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We Stand Together


Sookie turned and darted from the room, trying to come to terms with what had just happened. As she fled for her life she tried to accept the fact the man she loved was truly gone. She made it only a few steps before Eric swept her up in his arms and began moving at superhuman speed to carry her through the authority. She clung to him desperately, ignoring the nauseating sight of the quickly moving surrounds. She was so caught up in her shock, the all consuming horror she felt that she noticed nothing. All she could do was cling to Eric, the only thing that made sense to her right then.

Eric held just as tightly to Sookie, desperate to get her away from the vampire he'd once known, the vampire that had gone mad. He sped through the halls of Authority and appeared at the front where Nora, Pam, Tara, Jessica, and Jason were all waiting in the truck. He wasted no time in hoping into the back with Sookie still clutched in his arms as he ordered his sister, who was in the driver's seat, "GO! NOW!"

Nora wasted no time and threw the truck in gear and sped away from the Authority building as fast as the dated truck would allow. She didn't know what had happened inside after Eric and his tasty little fairy had separated from their group, but she was dying to find out. She'd never seen such fear in her brother's eyes, and she could only guess at what could have caused such a reaction.

As the truck sped down the driveway, blowing past the Authority checkpoint to swerve onto the main road, Eric clutched Sookie close to him. He stroked her hair while she buried herself into his chest and murmured, "It's ok. I'll protect you. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise."

Jason, Tara, and Pam who were in the back of the truck with Eric and Sookie while Jessica sat up front with Nora, needing space from Sookie's brother after what he'd said to her, could only look on as the ancient vampire tried to comfort the sobbing girl in his arms.

"What the fuck happened in there," Jason demanded. "Where's Bill and why the fuck are we hauling ass out of here? We killed all the Authority guards. Jess says there are humans trapped back there. We need to go back!"

"We need to get the fuck away from here. As far and as fast as we can. We're running for our lives, you idiot," Eric growled while pulling Sookie closer.

"Eric," Pam interjected, drawing his attention, "what's going on?"

"Bill drank the rest of Lillith's blood. Something happened to him. I—I've never seen anything like it, but he's not a normal vampire anymore. Russell was nothing compared to him. We're falling back to somewhere safe so we can figure out what the fuck to do."

Jason asked, "And all those people back there? What about them? We can't just leave them."

"We have no choice," Eric insisted, "if we go back we'll be dead in seconds. We can't help them. I'm not even sure we can help ourselves at this point. Our best chance at survival is to pull back and try to form some kind of alliance with the human military. Maybe Sookie's fairy contacts. We're going to need all the help we can get if we're going to survive what's coming."

"And what's coming?" Jason didn't like the sight of Eric holding his sister, and he didn't feel right about leaving all those people back there to be vampire food.

"A war the likes of which you have never seen. A war that could truly tear this world apart," Eric answered.

Pam had never seen her maker like this. Not two years ago when they faced Russell, or even the year before when they faced the witches. Whatever he'd seen with Bill had obviously frightened him to his very core, and she couldn't help but grab Tara's hand beside her, giving it a tight squeeze as she asked, "Where are we going to go?"

"Nora and I secured a safe location before coming for you. She knows to take us there. There is enough money, supplies, and weaponry to last us there for as long it takes for us to figure out what to do." What Eric didn't say was he wasn't sure there was anything they could do. He'd never faced a situation like this, and he was seriously doubting his ability to see those around him through this.

Everyone took a moment to digest what Eric had said, before Jason announced, "Get your hands off my sister. Give her here. I'll take care of her."

Up until this point Sookie had simply remained pressed as tightly to Eric as she could possibly get, ignoring everyone around her as she tried to find some way to make peace with what had just happened. The second Jason's hand landed on her arm and tried to pull her away from her Viking anchor she reacted. Her arms tightened around his neck and she whimpered, "Eric."

Eric responded by slapping Jason's hand away angrily and drawing his knees up to truly enfold Sookie in his embrace with her cuddled in his lap. His arms were tight around her and he flashed his fangs at her brother as he warned, "Try that again and I'll break your fucking hand."

"She's my sister!"

