Alla Famiglia!

By Tawariell Saerwen

Author's Note: The title of my story means "To Family!" in Italian. This story contains GerIta and Spamano. It is rated T for Romano's language and some violence. This story is a combination of romance, drama, adventure and humor. I hope that you enjoy what I have written!

I do not own the rights to the characters of the Hetalia franchise. You know this. I know this. Thanks.

1/28/13 Update: Cover fan art for Alla Famiglia! done by my friend Amanda! The link to the fan art cover can found on my fanfiction homepage, as well as a link to my friend's dA, Nobody Studios.

Chapter 1

Germany hated Sundays.

It was the one day out of the week that he personally did not look forward to because he would become temporarily separated from his beloved Italy for a couple of hours. He understood the drill of things as to why Sundays were particularly important to Italy; Sundays are precious to Italians because they love to spend the day with their families. Every Sunday morning was the same routine: Italy would rise out of bed, freshen up, wear the most attractive suit, tie and shoes from his wardrobe and rush out their house at the crack of dawn to meet up with his older brother, Romano. The first thing that the brothers did together was attending the first Mass at the Roman Catholic Church. Afterwards, they both went to a restaurant to eat breakfast together.

What they did after breakfast has remained a mystery to Germany. That was the only information that Italy has ever shared with him. After all these years of living together, he still had no clue as to how Italy has spent the rest of his Sunday with Romano every weekend. Nor has he ever asked. Germany greatly respected Italy's traditions. The thought of even prying into his partner's privacy over this was insulting to the proud German. So, as always, Germany has remained completely devoted to his darling Italian by allowing him to be away from home for so many hours, without questions, and he would loyally stay behind at their estate and wait for his better half to come home.

Their home every Sunday lingered in an eerie stillness that haunted the various rooms of the house with the exception of the presence of their various pets. Nevertheless, sometimes the silence was too much for Germany to adjust to and he desperately tried to find ways to end his personal purgatory. Turning on the television helped sometimes. So did turning on the radio and the computer. He would even have them all on at once just to allow the noise pollution to consume the quietness of their estate. But it was all in vain for nothing could ever, EVER replace the contagious laughter, the overly dramatic cries and the gentle, intimate coos of affection of his sweetheart.

"It's almost 11 o'clock," Germany stated sternly to himself as he fried up some homemade potato pancakes on the kitchen stove. The sizzling sounds of the pancakes being cooked in the pan temporarily echoed in the noiseless kitchen. He sighed as he stared up at the microwave clock above the stove. "Oh, how I wish I could make the hours fly by. I'm so damned bored."

Germany turned a knob and the stove went off. He served himself the piping hot potato pancakes onto a dish. He let out another sigh and opened a cabinet and pulled out a container of cinnamon applesauce. He lazily scooped out the contents onto his dish until sudden pressure made it gave way and causing the majority of the applesauce to spill onto his plate and drowning his potato pancakes. Ironically unfazed by what just happened, Germany dejectedly plopped the almost empty container on top of his meal. He focused his stare downward to notice that he was suddenly in good company. He was completely surrounded by his cherished animals; his German bred dogs Aster, Berlitz and Blackie and two lovable cats, Germouser and Gino.

"Come and join me," Germany softly muttered as one hand patted each dog's head while he picked up the warm plate and slowly walked into the dining room. The animals followed him into the dining room. The dogs sat around Germany's chair while Germouser and Gino both jumped on top of the table in unison. Sitting at his usual spot at the head of the table, Germany picked up his fork with his right hand and stabbed one of his pancakes. His left hand rested under his chin.

Germany split apart the drenched pancake and stabbed a piece of it with his fork. He inserted the food into his mouth and slowly chewed the soggy contents. "Not bad. Not bad at all. It's actually tastes pretty good this way," he said out loud as he stared at his Golden Retriever, Aster who turned his head slightly sideways and smiled with his tongue sticking out. He focused his attention to his German Shepherd Blackie and Doberman Pincher Berlitz. "I wish that Italy was here," Germany uttered as he petted each dog's head, "I wish that I could share this meal with him...even though I know he'd pretend to like it!"

Suddenly, Germany's iPhone began to ring from the side pocket of his pant uniform. He reached down and dug into his pocket to retrieve his iPhone. As he pulled it out, his ringtone, which was a German military march, seemed to bellow in the dining room, causing him to become startled. He read the caller I.D. SPAIN on the screen.

