With bandages in hand the weapon sauntered over to the Reaper who was now sitting on the edge of his bed, golden orbs drooping lazily out of exhaustion, head ducking along with.

"Put your head up."

Shifting his head up Kid followed his commands, posture straightening as palms pressed against the mattress. Flinching slightly as Soul began to unwrap the bandages he soon relaxed back down, gaze shifting up toward the boy as he did his work.

Placing the dirtied bandages down to the ground for now the weapon's eyebrow rose as he inspected the wound—It was practically healed now.

Sometimes he forgot about Kid's other abilities—Healing and not being able to be sunburned and all the simple things. Shrugging his shoulders down Soul decided to wrap it back up anyhow, just to be safe.


Nodding he picked up the loose bandages on the ground and tossed them over into the trash bin that sat up against the wall, the boy soon turning around and taking a seat onto the bed beside the Meister.


Mustering up what he could of a smile he nodded his head in thanks toward the scythe, a hand coming up to rub at his eyes as a long, weary sigh passed his lips.

Even after Soul had convinced him to sleep it wasn't a deep one—Honestly, in the past week or so he'd barley slept all in all, dreams plagued with nightmares or sounds that rung through his ears kept him up, putting the boy on edge and making him too anxious to sleep.

Letting a low groan pass the Reaper unknowingly leaned his body over to the side—Head resting up against the scythe's shoulder, though, he still hadn't exactly noticed what he was doing, or how this could affect the stature of the other.

Blinking a few times Soul's gaze switched nervously over to the boy now against his shoulder, a sudden heat flaring up in his cheeks as a light blush crawled across his features—

Wait, why was he blushing? Cool guys didn't blush to such little contact. Especially from their friend.

Clearing his throat Soul went on to ignore it, head turning away as a slight huff passed his lips—Normally he probably would have tried to get Kid to lean away from him, though, at the moment he took too much pity on the boy to do so…He was exhausted and probably in a certain pain Soul could never understand. He could at least let him be comfortable.

"You're going to be okay, Kid…"

Murmuring under his breath he almost hoped the other didn't hear—Which by the looks of it, he didn't. The Reaper didn't even react to the mumbling, perhaps he really just didn't hear.

By now Kid's eyes had closed, the buzzing in his ears from before now making its way back, ultimately blocking out the voice of the weapon beside him. A sudden gut feeling cause the boy to snap his head up, soon jumping back up onto his feet and rushing out of the bedroom and into the bathroom just a few doors down, the sound of the slamming door causing the weapon back in the room to jump.


Swallowing harshly Soul pushed himself up to stand and shuffled his feet over out into the hall, stopping once he was outside the bathroom door, knuckles gently knocking onto the wood.

"Hey, Kid, you alright…?"

A small grunt sounded from the other side of the door, the Reaper hunched over the sink with his head dipped down, hands clenching to the sides of the sink bowl. Spitting once his teeth clenched after, fingers twitching against the cold, tile like feel of the sink. Violent shakes wracked through his frame, eyes squeezed shut as the taste of bile rose up in the back of his throat, causing the boy to spit yet again into the sink.


He could hear the voice of the scythe again, head perking up just slightly to it, eyes cracking open as he stared to the mirror in front of him. His mouth opened to respond—Though, no words made themselves present, only a weak, wheezy sound escaping in a single breath.

Golden hues widened as pupils shrunk, whole body freezing as he stared into his own reflection, the image seeming to suddenly morph and twist into…Something different…

"N-no…Go away!"

"Kid? Kid what's going?"

Twisting and turning the doorknob Soul was now in a panic—He'd locked it? Why did he lock it? What was going on?

God dammit.

Gritting his teeth together he knocked his knuckles onto the wood, calling the boy's name out again—Though, never did receiving anything in response. He heard Kid whimper, heard him scream and yell—But at what? What was he yelling at?

Stiffing up suddenly the sound of what seemed glass hitting the tiled floor rang through the weapon's ears, crimson orbs widening in sheer panic.

He had enough of this.

Turning his body to the side he locked his shoulder up, grimacing as he slammed against the side of the door—Just hoping to get it open somehow if the other wasn't going to do it again.

Again he tried—It didn't budge, though, he kept on trying until it finally hinged loose, the door swinging open as he stumbled inside, pausing at the sight before him.

Kid stood there—Hunched over and panting, the mirror over his head shattered, glass scattered in the sink and across the floor, blood dripping from the cut up knuckles of the Reaper.

Without a second thought Soul rushed over to the Reaper's side, an arm going around his waist as his feet kicked glass away from the tile, the Meister's body soon being lowered to the floor carefully, and both arms of the scythe now around the boy's skinny, frail body, practically cradling the boy to his chest.

The yellowed eyes of the smaller boy stared blankly forward, his blooded and cut hand shaking in his lap, the crimson seeping through the thin layer of fabric covering his legs—Though, his whole body was soon matching the shaking in his hands, chest rising and falling to every heavy breath he took, small, pathetic sounding whimpers passing through his lips one after another.

"Shh…Kid…You're alright—You're alright…"

Soul kept his voice soft, reassurance seeping in his tone—He tried to keep the concern and worry out, he wanted Kid to know he would be okay, that this would pass, that he would fix it…Somehow, someway, he was going to fix this.