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Chapter 1

I watch from a rooftop next to Star Labs. I had heard through the police radio that there was a silent alarm was tripped. I wait for a minute. I'm not disappointed. An explosion blows a small hole in the roof, a guy in stolen experimental armor climbs out. I jump down from ledge to ledge onto the roof of Star Labs, chasing after him. He runs along the roof, jumping from building to building. I run after him, copying him move for move. He makes his way down into the actual labratory, with me right behind him. Someone drops down behind me. I stop, and stand up, turning around. There before me is the Masked Crusader himself. The Dark Knight. Batman. His old sidekick, the first Robin, Nightwing, drops down beside him. The two people I really didn't want to see.

"Need a hand?" Batman asks.

"No." I snap at them. "This is easy. Go stop the Joker or something."

Nightwing narrowed his eyes. "Joker is in Arkham, locked up under maximum security. He won't be causing trouble anytime soon."

"Whatever. Go find your own criminal. I'm handling this one." I snap. I turn away and run after the guy.


I watch the girl run after the robber. She's stubborn. Feisty. And seems very familiar. But I know for a fact that I'd remember meeting a vigilante like her. When I first saw her I thought at first it was Jason, before I noticed the long ponytail coming out the back of her mask, and the color was slightly different, a more scarlet red rather than a cherry red. The helmet is more shaped, less rounded. She has a similar outfit but doesn't seem as vicious. Dick starts to run after her, but I put my arm out to stop him. "Wait. Let's see what she can do." He grunts in response, displeased, but obeys. This girl...she has potential. I'd like to see her abilities, see if she is worth having an alliance of some kind with. I follow her, and Dick follows me. Let's see what she's made of...

Scarlet Sword

I chase after him, dodging the various bullets, grenades and other weapons he aims to hit me with. I can hear Batman and Nightwing following, but so far they've made no move to interfere. Good. I don't want to work with them on this. But it still makes me wary of why they're following. I kick up the pace a notch and the robber matches me. I smile to myself. Easy. I could have taken him out before he even made it out of Star Labs, but there's no fun in that. I need to let him see me, and let him talk so I can make a name for myself. Scare tactics. Exactly what Batman does. I scowl at the thought of being the same as The Dark Knight, and pick up the pace, aware of them following behind me. I still don't like them. But I push the thought out of my head, and keep going, gaining on the thief.


I chase after Bats and the girl. She's got an attitude problem that I don't like. She didn't seem too thrilled to see us, but she didn't have to be disrespectful. But Batman ordered me to let her handle this and much to my dismay I'm willing to let the girl crash and burn and then intervene. And if she succeeds, goody, kudos to her. It won't improve how I think of her. She could use an ego check though,zander a nice, healthy dosage of respect. She...seems kind of familiar though, and there's a slight ache in my heart. I don't bother thinking about it too much though. Jason. She looks like Jason. The whole getup, her attitude. That must be it. She's reminding me of Jason. A heavyness settles over me. I shake my head quickly to clear it. No. Stop it Dick. Jay...your brother is gone. He's dead and isn't coming back. You've paid your respects and it's time to move on. Jason made his choices and he moved on so you've got to keep going too. The heaviness vanishes, though the ache remains. I chase after the girl, but my mind and heart stays on Jason.

Scarlet Sword

Zzzzap! I duck snd bring my arms up as a small expolosion propels him forward a bit. A knife into the control board snd exposed circuitry in the back took out most of his systems. He manages to catch himself snd keep running. I pick up the pace a little, veering out and urging the thief towards a certain dead-end alley nearby as the chase moves back onto the streets. I gain on him a bit and he moves even faster. I smirk. Perfect. The idiot falls for it, and soon finds himself at a blank brick wall, no way out, no way of escape. Trapped. I smirk to myself, though he can't see it through my helmet.

"Well well. Looks like you've gone ahead and cornered yourself for me. How generous. But by saving me some trouble, it won't save you from the cops if that's what you're hoping." I say, smirk still in place. He whirls around, trying to put up one last fight, but by the time he has a gun out, and ready, I'm waiting for him. Two steps ahead. I dodge the bullets he desperately sends out and throw a shuriken, or ninja star, to knock the gun out of his hands. "Oh please, don't even bother with a gun." I ram into him and pull the helmet of his armor off. He struggles but I kick him in the crotch and pin him against the wall. "Don't fight. Things will get messy. You do not want that to happen. Trust me." He gulps, shaking.

"Wh-what are you gonna do with me?" I roll my eyes. Pitiful.

"I'm going to leave you for the cops of course." I punch him in the jaw, and catch his head as he starts to collapse. "And by the way, tell the cops...Scarlet Sword was here." I say, before banging his head against the hard metal of my helmet. He passes out cold. Easy. Soon he's tied up and ready for police custody. I stand up, ready to be on my way. Batman and Nightwing come up behind me. I tense and turn to face them, glaring.

"That was impressive. To say the least you handled it well." Batman says. I see Nightwing scowling, and resist the urge to smirk.

"That's simple. Not really that impressive." I say, shrugging.

"Have you had training?"

"No, I did all that on the spot with no training, whatsoever." I say sarcastically. Nightwing frowns, though Batman is undeterred. Damn. Not even a slight look of disapproval. This guy's good. He tosses me something. A small bat-shaped earpiece.

"We'll be in contact with that. At some point I'd like to meet and have a discussion privately, off the streets sometime." I snort.

"Whatever. Don't count on me agreeing to becoming your next protégé if that's what your thinking." I grumble, but stuff it in a jacket pocket anyways. The sound of sirens is getting louder, and the police are almost here. I have no intention of being here when they arrive. Apparently neither does Batman. He nods curtly before disappearing off to who knows where. Nightwing shoots me one last glare, which I all too happily return, before following. I use my knife to scale a wall and get up to a fire escape, arriving on the rooftops just as the cops arrive. I watch them take the blubbering criminal before turning and heading for home, disappearing into the night.

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