"Spain? I haven't spoken to him in weeks. I wonder what's up with him?" He answers the call. "Guten Tag, Spain."

"Buenas Tardes, Germany! How are you doing today?" Spain answered in his usual happy tone.

"I'm fine. I'm just eating lunch."

"Me too!"

There is a long pause between them until Spain asks a question to fill the void."So…uh, what are you eating?"

Germany rolled his eyes. "Just some potato pancakes I made and applesauce. It's my own recipe," he stated with a hint of pride in his tone, "You see, I take four whole potatoes and one whole onion and I prepare them by peeling off the skins – "

"Uh, yeah, that sounds really delicious," Spain interrupted as his tone of voice indicated that he was uninterested. Germany quickly took offense to Spain's interjected response. "Oh, well excuse me! But you're the one who asked what I was eating –"

"Lo siento! (I'm sorry) I didn't mean to be rude! It's just that your meal sounded really bland to me!" Spain hurriedly answered.

Germany's became agitated by Spain's response and his right eyebrow began to twitch. He sighed heavily into the receiver and finally spoke. "Why did you call me?" he asked.

Spain let out a soft chuckle over the receiver, which caused Germany to be irritated even more. "You know, I just wanted to say hello and have a nice conversation with you!" There was a small pause until Spain continued. "Have you spoken to Italy today?"

"Nein, I haven't…but then again I rarely hear from him on Sundays. He's busy doing his thing with his brother," Germany answered as he broke off a piece of potato pancake and fed it to Aster who was whining for food. He continued to feed his other dogs bits of his lunch as he talked to Spain. "Do you ever hear from Romano?"

"No, not at all…" Spain trailed off with a hint of confusion in the tone of his voice, "I wonder what they do all day? Or what they do every Sunday? Romano never shares with me anything about his day. iMi precioso tomate es muy privado! (My precious tomato is very private!) Very private he is."

"Uh-huh," Germany mindlessly muttered as he tried to feed a piece of potato pancake to Germousser. The grey colored cat cautiously sniffed the contents and slowly nibbled at the food, whereas Gino the orange and white colored cat snubbed his portion. Germany smirked at Gino and he gently stroked the little curl on the cat's forehead, causing him to begin purring and causally plopping onto the dining table.

"Germany? Are you there?" Spain asked.

"Hmm? Oh ja, I'm listening," Germany answered as he ate a portion of his meal.

"Does Italy ever share with you about what he does on Sunday?"

Germany answered with his mouth filled with food. "Nein, he doesn't."

Spain was taken aback by Germany's response. "He says nothing to you?"


"Don't you think that's rather strange? I mean, he's practically your shadow! He always shares every aspect of his life with you! Why is he silent about what he does on Sundays?"

Germany swallowed his meal and sternly answered the Spainaird. "I respect his privacy, Antonio. I don't like to pry on his personal business. Maybe his outings with Romano are boring. Perhaps there's nothing to share with me. Whatever the reason, it's none of my business. Or yours."

"Okay, think of this," Spain quickly retorted, "I've always included Romano in whatever I'm doing, whether it's a siesta or a special show or anything like that and yet he has never returned the favor to me and has never invited me to whatever he's doing in Italy. Don't you think that's peculiar?"

Germany sighed with annoyance. He wanted to hang up and eat the rest of his lunch. "Perhaps he doesn't want you around," he coldly muttered. The conversation suddenly became silent. Germany checked the screen of his iPhone to see whether or not Spain had hanged up. He was still on the line. He face palmed himself for being calloused toward his friend. "I-I shouldn't have said that. I apologize," He said with remorse to his tone.

"I…I think you're right," Spain hesitantly answered with a hint of sadness to his speaking voice.

"Nein, nein! Of course he wants –"

"No, he doesn't."

"Bitte (please), don't take my word for it! And don't become paranoid, either! Have you ever talked to him about this?" Suddenly, Black, Berlitz and Aster began to continuously whine for more food and Germany brought his index finger to his lips to tell them to shush up.

"I've tried many times…but he just tells me to shut up or changes the subject. What is he trying to conceal from me? The same goes for Italy, too. What is he keeping from you?" Spain sternly asked.

