My first ever fanfic I hope you like it. If not feel free to tell me all criticism welcome. I do not own Maximum Ride or Percy Jackson they belong to the brilliant James Patterson and Percy Jackson respectively.


Isn't flying awesome. Oh you probably wouldn't know seems you arn't me, or well us. See I'm Maximum Ride the 14 year old science experiment and flying is an everyday thing for me.

No I don't have a plane. Me and my family or "The Flock" as we're better known which consistes of me the leader, Fang my second in command, bestfriend and as of lately boyfriend who's also 14, Iggy the blind bomb making prodidgy also 14, Nudge the motormouth who's 11, The Gasman or Gazzy (don't ask) who's 8 and his little sister Angel the 6 year old mind reading extrordanere, they were the only actual blood relatives in the the flock. Anyway we're Human Avian Hybrids but we prefer the term Avian American.

What that means is we're 98% Human and 2% Avian or well bird. So pretty much we have wings and can fly as well as other things like increased speed, strength, senses, reflexes and all that, oh and we heal super fast as well. We also had a few other unplanned powers like we lately learned that we all have gills and can breath underwater. That may sound disgusting but actually you can't see the gills they're more like modified pores on our necks. On top of that I can fly super fast and have a voice in my head, Fang can disappear if he's still enough, Iggy can feel colours and see If it's against white which is a big deal for a blind guy, Nudge can attract metal to her like a magnet and learn the history of something by touching it, Gazzy can mimic any voice or sound with a hundred percent accuracy and his other talent is well, lets just say it explains the name. Angel though hit the genetic jackpot. She can talk to fish, shapeshift kind of and did I mention she can read and control minds? well she can.

In short we're not your average group of kids but you should already know that if you've been reading my books which I took a lot of care and time to write you know. If not quick recap, when we were born we were taken from or given away by our parents and taken to The School. The School is the place where a bunch of scientists or whitecoats experimented with Genes and creating Hybrids. We thought there was only ever two different types of successful recombinant experiments, us and Erasers.

Erasers are half human, half wolf people who look human enough but have the ability to morph into wolf people. They were the guards and security at the school and were as ferocious as well, a pack of wolves. Anyway we lived at the School in dog crates for years while they experimented on and tested us until Jeb Batchelder one of the whitecoats busted us out.

He lived with us and cared for us until he left when I was 12 and I being the oldest was forced to take over, thus me being the leader of the flock. So we lived on our own in a nice peacefulish home, always on the look out for Erasers wanting to take us back to the school, they eventually showed up a few months ago and our adventures started from there.

By adventures I mean near death experiences but you get the picture. Anyway along the way we started discovering our abilities, fought erasers, got told I had to save the world, fought flyboys, found my mum and discovered Jeb was my dad much to my disgust after he betrayed us, fought M-geeks, got our dog Total who can talk and has wings, fought cyborgs and much more, along with discovering that there were other succesful hybrids and being captured and taken back to The School numerous times.

So far our lie low plan has been going well the only people that know about us are my Mum, my half sister, Jeb, a group of scientists we'd helped out, the military kind of and of course the Whitecoats. The rest of the world is completly oblivious to the existence of bird kids. Anyway our last mission had been in Hawaii where we had been trying to save Dr. Martinez aka the best mum in the world while stopping a huge company who were illegally dumping toxic waste and polluting the ocean, with the help of the U.S millitary and a group of mutants made by the dumped toxic sludge called The Krelp we eventually succeeded in saving my mum from Mr. Chu and his evil company.

It was after that while we were waiting around in Hawaii for my mum to recover when the others discovered their gills. When mum was feeling slightly better we went with her and my half sister Ella back to their house in Arizona and helped Ella look after mum until she was better. There I had a little heart to heart with Jeb who tryed to explain to me again that he could do The Voice but wasn't The Voice.

I guess I should explain The Voice, just after we rescued Angel from the school I started getting really bad headaches, like oh my god my brain is exploding headaches. Eventually they stopped and Ta Da I had a voice in my head. I can't hear it constantly it just pops by some times to offer an opinion or a piece of cryptic advice. Like the other day when my mum suggested we take a vacation from world saving and The Voice popped in and said that it agreed. I seriously doubted our vacation would stay a vacation for long but I caved after getting the puppy dog eyes from Nudge and Angel.

Fang and I were out voted when the others decided they wanted to go back to New York for our first stop because the place had mostly good memories or something. Apparently when they thought New York they thought giant toy store and honey roasted peanuts. When I thought New York I thought sub way tunnels and Erasers. But we eventually caved and agreed to stop off there first. So that is why we are here currently flying in the dark just out side of New York. I looked back at the others and their tired faces and decided it was time for a rest so I started looking for a spot to land.

Eventually I saw a little clearing in the woods by Long Island and decided it was as good a spot as any."Clearing 12 oclock 50 feet out, we're heading down guys," I said and everyone but Fang sighed in releif. We kept flying till we were over the clearing then Gazzy tapped Iggy's hand and we went down. We landed and I shook out my tired wings and tucked them back against my back.

The others were all pooped out and crashed on the ground. Fang sat down and I sat next to him as he passed out some food. I grabbed our stolen laptop and sent an Email to my mum and Ella telling them we made it to New York safe and sound, then the others grabbed it and used it to look up all the exciting things we could do in New York. Angel excitedly pointed something out to Nudge and Fang looked at me and rolled his eyes in typical Fang manner. I grinned and he reached over and grabbed my hand.

We sat there for a while watching as the others looked up all the wonders of this place. Eventually I decided to call it a night and we all jumped up into the trees. "I'll take first watch," I said helpfully and Fang nodded "Second." "Third," Iggy said from where he was in the tree beside me. I took up spot on a branch my back against the truck.

Fang smiled at me, took up residence on the branch next to me and clossed his eyes. Before you ask no, for us sleeping in trees is not uncomfortable. I mean, it's not a bed but it's better than the ground. I sat there listening and staring into the dark as my flock fell asleep. They looked so peaceful there and I noticed Angel was smiling as she dreamed about something with Total nestled in her lap.

At about 1ish in the mourning I decided I needed to sleep so I lent across and tapped Fang on the shoulder. He awoke instantly without making a sound and when he saw me he smiled again which is a pretty big thing for Fang, then he lent up and kissed me. I almost fell off my branch in joy but managed to hold on. When we broke apart I grinned "All clear so far," I said leaning back against the trunk. "Night Fang," I said closing my eyes "Night Max," I heard as I drifted off to sleep.