"She's fucking mine! And I'll take care of her! Now back off!"

Everyone recoiled from the rage in his voice, but Eric paid them all no mind as he focused all his attention on Sookie. He could feel her overwhelming fear and devastation at what had happened, and whispered, "I'm right here, Sookie. I've got you. You're safe. I'll keep you safe."

Sookie could only burrow deeper into him as she continued to cry. She didn't know what the future held, but she knew in this moment she needed him desperately. She couldn't believe Bill had done what he had, she couldn't believe he'd destroyed himself in order to become a monster, but she knew that there was no coming back from it. Bill had chosen a path she couldn't save him from. As heartbreaking as that truth was, it was still truth.

The rest of the ride happened in total silence. For three hours Nora drove, breaking all speed limits as she headed them towards safety as fast as she could. Finally she pulled onto a deserted country road, and after another thirty minutes of driving down empty dirt roads with nothing but woods around them she pulled the truck to a stop outside a rundown and dilapidated house.

"This is where we're staying? This house looks like shit! It's obviously condemned," Jason complained as he leapt from the back of the truck.

Eric kept Sookie encased in his arms as he jumped down fluidly. She hadn't said another word the entire drive. Thankfully her tears had run out, but she hadn't moved or spoken at all. She'd simply held tightly to him, and Eric was perfectly fine with that. He'd give her anything she needed in this moment.

Leading everyone towards the house, Eric told Jason, "It's supposed to look like that. If it's condemned no one will expect us to be here. Our haven is under ground, beneath the house. Nora, hide the truck."

Nora flicked and irritated look at her brother for treating her like and underling, but did as he asked. She picked up the truck and dashed away to hide it in the trees, covering it with leafy branches. By the time she was done Eric had everyone inside and was kicking a musty rug up off the floor to reveal a secret hatch. He seemed determined not to release his fairy and told his child to open it up so they could all go below.

Within a few moments they were all underground and Nora flipped on the light switch she knew was along the wall from her and Eric's flight here earlier that night to drop off all the money he'd had hidden at Fangtasia along with the other supplies he'd insisted on.

When the lights came on Jason was actually somewhat impressed at his surroundings. There was a living area with several black leather couches, a coffee table, a large television, and several leather chairs. Attached to the open living room was a small kitchenette, and leading off from that was a hallway that led down the entire length of the underground lair. There were four doors which Eric told everyone held individual bedrooms.

Looking over the group, Eric said, "The sun rises soon, and there's not much we can do tonight. There is human food stocked in the fridge and cabinets for Sookie and her brother. There is also bagged blood in the fridge as well. We all need to eat something and regroup. We'll get some rest and then figure out what to do tomorrow night."

Setting Sookie on her feet, Eric cupped her face and stared into her dark eyes, hating the hollow look he saw in them. "Sookie, you need to eat something. You need to eat and then you need to sleep."

"I'm not hungry." Sookie simply stared up at Eric with lifeless eyes as her arms hung limply at her side. She honesty wasn't hungry. She wasn't anything. She could feel anything, and she certainly had no clue as to what to do next. She just gazed up at Eric, waiting for him to take the lead. In her present state the best she could do was follow.

Seeing Sookie's shock, and recognizing the state she was in, Eric knew he was going to have to handle her carefully. Too much had happened to her too soon, and she simply couldn't cope at this point. With that in mind he took hold of one of her hands and focused on her brother. "You make some food. Make enough for you and Sookie."

Turning his gaze to the vampires in the room, he ordered, "The rest of you get a bag of blood and feed. I'm going to need everyone at full strength tonight."

Nodding towards the hallway, Eric explained, "There are four bedrooms. Sookie and I will share the one at the end. Pam, you and Tara will take the one next to it. Nora and Jessica, the two of you will take the remaining rooms, and Jason, you can sleep on the couch."

"Now wait just a damn minute!" Jason was done being ordered around. "Sookie ain't sharing a room with you! Nora and Jessica can bunk together and me and Sook will share one of the rooms."

"No," Eric refused. "Sookie will stay the day with me, and if you don't stop arguing with me I'll glamour you into sitting in the corner for the rest of the day. I'm through with your childishness."

