Alexia, District 1 POV -

As the tube rose up, my eyes ran across the tributes I would be facing. There were some pretty weak tributes out there. As i skimmed the arena, It looked like a ruined Capitol, my eyes came to a golden set of spears, set right in the middle of the cornucopia. I would be getting them. After what seemed the longest 60 seconds, the gong which stated the start of the Games rung in everybody's ears. I darted to the spears, to find a District 8 girl grab them. I pushed her which was a giant mistake. She had 2 spears in her hands which she went flying back with. She then stood up and tried to stab me. My mistake, she DID stab me. Right in the chest. I fell on my knees, then onto the pile of spears. I weakly picked up one of the spears and threw it in the girls direction. It must of hit her, as I felt something heavy fall onto my back. I didn't feel anything after that. I wiggled around a bit to try and get out of this heap. One of the spears dug further into my wound. I saw a boy, he looked fat for his age. "HELP ME PLEA..."

Roofus, District 8 POV -

I waddled over to my District partner, to find her dead over the District 1 girl. She started to shout something but I didn't hear the rest as i fell on her head. There was a small cracking sound as her skull smashed. "That's one less competitor," I said to Humphry, one of my allies. "Yeah, thats also more weapons for us!" stated Mary, pointing at the spears. Most of the tributes were gone and we were safe. For now. We each picked up a weapon, and headed in the direction of a giant building with no roof.

Mary, District 6 POV -

Me, Humphry, Picca and Cheryl were all walking to a giant skyscraper which looked like it could have been bombed. Roofus was more or less rolling there, as he was REALLY fat. As we got to the building, the door creaked open, We had to push Roofus up the steps to get into the building. He bounced in, we came after him. There was an elevator, and lots of steps. "Lets take the ste... Never mind," I said to my little group. I remebered about Roofus. He couldn't get up them steps. We soon decided on the elevator, even though it looked really old.

Picca, District 7 POV -

I stepped inside first, and I wish I didn't. There was a loud creaking sound, that sounded like something was about to snap. The others started to push Roofus through the door, until we heard a splitting sound and the elevator started to fall. I looked ahead to find half of Roofus' body on the floor. I freaked out before being squished by an elevator, and being decapitated by a pole.