all like a fairy tale where the prince would come to save a damsel in distress. But it was a fairytale not.

The club shattered the moment it hit the monster's hide, leaving Spike with only a stake the size of his fist left. The manticore roared again, this time in front of Spike. The beast removed its gaze from Trixie and onto Spike. He roared back and stab at the beast with the wooden stake, luckily it pierced into the beasts flesh with relative ease.

Pain surged to its body and it wasn't long before it took flight, but it had no intentions of escaping. Instead it flew straight in the blue skies staring back at them with glowing red eyes, eyes meant for one thing; scouting its target. When it finally dove down, Spike jumped back barely avoiding its crushing blow. It wasn't done there though; the beast trashed its tail toward Spike, landing a blow to Spike's shoulder. The dragon was thrown away by the force of the blow, strong as he was; Spike still wasn't capable of matching that kind of power. Another slash came to Spike; using the trees near him as a shield Spike once again escaped a gruesome death from the manticore's tail, but he knew it would just be a matter of time before he ran out of trees and luck.

Spike blew a fireball directly in the monster's eye sockets; it blinded the beast, no question about it. The beast thrashed blindly backing away from both of the creatures it wanted to eat. Without its eyes to guide it, Spike turned his attention to the forest now in ruins, just like how he needed it. Igniting the ground to scare the beast off was his idea; Spike blasted the area with his fire, and the flames slowly spread out and claimed everything. Being the only one fireproof at the time, Spike easily slipped away from the burning forest but not without taking Trixie with him.

In her disoriented state, Trixie could only stare at the young dragon in awe. Everything that he had done thus far was above and beyond the call of what a dragon like him should do; however, here he was putting his very life on the line for his assailant. To reiterate, he was fighting a creature completely out of his league. The manticore was larger, stronger, more feral and vicious so long greed was not mutating his form. After all that she had done: tormented, near torture, subjugation, the threat of being sold into slavery; Trixie was being saved when she simply didn't deserve it.

Guilt stiffened within Trixie's chest, nothing that she had done before had been so server. This was the first time that she had acted to actually hurt someone, and here he was now attempting to save her life. Trixie pondered for a moment whether or not high powers were sending Spike to her as an example as how she should be behaving, but that feeling faded briefly when her gaze befell the dragon's wrists. She got a clear look and feel of them as Spike hoisted up Trixie bridal style. Still being amazed at the feats of strength and ability of the young dragon, Trixie blushed slightly but could also not stop the malcontent from escaping her lips.

"Spike those chains, what happened to them?" Trixie asked.

"Oh you mean the chains you had wrapped on me, I ate them..." He answered rather sheepishly.

"WHAT?! You fool I spent a fortune on those! And you bucking tell me you just ate them!"

"They tasted terrible by the way, and I was hungry back then. Want me to turn around?"

Trixie wanted to be angry at the dragon, but for some reason she just couldn't do it, not now. It seemed easy given the loss of the chains, but now after all that happened; this dragon, this noble dragon, though little, he had a different story on his heart that holds the greatest nobility on his species. This dragon was one of a kind apparently.


"Fine, just take me to the wagon will you?" Trixie finally conceded knowing that she had no real other alternative.

Spike joyfully nodded, his hopes of earning Trixie's trust seemed to sparkle, but he had no intentions of abandoning her in a cell or even punishing her. In his mind, all that he desired was to help this poor misguided unicorn. In Trixie's mind on the other hoof, she did not want to admit it, but from all the ponies Spike helped in Equestria; ranging from his foster mom Celestia, to Twilight, and being the Crystal Savior. Spike always looked at every pony in need with not disgust or pity like a typical dragon; instead he acted out of duty or obligation, "was such a creature even right in the head?" Trixie thought.

The moment they reached Trixie's home, Spike didn't know if he wanted to cry or laugh at the poor sight. He wasn't able to take a good look at the wagon at first, having a sack over his head, but now that he could see the almost wrecked traveling house Trixie had called home. Spike felt another desire to help this poor pony more, a lot more.

Once inside, Spike saw how pale Trixie was, and Spike decided that it would be best for her to take a rest while he fixed up some food for them. Walking around the wagon, Spike failed to see any food present. A few expired products and rotten fruits were all he found, nothing more! Spike slowly came to understand why Trixie was so desperate to sell him and why she looked so pale now..."but why now did it suddenly seem to get considerably worse?" he asked himself.

Then he heard a scream…

Trixie was writhing in her bead in obvious distress. Her chest was heaving and sweat drenched her brow, it would have been obvious to anybody that she was in extreme pain. Spike quickly ran to her side and began looking for any apparent cause for the distress. A quick survey revealed no clues at all: no cuts, no major bruises, no burns, no breaks, and no magical auras from another creature…nothing! It didn't take much longer before exaggerated screams met his finned ears.

"GET OUT! Get out Spike!" She screamed.

Spike took her hoof in his chest, bringing a determined look to himself not to leave a friend in pain, a friend in peril.

"Please leave me...please..."Her voice becoming weaker by the moment.

"No! I'll help you Trixie! What do you need, just tell me!" Spike searched the wagon once more, this time for medicine, anything at all to help her.

In his search Spike eyed Trixie one last time, her movements seized, and her body began to glow with an unnatural glow. It wasn't a glow that's of unicorns; it was different, very different. He saw this glow before, but he didn't take much time thinking about it; not now that a friend of his was now glowing with this glow. The light seemed to coat Trixie's body. Slowly her body began to shift, her horn began to change, and she began to change entirely. It was all clear to Spike now, she was a changeling.

"Trixie?" Spike could only stare at the changeling in front of him. Her eyelids were that of before, but the color of her fur seemed just a bit darker than her pony form. Is this what she truly is?

Spike didn't know what to do, but in his mind he felt he needed to do something, anything just to help her. Taking his arm he slowly slid it to Trixie's mane bringing her up a little. Why did he do that he did not know. Trixie moved once again this time she acted and held Spike in a scared embrace.

"This is my true form Spike, the Great and powerful Trixie is nothing more than an exiled queen of her clan, the clan of Nightwalkers." Trixie began to sob uncontrollably. Now everything was in chaos. Trixie, outside of her will, had let out her deepest secret to some dragon she barely knew. She was now at her weakest and the worst part of all was he might leave her now, being she was so desperate, cruel and now a changeling.

To Trixie's great and unexpected surprise though, Spike simply returned her embrace. The heat from the dragon was welcoming, and the closeness did nothing but warm her cold heart all be it only a little. Spike broke the embrace shortly thereafter but he did not leave the creature's side. Spike knew enough about changelings to know most of the fed through biting their victims and feeding through the inflicted wounds. Only higher caste changelings like Chrysalis were able to feed without the barbaric act, but that didn't concern Spike. He held his arm in front of her chin and all Trixie did was stare.

"Go on…you need to feed right?" Spike asked a little concerned for the pain, if any, he may soon experience.

That was all the encouragement Trixie needed, without actually thinking; she let all of her feral nature act. The nature of the changelings took over and she bit Spike in his arm. Her teeth sliced Spike's scales perfectly, Trixie completely forgetting that had he been an adult dragon, this would be impossible. Spike nearly jumped out of the bed from the sudden pain, but he managed to stop that action. Going this far to help prove his care of a new friend, Spike thought that he must finish it to the end, and he did.

As Trixie finished feeding on the dragon, Spike's vision began to blur and without a second to spare it turned black.

"Spike...wake up…SPIKE!"

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