"Sook! Ain't you going to say anything?" Jason turned his eyes to his sister, and for the first time truly noticed the state she was in. "What the fuck is wrong with her?"

"The fact you have to ask that in the first place is the reason you aren't capable of looking after her. Make something for the two of you to eat."

Eric said no more as he swept Sookie up into his arms and strode down the hall. He pushed open the bedroom door he had claimed for them with his shoulder, and then kicked it closed behind him. Each of the bedrooms came with a bathroom, so Sookie would be comfortable here with him during the day, and there was a small bathroom attached to the living room so her brother would be fine as well. He would get her fed, and then secure the steel and silver reinforced door to secure them inside. He didn't entirely trust Jason at the moment, but he knew Sookie would never forgive him if he'd left the fool behind.

Setting Sookie on the end of the bed he crouched down in front of her, taking her hands in his and staring into her eyes as he asked, "Are you with me, Sookie?"

She stared at him in a daze for a moment before replying brokenly, "He's gone isn't he?"

He would not hide the truth from her. As ugly and damaging as it was, none of them could hide from the predicament they were in. "Yes, Sookie, he is gone."

"We're going to have to kill him, aren't we?"


Tears filled her eyes as Sookie cried, "I don't know if I can do this anymore."

He understood what she meant. In the past two years Sookie's entire life had been turned upside down. She'd been stalked and seduced by a vampire procurer for the former queen, a procurer that fed her lies and charmed his way into her life, bed, and heart. Her grandmother had been murdered because of her involvement with said vampire, and even though Bill had fallen in love with her he had still betrayed her. Sookie had nearly been murdered by a serial killer, drained by his late bartender, and not to mention everything she'd endured at the Fellowship of the Sun while working from him. He knew she'd almost been raped in the basement of that hell hole. Only to come back and have Bill kidnapped from her by his rabid maker, who he cheated on her with. She'd been kidnapped by Russell, forced to fight her way free, been used by him to subdue Edgington, and then he'd thrown the truth of Bill's lies in her face so callously. He didn't regret telling her the truth, but he did regret the way he went about it. To top it all off she'd been taken to some other world by fairies that wanted to control her just as much as his kind did, narrowly escaping back her only to face witches with him. And now this? Yes, Eric knew Sookie had suffered greatly in the last two years, and he could understand why she was having a hard time rallying herself.

Reaching forward to brush the tears from her cheek, Eric assured, "I'll help you. I promise I'll get you through this."

Sookie didn't share his enthusiasm. "I think we're all going to die."

"I will not allow it. I have not lived this long to die now, and I will not let you die either. We are going to get past this, and then I'm going to get it through that thick southern skull of yours that you and I belong together."

Moving to sit beside her on the bed so he could pull her into his lap again, Eric rested his chip atop Sookie's head and continued, "I know this is hard for you. What happened tonight—this is not how I wanted things to go. I wanted to save Bill. Maybe not as much as you, but I didn't want this to happen. I'm sorry things have turned out like this, but we will survive whatever happens next."

Sookie didn't want to think about Bill or what they were going to have to do to keep him from going on a bloody rampage. Instead she said, "Even if we do get through this it's never going to stop for me. I'm never going to be safe. Never going to be able to be happy. I think I'm cursed."

"What are you talking about?"

"I found this fairy contract at my house. Apparently one of my ancestors made a blood pact or some kind of magical pact with some super vamp named Wallow. The contract says that his first fairy kin born would belong to Wallow. That's me. He tried to come for me before, and he killed my parents and made it look like an accident."

Eric stiffened only marginally. He recognized the name, and if it was the same vampire than Sookie was correct, she was in a great deal of trouble. However, that was a matter for another day. Right now they had to focus on Bill. Later they'd address Wallow.

"I don't know what to say to that other than we'll handle it later. We'll get the Bill situation squared away, and then I'll help you with this Wallow problem."

Finally looking up at Eric, Sookie asked, "Why are you being so nice to me? I dumped you a week ago. You're supposed to hate my guts and be glad that my life has gone to shit."

