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I recently discovered an entity named 'slender man' and while learning a few things about him, I realized he would be a great host in torturing our beloved Loki. So here I present you, delusional Loki contorted within the realm of his own imprisoned mind, and slender man as the conductor of the long train of consciousness. All inspiration to write (finally) an avengers fanfic is thanks to all the authors of all the great avengers stories I am following, and their stories which lie happy in my favorites.

Oh and btw, Loki probably got more than one threat from the other then we've seen in the movie, just a heads up if you're wondering why the story starts of like this.

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Ch1- Preface

Don't look forward to the day you stop suffering, because when it comes you'll know you're dead.

- Tennessee Williams

The Other's words of warn were loud and clear. It rang in his ears for quite a long time as he sat at the back of the truck, the underground tunnel crumbling behind them as they drove faster and faster. He brought his weary eyes to the attention of his new pawns. Their piercing ice blue eyes brought little reassurance of their current situation. The man presently sitting opposite of him held a bow across his back. The scientist sat next to him. They didn't seem slightly troubled with the fact that they could be squished any second now. He relaxed, letting his shoulders roll back as they met the cold night air. With little interest, he decided to question his new toys, one by one.

"What is your name, man who bears a strong heart?"

"Clint Barton."

Loki smiled. He would question his new pawns and little by little, he will learn everything about them. What makes them tick, what keeps them up at night. What are the nightmares of their souls.

Suddenly, something caught his eyes. Beyond the trees, he saw a flicker. It was only for a moment that he let himself get distracted. White. That was the first thought that entered Loki's thoughts as he turned away. Another was 'blank'. It had no face. In his life, Loki had never seen a creature with no expression as he had just encountered. He resumed to his questioning, but the image burned into his brain, pre-occupying half of his attention to the answers given to him by the scientist named Erick Selvig. The image stayed there, content with its spot in the brain, for now.

Loki bared his teeth as his transmission with the other ended. If you fail, if the Tesseract is kept from us, there will be no realm, no barren moon, no crevasse where I can't find you. You think you know pain? He will make you long for that so sweet as pain. Their voice echoed in his head and he growled, rubbing his temples. Loki sat there on the stairs, away from the others he watched his new toys bustling about, busying themselves with the tesseract. Loki was quite content with his spot, dismissing the fact he wanted to have a shower, when a sudden chill went up his spine. It wasn't a simple chill where one felt cold. It was a chill of unfamiliar feels, a nauseating feeling where an unknown entity inside one's gut wanted to claw out and destroy everything in its path. It was of anguish, a nagging bite, and it brought enough fear inside the god of mischief that he needed the company of his pawns to distract him. He walked into the white see-through tent to Selvig.

"…The Tesseract is showing me so much. It''s more than knowledge, it's truth." The doctor muttered in awe.

"I know. What did it show you, Agent Barton?"

"My next target."

"Tell me what you need."

Barton reached over where his bow lay and flicked it.

"I need a distraction. And an eyeball."

Satisfied, Loki left the tent with his new favorite pawn and a few other agents to discuss their new plan. As he led on in their current hiding place, the dreading feeling came back. It was drum of paranoia, beating against his skull, threatening to spill. Loki shook his head, willing for it to go away, then there it was again. Tall and pale, with an exceptionally sharp looking suit, it stood there in the corner of the room, collecting itself to the shadows. Stunned, Loki stood to a stop, mind whirring. It had been more than a week since he saw the dull creature, and he thought none of it. Seeing his master come to a stop, Barton stepped to beside the tall man and looked up at him quizzically.

"Sir? Is something wrong?"

The agent's voice broke his trance and he whipped around. The figure was no longer there.

"It… is nothing. Let us resume."

Loki looked around the cell he was imprisoned him. It was rather… tedious. There was nothing to entertain him. Of course, he could escape this pathetic 'cage' anytime he could, but that was not the plan. Not yet. He just had to be a little more patient. As he waited, standing, something else other than the cameras caught his eyes. There it was again. Motionless, it stood in front of him, right outside of his cell. It towered over him, head just able to be seen from the glass walls, its forehead disappearing above the metal holding the glass. Loki stared at the entity, a dull headache latching itself upon him. He growled, the sound rumbling through his whole body and glared at the creature. Loki could not tell if it was looking at him or not. That blank placid… nothingness gave nothing. Being ever so close, the god observed the 'man'. It had no hair, no eyes, no ears, no mouth, no nose… nothing. He wore a red tie, the color reminding the god of fresh blood that never dried. He stared, wondering how it crept up to him without him realizing. As the headache continued to throb, the entity finally moved; it tilted his head forward, back bending, 'looking' at Loki like curious child at a zoo. Loki didn't like it. He was no caged animal, an inferior being, easily trampled and killed for its meat. As Loki continued to scowl at the idea, the entity slowly brought out a hand, lifting it to the cage. Loki stared, and as soon as it touched the thick glass, a feel, what felt like an electricity, coursed through his veins. It wasn't the sort where one was overly excited. No, it was a suffocating, throat choking electricity, and as it coursed through his veins, he felt every cell in his body shut down momentarily. He gasped, and looking back up, he could feel it smiling at him, satisfied that it brought the god some pain it intended before. Loki, full of pride did not want to give this disgusting being another second of satisfaction and stood up straighter then before. It seemed to frown, not that such expression could be seen, and stood up to its greatest length. Loki did not back down, and as he opened his mouth to say something with his silver tongue, a small sound interrupted him. He whipped around, completely forgetting about the pain and the creature. There stood the red haired agent. She was charming, her poker face revealing nothing. She was quite different from the others, but just like the others, she was human, a mere, weak mortal. His head-ache was gone, and once again, the entity was gone, leaving him with the mortal.