"I-I don't know!" Germany cried as he motioned his dogs to keep quiet a second time. His demands remained ignored as Blackie and Berlitz whined louder while Aster began to bark in protest. Germany quickly got out of his seat and walked to the other room in order to continue his conversation.

Spain continued, "Do you suppose…they're ashamed of us?" he asked with a sense of dread in his voice.

"Ashamed?!" Germany cried, "Why would my Italia be ashamed of me? Romano's a different story; he's very two-faced. Honestly, I don't see how you continue to associate with him."

"Hey! Don't talk about mi tomate like that!" Spain cried.

"I can talk about him any way I like! I can't stand the jerk!" Germany angrily hissed.

"Okay, think of this then," Spain hurriedly said, "Do you invite Italy to join you in any type of siestas you attend? What is it you Germans do…" Spain struggled to explain his point to Germany until it finally came to him, "The beer hall! Do you take him to a beer hall with you?"

Germany lounged on the couch and closed his eyes. "Of course I do!" he snapped. He was terribly hungry and his patience grew thinner. The whining and barking dogs did not help his mood, either. "What are you getting at?!" he demanded.

"Has he ever invited you to an Italian siesta? Has he ever included you into whatever ethnic situation he does in his life at his country?"

Germany crossed his legs on the couch and annoyingly sighed. "Well, there was this time when Italy…and that…other time…" He had suddenly realized something that he had never thought twice about before and the thought actually frightened him. "He…he hasn't," Germany confessed as he opened his beautiful blue eyes.

"I know that Sundays are important to them; they get to spend time with family. What family do they have? I have none unless you count my bosses and political colleagues and I can hardly stand them!" Spain solemnly released a sigh and continued, "If their so called 'family' exist, why haven't we met them? And for God's sake…why aren't we included?" He paused for a few seconds and then he finally finished his point. "Aren't we family to them?"

Spain's question startled Germany so much that he suddenly sat up on the couch. He had made a good point. An excellent point, actually. What was Italy's standpoint on their relationship? If an extended family existed, why has he never been formally introduced? For the first time in his life, Germany began to feel something terrible in his guts. A sense of dread possessed him and worst of all, he began to have sudden thoughts of doubt and suspicion about Italy.

At this very moment, bother Germousser and Gino assisted their hungry doggy friends and together they slowly pushed the plate of potato pancakes to the edge of the table. Berlitz the Doberman carefully sat upward and gripped the side of the plate with his teeth and proceeded to bring the plate down to the floor. As soon as the plate was brought down, all three dogs scrambled together to eat Germany's lunch.

"I…I…" Germany struggled to speak as his anxiety skyrocketed, "I've never thought of it before…now that you mention it."

"I wish that there was a way...a way for us to follow them…behind their backs!" Spain said suddenly with a tinge of anxiety in his own voice. "I want to know what they do all day, Ludwig! What they do and whom they visit! Wouldn't you?"

"I…I could never do that!" Germany cried, "I couldn't sneak around behind Italy's back like that! That is a terrible betrayal!"

Spain sighed and muttered, "Si…I couldn't do it, either."

"I…I have to go now, Antonio," Germany said as he got up from the couch. "Lets never discuss this ever again."

"But Ludwig! – "

"Nein!" Germany hissed.

"Si…all right. Adios, Ludwig," Spain said, defeated.

"Auf Wiedersehen," Germany uttered and he quickly hung up on Spain. Their conversation sickened him and he wanted desperately to forget what they had talked about. "I need a distraction…I need to get these thoughts out of my head!" he said to himself as he walked back to the dining room. Thankfully, a distraction awaited him in the dining room as Germany looked to the floor to see that his dogs had devoured his lunch.

"VERDAMMT! (DAMNIT!) YOU ATE MY LUNCH!" Germany furiously yelled to his dogs, whom all three answered proudly with a bark and a smile. Germany eyed Germouser and Gino at the table who were bathing one another and Germany suspected that they too were accomplices to their scheme.

Germany released a defeated sigh and scooped up the plate off the floor. "Well, who wants seconds?" he asked the dogs, whom all three barked a supposed "We do!" to him. He motioned his arm toward his direction as he walked to the kitchen and Blackie, Berlitz and Aster happily followed him with their tails wagging with delight.