Smirking and reaching out to brush a stray tear off her cheek, Eric soothed, "I'm too old to play into such juvenile theatrics. I understand why you did what you did, but things have changed. I'm helping you because you're a part of my life, and I care deeply about you. We'll sort out all our problems later."

Standing up and setting Sookie on her feet, Eric gave her a gentle push towards the bathroom and said, "Go take a shower. It will make you feel better. Some of my shirts and boxers are in the dresser. They should do well enough for you today, and we'll get you some better clothes tomorrow. I'll go see if your brother has your food ready. I'll be back shortly."

Sookie couldn't do much more than meekly follow his order. As she began stripping in the bathroom she heard the bedroom door close behind Eric. She still didn't know what to make of any of this, and she was uncertain as to how any of them were going to survive the shit storm about to rain down on them. All she could really comprehend at the moment was that Eric had promised not to leave her, despite how badly she'd treated him, he was going to stand with her. That was the best she could ask for currently.

While Sookie took her shower Eric rejoined the others in the living area. The vampires were all seated on the couches drinking blood as Jason stood at the small kitchen counter putting some kind of human food together. Now that Eric was done coddling Sookie, Pam demanded, "So what the fuck happened back there?"

Accepting the glass of warmed blood Nora handed to him, Eric explained, "Bill drinking the last of Lillith's blood changed him. Like really changed him. He exploded after drinking the blood and then out of the pool of blood left behind he rose again. He rose as something new. I could feel the power rolling off of him in waves. I believe he is Lillith reborn into his body. Or perhaps they are joined now. Who knows. The fact is he is going to be gathering those vampires opposed to mainstreaming and co-habiting with humans and launching a war. If this happens we're all fucked. Vampires may be powerful, but we cannot combat human technology."

"Damn right you can't," Jason muttered from his spot in the kitchen where he had a pot and a pan heating on the stove.

Eric didn't even spare Sookie's brother a glance as he continued, "We are going to have to pull all our resources, all our contacts, allies, and every favor we're owed. We need and army, and we need it now. This isn't a fight about power. We're going to be fighting to survive. Bill cannot be saved, and if any one of us is given the chance, we should take it and give him the true death."

Jessica, not quite ready to write her maker off, despite how he'd treated her the past few days, begged, "Isn't there anything we can do to save him?"

"No. He's put himself beyond our reach. He's drawn the lines clearly. It his him or us." Looking hard at the baby vampire, Eric said, "He will kill you, Jessica. The man you knew as your maker is gone. He's something else entirely now, and he's so lost to the madness of Lillith's blood he would turn on you in a second. You need to start seeing him as your enemy."

"So what's the plan? You have to know that the humans won't side with us. They're going to be out for the blood of all vampires, not just Bill and Russell," Nora pointed out.

"We're just going to have to try our damndest. Bill has the power of Lillith's blood on his side. We have to combat it with human fire power. I'm also hoping that Sookie can contact her fairy friends and maybe they can help."

Licking her lips, Nora purred, "I'm all for bringing more fairies around."

Glaring at his sister, Eric warned, "You will control yourself, Nora. If Sookie is able to convince them to aid us you'll keep your fangs to yourself or I'll rip them out for you."

Deciding to intervene, Pam asked, "What about running and hiding? Let the human armies take Bill and the sanguinistas down. Why should we risk our lives over this?"

"Because we have no choice. If we don't fight with the humans now what do you think will happen if and when they destroy Bill and his followers? They'll start hunting down every vampire. They'll try to eradicate us. No, we have to stand and fight with them now. We have to take Bill down before he can damage our truce with humans beyond repair."

Focusing on Nora, Eric asked, "You said that you knew who the Generals contacts were in the Pentagon and the White House, correct?"


"Good. Tomorrow night we contact them and try to set up a meet. We need to convince as many of the American military personnel in charge as we can that we are on their side. We need to explain the situation to them and begin strategizing how to take Bill down."

"What do we do now? We can't just sit around here tonight if he's out there hunting us," Tara pointed out. She'd remained silent until then, but she couldn't help but point out the obvious.

