I need some OC's for the crew I already have the sniper which is the vice captain of the ship but I will also need a Cook, Navigator, Two Swordsmen, Musician, Shipwright, Data Holder (Keeps track off adventure and past islands), Ship Pet.

Please use the method at the end of the story to create a character:

Chapter 1: Here's come the Golden Boy Ken

While the wind blowing roughly, trees rumbling and animals cry, the young man once a resident of StoneGreen island gets ready to depart.

Most of the town people came to see the young man off, even though half of the town didn't like what he wanted, they knew that he was a good person no matter what his dreams and goals were.

His ship was really small, and he knew that he would need a new one as soon as possible but a friend of his made it so he was happy to use it for the time being.

While Ken was waving goodbye at the people, animal and StoneGreen island itself, a little girl was running and crying towards the town people and said in a screaming voice full of pain "I'm going to miss you big brother Ken!"

the young man Ken answered back full of passion and said " Imma miss you too Cindy, I need you to become strong and protect the town while I'm going..right now I have a goal to become the top dog of all pirates, the pirate king!"

the little girl nodded her head and dried her tears. Ken drifted farther away and with his last three words he screamed "THANK YOU EVERYBODY!" everybody started to cry, from people to animals to plants, the tears sounded through out the whole island

(On the ship)

"Mannn I'm hungry, I need a chef to join my crew fast" Ken said while his stomach was growling like a hungry bear. Being on the sea, seemed relaxing for Ken, and a new experience too.

"Well other then that, I wonder where the next island located? I hope there's a lot of fun there" he said in a excited way.

While traveling he remembered in this book that if you can't tell the direction on your own follow the birds, and he did just that. 1 hour later he felt like his plan didn't work, he pasted around for five minutes, thought why for two minutes and fell asleep at that minute.

When he awoke he noticed this large ship on the side of him, it was his first time seeing another ship other than his dad's, so Ken got excited thinking it was a pirate ship ready for battle against him, and using his powers, he turned his legs in two flaming lion legs and pounced on the ship using the flames on his paws.

Once he got on the ship he changed back and noticed that the ship he landed on was really weird.

Everything on the ship was in black and white, the railings, the sails, the barrels, they was even a black and white dog laying down.

He was amazed and excited at the sight. Ken went to the dog to ask if he owned the ship, and before he started talking a voice said in a mysterious way "Leave this ship boy, or get taken off by force..." Ken wondered who was talking and start walking around the ship looking for this person.

"I wonder where mister loud mouth at? Maybe he's the owner of this ship?" said Ken still looking around.

From no where a man ran and punched Ken right in the face; sending him flying across the ship and slamming into a barrel.

Shaken up a little Ken stood up, cracking his neck with rage on his face, Ken spoke quietly but his voice was intense "Why did you hit me...?

The man that hit him had a white and black robe on and said in a cheeky voice "well..because you didn't get off my ship when I warned you, and you even called me mister loud mouth...right?

I was teaching you a lesson kid, listen to your elders" Ken was on edge after hearing the man words and backed up, but then Ken said in a loud voice "Come fight me black and white bastard" Ken turned hybrid And said "LION COMBAT 1" Ken rushed over to the man and started swinging at him, the man dodged the attacks and kicked Ken right in the stomach with ease and sent him flying again this time almost into the water but Ken grabbed on to the railings.

The man said "Oh, so your ate a Lion Zoan type devil fruit right boy?" Ken looked and said "Yeah actually it was the Neko Honoo Neko Honoo No Mi (Model: Flaming Lion Devil Fruit) I can turn into a flaming Lion...but what's up with your attack old man? It's weird." The man said "I'm not old boy I'm 30 years old, and I ate The Hake Hake no Mi (Brush Brush Fruit-Paramecia) I can brush anything away with ease, expectly those weak attacks of yours ." A vein appeared on Ken head, Ken said in a slow fashion "Well...You must be stupid if you think I was going anywhere close to full force" the man said in a straight forward way "Ok then show me your skills boy" The man ran towards Ken, Ken tired to dodge but was not fast enough to move out the way.

