The madness is spreading, and quickly.

For most it wasn't a big deal—The academy handed out the anti-madness pills, all the students took them, most were unfazed by the overwhelming pressure of it all. Besides a few here and there who got mild problems from the madness taking over—But it was never all too bad, something short, an illusion here and there, a headache, maybe.

Though, sometimes someone stood out, perhaps their system was different, their body, it didn't take in the pills like it did for other's.

Someone who wasn't human would have this problem.

Someone like the young Reaper who attended his father's academy.

The one who tried to fit in, tried to seem like one of the normal kids, wanted to keep his speed with theirs.

But was obviously much, much different.

And this event would only make it worse.

The clacking of shoes echoed down the hallways, golden hues scanning the emptied halls—Class had already started, and he was late, as usual. Though, not for his normal reasons.

Normally paled cheeks seemed to be an even lighter shade of white, a shaky hand reaching up to wipe sweat from the boy's brow as a sigh passed, feet shuffling at a slow pace against the tiled floors. Lifting his gaze at some point he'd finally reached his class room, a long and deep breath being inhaled before he carefully opened the door—Luckily enough not receiving many glances from the class, for they were used to his normal lateness. A scolding from the teacher as normal the only thing, and today wasn't any different.

Murmuring a soft 'sorry' Kid was soon traveling up the steps and shuffling down the desk aisle ways to his normal seat—The open one beside his friend, the well-known scythe, Soul Eater.

Letting his eyes quickly travel to the boy before he sat everything seemed normal—The weapon had his feet propped up on the desk, arms behind his head as lazy, crimson hues shifted down to watch the teacher—Act like he was taking note of the lesson, though, it was easy to tell that he had no interest in it what so ever.

As Kid took his seat the boy beside him shifted his gaze toward the Reaper—Little did Kid himself notice, being too focused on trying to figure out what the teacher was talking about and what he could have missed.


Snapping himself back to reality the Reaper's eyes soon switched to the weapon, blinking a few times out of confusion as to what the other wanted.


"You doing okay? You seem a little…Off."

To the other's question Kid's eyes narrowed slightly—Not out of anger or anything, but more so confusion, squinting to get a better look at the other's features…He looked, well, concerned, and his tone was laced with it as well.

This was new.

"I'm fine."

The Reaper piped up after a minute or two, the slightest of smiles being mustered over—Though, he hoped it didn't look too forced, he always knew Soul was a bright one, whether he acted on it or not, so it wouldn't be easy to slip passed his guard.

And by the look he was receiving, he didn't think the other boy believed him.


And that was that—Soul left it alone, he didn't let Kid get another word in, and he didn't bring another of his own, but only switched his gaze back forward down toward the teacher.

Something about that reaction made the Reaper's stomach churn, a sudden lump being swallowed back in his throat.

Was it really that obvious?