"There are not many people that can sneak up on me."

"But you figured I'd come."

"After. After whatever tortures Fury can concoct, you would appear as a friend, as a balm. And I would co-operate."

"I wanna know what you've done to Agent Barton."

Loki smiled. This would be interesting.

Loki looked about his new surroundings. It was well furnished and had a spectacular view of the Midgard, although the sights weren't as flourishing as his home Asguard. Loki immediately banished the thought. Asguard is not your home, remember? It never was. You don't have one. He gritted, hands clenching at the staff for reassurance. He looked up to see Selvig setting up the portal. His time of victory was coming, he could feel it. It was a pity, his favorite pawn, agent Barton, could not join him in his glory. Loki smiled. At least he will be with his people to watch, the world crumbling around them. Loki walked to the sides of the tesseract, his emerald green eyes glowing with the lights of the cosmic cube. Its power felt warm to the gods' mind, as he counted the last seconds to his Grand opening. No longer would he be thought as Thor's mere little 'brother', no, he will be the ruler of Midgard, the great ruler of the pathetic Midgardians, the all-powerful. Loki, the god of mischief, Loki, the lie-smith, Loki, the one with the silver tongue. He laughed a hysterical laugh. It just felt so unreal. Something caught up to his throat as he relished his final steps to victory. He choked, stepping away from the tesseract and the busy scientist. Someone, something was with him. Who? Loki whipped around, staff gripped tight in hand. What? He went back into the shelters of the iron man's tower, away from the prying eyes of New York City. He scoured every inch of surface his eye could get on. He saw absolutely nothing. It's there, it's there. Keep looking. The lie-smith clung on to the staff, its' power the only reason he was there at the first place. Loki relaxed, seeing he was truly alone along with the scientist. Loki wished he hadn't thought that. For as he turned, there it was, staring, staring at him. Its' hands, clasped together, rubbing, shadows clinging onto the entity, and Loki could not help but shiver at its' presence. They stood there, staring at each other for a while, and Loki could feel the dull headache coming back.

"What are you looking at, you despicable impudent being?" Loki hissed making sure every word was dragged out in a way finger nail was dragged against a chalk board. The… man with no face 'stared' at him, giving no responses to the threats Loki continued to spew out.

"You dare look down at me? Who do you think you are? You are nothing. You are pathetic! Have you no life, but to follow me, a god. What, has my glory blinded you? You disgust me… even lacking the basic feature what even a bare Midgardian holds. You are even inferior!" Loki started to become more and more frustrated as his words seemed to have no effect on the creature.

"Begone you simpleton!" Loki directed his staff to the staring entity and let the blue crystal blast away. That is, what he intended, but as soon as the staff pointed to its target, his body froze. It was a chilling grip to his body and it froze him to the bones. The entity was no longer there. Instead it stood next to him, cocking its head to the side, intrigued. Loki was able to muster a menacing snarl as it reached towards the staff. In contact, the crystal gleamed, and instantly, Loki was shot across the room with the attack the entity was supposed to have. Loki gasped, the pain the same as how the man out of time deflected his beam. Groaning inwardly, the god stood up to see the entity, shadows trailing behind it, walking towards him. Loki hissed.

"What… have you done you -"

The man with now face was in front of him. Loki blinked, heart beating too fast for his liking. A sickly pale hand reached out to him and touched the gods' chest. Loki could not remember when the last time he felt such immense pain in him was. It was as if the entity reached into his body and grabbed his heart, stopping it. Loki couldn't function properly his body; his lung was having trouble breathing. His mind was going everywhere but here. He faltered, trying to speak, trying to reason with the beast before him, the monster seeming to enjoy every minute of his labored breathe. As soon as the pain had come, it was gone. In a blink of an eye, Loki was down on the ground, hands brought to his chest plate, staff forgotten on the ground. Those mere seconds felt like hours.

"…Who are you?"