"We don't have any other move to make tonight. We've done the only thing we can for now by going to ground somewhere safe. Tomorrow we begin trying to rally all the allies we can acquire. We can't face Bill alone," Eric said.

"And what about me?" All eyes turned to Jason. He was standing with a plate in either hand. He'd found the makings for tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches in the kitchenette and knew it was one of Sookie's favorite comfort foods. "What about Sook? We have lives back in Bon Temps. We can't just bail on them and disappear. Not to mention we gotta warn folks back home about what's going to be happening. They need to know they are in danger."

"Sookie is not leaving my side until Compton is dealt with, and since she cares so much for you I'm not going to let you run off half cocked and get yourself killed. She's suffered enough recently, and doesn't need to mourn her foolish brother's death. You will do your best to stay out of the way while we come up with a plan, and then you'll do as your told should we decide you can help."

"Now wait a fucking minute! You can't just—"

Eric zipped in front of Jason and captured his gaze to pull the boy under his power. "You are going to stop arguing and do as you are told. Do you understand?"

Jason nodded his head and replied dazedly, "Yep. No arguing and do as I'm told."

"Good boy." Turning back to face the others, Eric asked, "Any questions?" When no one said anything, he took hold of one of the plate's Jason had and went to grab two of the bottles of water from the fridge before heading back to the room he was sharing with Sookie. He was stopped when Nora jetted in front of him.

"What is it, Nora?"

Looking up at her brother, Nora asked, "What is this girl to you? I've never seen you like this before."

"Sookie and my connection to her is none of your concern. Now move."

Looking at the plate of food and bottle of water Eric was delivering to a human, part fairy or no, Nora commented, "She means something to you, doesn't she? And not just because she saved your life like you claimed. You—have feelings for her."

Eric wasn't in the mood for this. He needed to get to Sookie. "As I said, it is none of your fucking business, now get out of my way."

Moving her hand to trail her fingers along his cheek, she asked, "Do you not want to share a goodnight kiss?"

"No. Move."

She had her answer. This girl definitely meant something to her brother, and Nora intended to find out what it was, but for now she could see that Eric would not tolerate interference from her any longer. Stepping to the side she watched him walk past her to close the bedroom door behind him with a resounding click. When he was gone she strolled into the living area and announced, "I've never seen him like that around a human, even if she is part fairy."

Pam rolled her eyes. Her fingers toyed with Tara's hair as she explained, "Sookie makes Eric stupid. He's so wrapped up in her and her fairy snatch he can't think straight."

"Well you don't sound like you like her very much," Nora replied as she retook her seat and finished off her blood.

"I don't, but I'm not stupid enough to do anything about it again. I've accepted the fact that Sookie is important to Eric, and he's never going to get over her."

"What does that mean?"

Deciding to humor Eric's sister, Pam said, "A little over a week ago Eric offered himself up to the true death to save Sookie. When I intervened and tried to kill her instead to save him, he threatened me. He'd told me to leave or he'd kill me. He's forgiven me for it, but he made it clear if I ever try to harm Sookie again he'll make me pay the ultimate price. He's in love with her."

Nora's face showed her shock. "You must be joking! Eric would never submit to the true death without a fight, and love? He could never love a human!"

"Well he does, and if you know what's good for you you'll stay the fuck out of his way when it comes to Sookie."

Pam didn't want to talk about it anymore. Sookie was still a sore subject for her, and besides, her and her child had some bonding to do. Standing up and taking Tara's hand she pulled her child after her to the bedroom next to Eric's. If they only had a few nights to live she was damn well going to enjoy them.

When the two were gone, Nora looked at Jessica and asked, "I don't suppose you know anything about it, do you?"

Jessica shrugged, and replied, "I know Eric cares for her a lot, but I don't know much else. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to go lay down. It has been a long night."

"Vampires don't get tired."

"Well then I'm going to stare at the ceiling and wait to die for the day. Either way I don't want to talk anymore."

Jessica left as well and Nora turned her eyes to Sookie's brother who was still standing there in a daze. She was tempted to feed on him, but she wasn't sure how Eric would take it. He'd made it apparent the boy was to be protected. So instead she went and glamoured him into eating his food and going to bed as well so she could retire to her room. Tomorrow night was going to be hectic.

In the bedroom Eric was sharing with Sookie he had just set her plate of food and waters on the dresser when he heard the water stop. He tried not to think about the fact Sookie was naked in there right now, but flashes of her body from their time together popped into his head anyway. He knew now wasn't the time to be getting excited, but he just couldn't help it. So he did the only thing he could do. He sat down on the bed and waited for her to come out while trying to will his erection away. Of course watching her walk out of the bedroom in one of his black t-shirts that was so large it draped off her shoulder didn't help him much either.

Sookie gave Eric a tentative smile before saying, "All of your boxers were too big."


"Not your fault you're a giant. Blame your parents."

"They're dead."

"Then I guess they're off the hook."

Eric smirked. He could already see her fire coming back. Nodding at the plate he said, "Your brother made you some food."

"I'm really not hungry."

"Eat anyway."

Sookie thought about refusing but decided that it just wasn't worth the effort. She collected the plate and one of the bottles of water from the dresser and curled up on the bed with her feet tucked under her. She hadn't had tomato soup and grilled cheese in forever, and she couldn't help but smile at her brother's thoughtfulness. After the first spoonful she found she was actually pretty hungry, and began to eat with relish.

Eric stayed long enough to ensure Sookie was going to eat before rising to collect a pair of boxers. "I'm going to take a shower. I've already secured the bedroom door for the day, so when you're done eating just put your plate on the dresser. We'll deal with it tomorrow."

Swallowing the bite of grilled cheese, Sookie replied, "Ok." She then went back to eating her food. The simplicity of the task and the repetitive motion gave her a sense of peace and kept her mind off of everything that had gone wrong in the last few hours.

It didn't take Eric long to finish his shower and by the time he was done and entered the bedroom in nothing but a pair of boxers Sookie was done eating and sitting in the middle of the bed waiting for him. He moved to lie on his side facing her. "You have questions."

"Yeah. I guess I'm wondering what we do from here."

Eric proceeded to tell Sookie everything he'd discussed with the other, and when he was done he asked, "Do you think your fairy kin and friends will help?"

"I honestly don't know. I've only met them a few times. I guess we'll have to wait and see."

"I guess so."

They sat in silence for a moment before Sookie announced, "I don't want to die, Eric."

"Good, because I have no intention of letting you."

"I don't want to be a slave either."

"Again, I'm not going to let that happen."

Sookie held his gaze, seeing his determination, seeing that he meant what he said, before she laid down and cuddled up against his chest. She felt his arms wrap around her and asked in a small voice, "Do you think I'm an abomination?"

"Of course not," Eric growled. He'd felt the wave of shock and pain Sookie had experienced at Bill's words, and he'd wanted to tear the other vampire apart for hurting her that way. "That wasn't Bill, Sookie. That was something else. He was crazy by the time we got to him, and everything he said was bullshit. Fanaticism. You can't take any of it to heart."

"You're not just saying that to make me feel better?"

"No, and if you need further proof I'm perfectly willing to fuck you to demonstrate just how desirable you are."

Sookie grinned against Eric's chest. For some reason his rakish ways made her feel better in this moment where her world had truly fallen apart. "Don't you ever think of anything else?"

"I like to keep my priorities in check."


They fell silent again, and Sookie enjoyed the feel of Eric's fingers stroking their her damp hair in a slow, soothing rhythm. Despite the fact she'd told him she couldn't be with him just a short week ago, she was glad he was here for her now. She needed to lean on his strength long enough to get her own back. She let the silence stretch between them for awhile before asking, "Did you mean it when you said you'd stay with me? That you'd help through everything that is coming? Even Wallow?"

"I meant it."

Looking up at him, her cheek pillowed on his chest she pressed, "Why?"

Gazing down into her eyes, Eric replied, "If you can't answer that question by now, Sookie, then you just haven't been paying attention."

The room fell silent, neither wishing to address that loaded statement and just what it meant. Finally Sookie returned to cuddling with Eric, and whispered, "I'm glad you're with me."

"We stand together, Sookie. Always. Until the end."

"Let's hope that's a really long time from now."

Eric waited until Sookie fell asleep against him before kissing her the top of her head and saying, "You and I are going to have an eternity together, my little fairy. I swear it."


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So here comes the really good part. Due to the pathetic attempts of these individuals to drive me out of here two incredible things have happened. First, NYCSNOWBIRD has teamed up with a wonderful woman called SouthernLady23. Together they are creating a site just for me and NYC! Somewhere for me to post not only "The Arrangement", but all of my other works. Really! My own site. It is very easy to navigate and use, and they are in the process of putting all my stories up over there. My True Blood stories, my Law and Order: SVU story, and my Inuyasha stories. That's right, folks! I'm getting my own place! You want to find it? Just Google "Texanlady and nycsnowbird blogspot" and it should pop right up. Go take a look at what's up so far, and be prepared for the rest to be up soon!

Second, after "I Should Have Known" was pulled down I got in touch with a publisher, and wouldn't you know it? He's interested in signing me! I'm changing all the names and locations and giving the story a new name. It should be up on Barnes and Noble and Amazon for sale as an ebook sometime around October! He's also very, very interested in all my other stories, and has agreed to publish them all as I finish them! I am so stoked! I will provide links to my books and the pen name I'm publishing under just as soon as my first piece is up for sale. I hope you all enjoy it, and I hope you tell all your friends to buy it too!

And I couldn't have done any of it if it weren't for the childish intolerant bitches lurking on this site trying to drag me down! Bitches, you know who you are, this is me giving you a BIG THANK YOU! Because of your sad, pathetic, and childish acts I now have my own website, and you've successfully launched my writing career! Stick that in your pipes and smoke it you super cunts! How do you like me now? Try and screw me over and I just end up in a better place! That's Karma bitches!

I'm going to continue to post on this site, but only my mainstream stuff will go up here. That or pieces I edit for content. Everything else will be up on my new website. I'm hanging on here just to prove a point. You can't keep this cowgirl down!

To all my faithful readers, I hope you enjoy my stories, and I hope you check out my new book! And those that are sure to follow! See you guys soon!




Some months ago, SouthernLady23 approached me about creating a new site for The Arrangement. We agreed on a template and worked on the site for about two weeks before real life interfered and it got put on the back burner.

When she read about the behavior of some fanatics attacking TexanLady yet again on FFNet, she wrote me and essentially told me to get off my ass and get that site going. I knew she was right and the timing couldn't have been better. We've been quietly working on it for almost a week now, she's laying the groundwork, I'm upping the chapters. But it's not just for Arrangement. It will ultimately contain all of TexanLady's material (not only SVM/TB) under one roof. Or, one hub.

The front page of the site will act as the jumping off point for ongoing stories. There are to be click throughs for the various stories so each can be given its own theme and banner. I'm working on Arrangement now and also have two chapters of Negotiations up. SouthernLady23 upped some of Fair Trade. Right now I am thinking there will be a single click-through for all of the one-shots.

There's a lot to go before we're ready for primetime but I've promised myself to up at least 5 chapters a day of *something* so this won't drag on too long. We're using Blogger which has a wonderfully easy interface I'm already familiar with because of past years doing True Blood recaps for the Sookieverse on FFNet. Complete chapters on one page, flexibility of color, text, font are only some of the pluses about using this site. I can go in on the HTML side and do the indentations I need too—God knows why that feature was removed this year but I can use blockquotes to put it back in. It's going slow but smooth and I thank SouthernLady23 for tirelessly nudging me and finally kicking me to get the ball rolling again.

It's just what the doctor ordered—we will rise from the wreck of FFNet and the bitches who tried to stop TL and continue, without them and the myopic censorship that FFNet demands—despite SVM/TB being adult and most definitely MA rated. Go figure. Stay tuned.


I'm so honored to be a part of giving a new home to TexanLady and nycsnowbird's stories. Designing these sites has been the most rewarding experience - more so as I am a huge fan. Thanks, nycsnowbird and TexanLady, for allowing me to help out!

much love,

SouthernLady23 :)