The man screamed "BRUSH HIT!" and punched Ken right in the face, making him slam into the face of the ship.

Ken was stunned because of the power in that punch. He slowly got up, still stunned he said"I'm not giving up yet I just started !" The flame around Ken flared up, Ken screamed and said "LION COMBAT 2!" Ken ran at the man at a outstanding speed and started punching again.

The man dogde most of the punches but one uppercut connected and the man stumbled but didn't fall.

Ken tired to punch him again but the man said "BRUSH AWAY" he open his arms wide and everything in front of the man was blown back including Ken.

Ken tired to get out of the huge current but was unable too, Ken hit another barrel but this time it burst because of all the power.

Ken tired to get up but the power of the current was still there, Ken seen the man and screamed out "FIRE SPITTER" 10 small golf ball size fire balls flew out ken mouth at the man, he was hit with a few of them but was able to a dodge the others.

The man took damage his Robe was burned, and you could see his face and cloths now. Ken laughed and said "oh you don't really look that old under that robe I see" the man looked back and said "well of course I'm only 30 years old, I just told you that kid" Ken in a happy voice "yeah I know I know let's continue" Ken stood, brushed himself off and got in his flaming lion combat style.

He ran again at the man, he jumped right over the man and screamed "LION ROAR" Ken Roar in a loud voice and the man noticed he was losing balances for no reason, he tired not to fall but his body wasn't listening and the man fell. Ken fell back to the ground, this time he was focusing all of the flames into his claws, after about 30 seconds, he ran at the man while he was trying to get up and said "FLAMING SLASH" Ken was right in front of the man, but the man cocked his hand back in a slapping motion and said "TIME SLAP" The time around him disappeared, Ken body wasn't in motion but he could still see everything.

The man said "whoa your really strong boy, if you wanna know what happen, I just brushed the time away from here, but this technique only work for 10 minutes, I should be able to get up and fight again by then" The man try to get up again, but fell down.

He even crawled to a box and tired to use it to get up but he couldn't keep his body up.

5 minutes past and the man finally could of stand, he walked around for 1 minute and after that he called his attacked off. Ken was still in his slashing motion and slashed at air.

Ken felt ambarrased and was ready to fight for his pride, but the man said in restless way "Let's call it a draw today boy, there's plenty of time for us to fight again" Ken said "alright, what is your name old man?

Mines is Ken Gold Morgan" The man said "I'm not old, and my name is Damon D. Brush but everybody else calls me Half Angel.

You can call me either name though" Ken looked at him excited and said "you got a nickname?

That's cool I hope I can get one too, but man I didn't know that I would meet a strong pirate so fast." Half Angel said "yeah, but it's easy to earn a nickname and even a bounty if your strong and you do things that make the Marines mad. So why don't you join my crew and.." before Half Angel could finish, Ken blurted out "NO!

I want to be my own pirate captain and make my own crew, I can't do that on another person crew, you are the captain right?" The man laughed out loud and said "alright alright kid, follow your dreams, and yeah this is my ship I'm the captain.

The rest of my crew is down stairs goofing off. Maybe I should call them and we can all have a banquet" Ken noticed how hungry he was and said with a big smile "sure let's eat!"

Thank Ya'll for reading ^.^

Alright I'm show my character Sheet for Ken:

Name: Captain Ken "Gold". Morgan Aka "Golden boy Ken"

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11

Weight: 90 kg (198pounds)

Profession/Role on the ship: Captain

Goal: To become the strongest and best pirate king Appearance: Ken is a sightly muscular young man, his golden wild hair partly covers his left eye while the rest sticks up in a lion's fashion. He has light freckles on his face, and number 1 tattoo under his left eye. His eyes light brown and innocent like a puppy, and his eyebrows wasn't puffy but slender yellow. Also he had a gold earring In his left ear. Ken wears gold baggy pants rolled up half way showing his entire legs bandaged, with two pockets on each side, also a white shirt with "Golden" printed in the back and a golden lion in the front, with a brown scarf on his neck. he has brown gloves, and brown slippers.