The creature bent down from its' incredible height to meet the god's eye level. Loki's head throbbed in pain as the creature placed itself next to the god's ear. The god waited, expecting a deep voice to say something to him, anything, but there was nothing. Then he heard it. Hearing was not the right word to describe what Loki had just experienced. It was words, formed in side his mind painfully, a long fingernail, scratching the words on to his fleshy brain, and letting it bleed. As soon as the transaction was done, it was gone. Vanished. There was no magic, no mist or vapor. Just gone, as if it was all but the figment of Loki's imaginations. The god stood, shaking off what just happened and walked out to meet the bright blue sky. It was time.

But he could not help, no, he couldn't. For just like their first encounter, the words, those two single words had imprinted itself into his brain, and no matter how he wanted it to go away, how he willed it, it wouldn't. It just wouldn't.

GeT rEaDy

"Puny god."

Loki couldn't help but let out a long whimper of pain as the green beast walked away, leaving him in the crater that shelled him. Loki honestly had no idea what just happened to him. He was yelling at the beast and then all of a sudden he was swept off his feet, then the next thing he knew, he was there, lying on the ground, every part of his body aching, wondering what on earth just happened. When will the pain ever stop?


Loki's eyes winded. It was here. He briefly wondered if the blank faced man's pain was worse than the hulks'.

WoUlD yOu LikE tO kNoW?

The headache was coming again, and Loki mentally winced. Was this some side effect of being near the being?

The god growled as he finally saw the entity. It stood at the edge of the crater near his feet, tilting its head to the side, looking quite amused at the sight of the god put to shame. Loki stayed still. It was pointless to stand, his joints were screaming at him. He let out loud sigh and eyed the slender figure with venom.

"What business do you have with me?"

No words were curved into Loki's mind and the god sighed after a while. He flexed his hands for a good measure and silently listened to the battle accruing at the moment outside the penthouse. He heard screams of the citizens and the explosions. He chuckled. He turned his attention to the monster.

"Do you hear that? Isn't it beautiful? This day… it was supposed to be mine." Loki smiled, the very thought bringing a slight joy to his facials. But the expression quickly darkened and his tone came to a nasty turn. "But no… Thor and his contemptible new friends had to ruin it. It has always been that way. I will try to do something… and he will always come along with his meddling friends and ruin the surprise. Thor… and his bloody friends…" Loki gnashed his teeth, his jaws in a fixed position as he continued to spill his anger at the unknown being. It was the only one that didn't seem to judge him. It was the only one that stayed around long enough to hear his words. "Anywhere, everywhere Thor went, he'd always make new friends, while I'd… I'd make enemies and destruction to the path. I don't want to! I don't mean to! But they always blame me without hearing me out and…"

Loki stopped. He was so into what he was saying, filled with such bitter anger, he didn't realize the entity was no longer at his feet, but by the crater's side, bending over, its face a few inches away from his. If Loki hadn't known better… the entity seemed to be smiling at him. A great stretched smile, reaching from the left temple to the right. Loki grimaced as it smiled, seeming ever so happy.

"By the name of Odin's despicable beard are you looking at?" Loki spat his step fathers name out. He expected saying the name would be a difficulty without having the memories come rushing back. But what he did not expect was the words, forming itself on top of the flesh of his brain.

YoU, SoN oF lAuFeY

Loki stared, stunned, but gathered his composure quickly. "How do you-"

I kNoW EvErYtHinG, gOd oF mIsChIeF. I KnOw wHaT YoU aRe tHinkINg, I kNow WhEn yOU aRe sLeePinG,I kNoW YouR dArKesT sEcReTs, nIGhTmaReS, mEmOrIEs. I kNoW

Loki inwardly shivered as it leaned closer, his head hurting, ready to explode.


And it was gone, leaving Loki staring quite wide eyed at the ceiling. His heart throbbed in an alerting state, and he clenched his hands, his limbs trembling. He hadn't even noticed how much as he gathered his strength up to at least bring his body to a sitting position. He gasped. It was rather a painstakingly long process as he straightened his cramped arms. The headache started to disappear, than Loki noticed he was, once again, not alone. Struggling, he turned around and saw than his dear brother Thor and his new friends, each and every one ready to seize him and beat some sense to him. His previous pawn, agent Barton was at front, an arrow pointing between his eyes, clearly furious. Loki's mouth was agape, seeing that his pathetic army of Chitauri had failed. Eyeing each avenger, he took a small breathe.

"…If it's all the same to you…"

Loki looked at the ground, his mangled legs, and he was speechless for a few moments. He knew when he was defeated. His eyebrows came to a sad frown, an opposite to his mouth, shyly smiling.

"…I'll have that drink now."

He was for once, thankful they were there. As his brother grabbed him by the arms and dragged him up, he somehow knew he was safe, he would be constantly surrounded by others, and the hideous creature wouldn't be there.

The man with no face stood behind the crowd of heroes, long arms clasped at the back of his body, the long shadows drifting in and out of him. The fun will begin soon, it just knew.

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