A/N ._. So this is a new one shot multi chapter thingie revolving around Kames and candy. Each chapter will be of a different candy with some kind of sexy (I hope) action between Kames. :P I warn you all now that this will all most likely be dominant James, a lot of tongue action, lip biting, tongue sucking, etc. Okay, not etc because I'm not going to over do it. Anyways, hope you all will enjoy it or be somewhat amused by my creativity (not :P) here. Sarcasm right there, folks. Kay, go read now. :3

Candy Kames

Chapter 1: Fruit Roll Ups

Kendall was sitting on his bed in his shared room with his boyfriend James chewing on a strawberry fruit roll up. He had no idea where his boyfriend was but he found said boyfriend's stash of sugary sweets and picked out the roll up with glee.

Now he was sitting on the edge of his bed swinging his legs back and forth while the fruit roll up dangled from his sticky lips. The blonde was sitting there in sweet content when the bedroom door opened and James walked in. It seemed like the

boy had just came back from the pool because he was only in his wet swim trunks with water droplets sliding down his body. A white towel was draped over his broad shoulders.

"Hey, baby." the brunette greeted Kendall as he rubbed the fluffy towel over his wet hair. James stopped though when he noticed something hanging out of his boyfriend's mouth. "What you got there?"

"Foot oll up." Kendall's words slurred due to the treat still in his mouth. James' eyes narrowed as he walked forward, immediately recognizing the candy.

"Is that my fruit roll up?" he demanded and the blonde nodded with wide green eyes, still sucking the treat into between his lips. "Kendall, you dumb butt! That was my last one! And I love strawberry! That's why I was saving it for last! Grr."

Kendall had the audacity to giggle at him before mumbling an apology. "Shorry Jamie."

James growled half playful and half annoyed. "You are not you little punk." the older boy was close enough to his boyfriend to reach out and tear off a piece of the dangling fruit roll up from Kendall and popped it into his mouth. Kendall whined because hey that was his. Except really it was James' first but whatever. He was eating it now. "Oh hush." the brunette said before moving to his dresser to get some clothes.

He picked out basketball shorts and a tank top along with some boxer briefs. Chewing the yummy goodness of his last fruit roll up, the pretty boy shed off his wet trunks and shimmied on his underwear. Kendall watched this all, eyes slightly darkening at the sight of James naked for a short minute. He swallowed his huge mouth full of the roll up before starting at a new piece, green eyes still trained on his boyfriend.

James was now in his basketball shorts but stopped there because he really didn't feel like wearing a tank. The boy wanted to go work on his hair but at the same time he desperately needed another piece of his fruit roll up. They were the only things, besides Kendall, that he was addicted to majorly.

"Gimme another piece." he said while moving towards Kendall. The blonde shook his head no which was SO not okay with James. "Kendall-"

"NoPE." the blonde scrambled backwards on his bed with the tiny amount of the fruit roll up that was left swishing from side to side against his chin.

"Bitch, get over here!" James jumped on the blonde's bed before jumping onto the said blonde. A squeak left Kendall's throat when his boyfriend's bigger body landed on his own. James tried to tear off another piece but Kendall slapped his hand. In return Kendall got both his hands slammed down up above his head on his pillows while James leaned down to tear a piece off with his teeth.

The blonde instantly knew what his boyfriend was trying to do so he frantically began slurping the roll up into his mouth. He'd almost succeeded with the candy almost in his sticky mouth but James had swooped down and sunk his teeth into the roll up and into a little bit of Kendall's tongue. The blonde let out a pleasured moan as James' teeth scraped over the candy which was sticking to his tongue. The brunette slowly tugged the roll up off of Kendall's tongue with his teeth before sucking it into his mouth.

Chewing with a smirk at his dazed looking boyfriend, James swooped down again and swiped his tongue over Kendall's sticky sweet lips before entering the boy's mouth that exploded with the taste of strawberries. The brunette moaned, as did the blonde, before running his eager tongue over everything inside Kendall's mouth. After several minutes of that, James pulled back only to gently nibble on the blonde's lower lip.

Kendall whimpered, pulling James closer to him until he was fully sprawled over him. The blonde didn't notice the weight; his entire focus was on how James' velvety tongue and sharp teeth worked at his sugary tasting mouth wonderfully. He ran his pale long fingers through the brunette's chocolate locks before tugging on a few of the strands. James let out a moan before pulling completely away making his boyfriend whine.

The pretty boy grinned, swallowing the fruit roll up in his mouth before hopping off the bed and headed to their bathroom. "W-wait, come back!" Kendall pleaded, darkened eyes following the tall, tan and muscular figure with a lovely back, a great eight pack and a very nice toned ass. Ugh. Why'd James have to go kissing him like that? Now he was horny.

"Nope. Gotta do my hair, Blondie." James replied with a teasing voice.

"Do it later!" Kendall begged but James shook his head with a grin.

"Later, baby." and then he entered the bathroom closing the door behind him but not before hearing the wail of desperation coming from his boyfriend.