Personality: Ken is a adventure lover, so much that when things get too boring, he cause trouble to bring up the mood. (like fighting with a bear because he got lost in a jungle and it started to get boring) he's also a caring person, but he's also a mix person because sometimes he just don't care at all. He hates people that pick on weaker people, but he also hates when weaker people don't wanna change for the better. Also he has a forget-faces complex.

Background/History: born on StoneGreen island, a island that's half mountain and half forest with a river splitting them apart. Ever since a kid he always loved adventures, he journey across the entire island when he was only four years old. His father a famous pirate named " Captain Kendrick Gun. Margan" Aka Gunman Margan taught Ken hand to hand combat since he was 5 years old. Kendrick wanted his son to choose his own path when he grown up, and Ken did just that, and choose to become a pirate. The training his father put him through for ten years since the age of five would be simply called "A Hell Worse Then Hell". His father was just like Ken a caring person that wanted his son to be strong to protect his friends and family. One day after sparring 15 year old Ken and his father was walking and Captain Kendrick noticed a weird reddish fruit sticking out of a hole in the ground. He pulled and picked it up and noticed what it was..a Devil Fruit! Ken was so hungry, thirsty and tired after sparring he noticed the fruit in his father hand and hurried up and snatched it before he could eat it (Well that what he though was going to happen) so before Kendrick could warning his son not to it was too late, he already swallowed it whole. Ken felt weird, really weird, he tried to spit out the disgusting tasting fruit, but couldn't cough it up. Even Kindrick picked him up, turned him upside down and started punching him in the stomach trying to force it out, that didn't help and Ken passed out. When he awake on his bed he noticed himself roaring for no reason also fire covered around his body. He started yelling, ran in the bathroom and tired to put the fire out...the fire did not fade. He looked in the mirror and he noticed a Lion, and he reach over and touch his face and noticed it was his face, he freaked out and his father walked in his room mindlessly and tell him "my lion son?" Ken didn't know what was happening and asked his father what was happening to him. Kendrick said "you ate a Devil fruit, Neko Neko No Mi Model: Flaming Lion (Mystical Zoan) he was surprise really really surprised, noticing how cool he looked and felt. Kendrick hit him in the head telling him don't get overconfident, and Ken started to rub his head with force trying to cool it down. About a week later, Kendrick told his son he was going to set sail with his crew and wanted him to stay on StoneGreen island for 4 more years and train his combat abilities and his Devil fruit ability. Ken was crying when his father and his crew was departing but Kendrick told him, next time I see you, you better be strong enough to jprotect. Ken nodded his head and Captain Kendrick left.

Powers and Abilities: Ken ate the Neko Honoo Neko Honoo No Mi Model: Flaming Lion (Mystical Zoan) He's able to turn his self into a flaming Lion, also able to become a baby lion without flames or with flames. He can become a hybrid between Lion and human, and also turn his flames power on and off. Also his eyes turn Yellow when he's mad.

Weapons: None

Fighting Style: Freestyle hand-to-hand combat, Flaming Lion combat.


(LION COMBAT 1,2,3): when he's in his half human half lion from, he has 3 levels that control the level of his combat ability, and usually seen only

Using "Lion combat 1", his speed, power, and reflex doubles, and using Lion combat 3 too long cause his body to be harm.

(LION ROAR): able to send a high power roar that cause whoever it use on to lose balance or be afraid.

(FLAMING SLASH): using the flame around his body he focus it around his claws and slash at opponent, causing double damage.

(FIRE SPITTER): when he's in his Lion form he's able to spit Small golf ball size fire balls at opponents and also able to spit a big fireball but it takes a while for it to be set up.

(MIGHTY SIGNAL): being able to sense things for far and also able to focus better.


Other, non-combat skills: He a good leader, and doesn't mind if others wanna lead from time to time. He also a greedy person.






Profession/Role on the ship: (eg. first-mate, cook, doctor, etc.)




Powers and Abilities:


Fighting Style:


Other, non-combat skills: