Ok I just found out my Hunger Games fic has been removed, so I'm kinda pissed at the moment. But, since I am NOT starting all over with that (sorry to all the loyal readers who read it) that means faster updates for this and my others, so be happy! XD Anyways, here's Prologue Part 2. Enjoy! =)

Prologue Part 2

I watch the building from a ledge. BatMan just dragged Joker out of there. Jason wasn't with him. I scour the rubble for any signs of him. I'd been hearing all the stuff about Red Hood recently, and I knew it was him. From everything I heard, it matched up perfectly. I hadn't gotten to approach him but I just knew it was my little brother, somehow back from the dead. I tailed BatMan, hoping for leads. I bugged him without him ever knowing it, and found about how Ra's al Ghul had brought him back to life through the Lazarus Pit. I watched Red Hood, by now knowing it was Jason, waiting, hoping for a chance to talk to him alone. I watched the rooftop fight, and then waited from here when they went into that building. When it exploded, it was as if it was repeating that awfuldinghy do long ago when I lost my little brother the first time. Then I saw someone moving among the rubble and BatMan stood up. I saw him find Joker and drag him out, no doubt back to Arkham. Often I wish he would just kill him already. The sick insane villain deserves it. But his moral code won't allow for it. I watch the ruins of the building for a few more minutes, searching desperately for any signs of life. Then, after BatMan has gone, well on his way back to Arkham, I see a large piece of rubble move, and it is pushed to the side from underneath. Jason stands up. I breathe a sigh of relief. I watch him run off quickly, disappearing. There's still a chance. I could have him back.

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