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"You do have a story inside you. It lies articulate and waiting to be written, behind your silence and you are suffering."

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Ch8 – Unraveled before you…

It was exactly 10:38pm, 35 seconds into the night and the countdown to the next commercial in the television when the incident happened. Everyone was in the living room on the 13th floor, eating popcorns and enjoying themselves, Rodgers and Romanoff back from their mission along with Barton, cooped up on the couches, taking a break in their worried lives. There was no harm in resting. Bruce sat nearby; head nestled upon the cushions, Tony right by, handful of dry fruits and a glass of alcohol. Thor sat on the carpet, eyes fixated on the flashing colors, mouth working away on the popcorns. Everything was perfect. Everything was fine, until 10:38pm, 35 seconds exact when it was heard. It was one of the most horrifying, blood curdling screams anyone had ever heard, or even fathomed to imagine. It resonated, bounced upon the grand walls of the tower, striking the heart of everyone. It sent Thor straight up, eyes wide, heart beating faster than light. Bruce came to a bolting stand next to Tony, heart pacing, struggling to calm down. Tony grabbed Bruce's shoulder, trying to calm him down. Natasha had her hands at her holster, Barton already in hand with his weapons. No one moved, and that was only 3 seconds, until Rodgers spoke, breaking them out of trance.

"Was that… Loki?"

Everything happened so fast. Thor was running across the room, heading towards the emergency stairs, everyone close by. In one moment there were stairs, stairs, stairs, spiraling up, the next was a blank corridor. Tony blinked. It was as if he was running through someone else's home. He couldn't recognize half of the things he saw as he ran by. The corridors seemed to stretch on, and Natasha briefly wondered how this was possible. Though it seemed as if they had been running for hours, it was another blink of an eye, and they were in front of Loki's door. There was no hesitation when Thor grasped the handle and swung it wide open.


There was utter darkness. Bruce turned the switch light on, and gasped at the sight.

There was blood everywhere.

Thor staggered back, the crimson color blinding him with memories. Tony stepped into the room with others, and everyone gaped in unison. What brought more shock was not just the blood.

Loki wasn't there.

"How is this possible? I thought you said he couldn't escape!" Barton was in the edge of screaming. The calm assassin had his mind everywhere, the blood causing more confusion to his restless heart.

Tony seemed confused, grabbing at his hair and stumbling away from the red.

"He can't! He couldn't… It's impossible! I tested multiple times and the shock from the inside would be felt from the radius of 10 centimeters and if touched by him would electrocute him to nothing and I even made a remodel of it with the circuits in both parallel and serial and I made sure that the resistors wouldn't overload –!"


The billionaire stopped eyes wide. Bruce grabbed the man by the shoulders, and could just see how afraid he was.

"Right now isn't the time Tony. Think straight. Maybe he hasn't escaped after all? Maybe he's still in here."

"My brother is not in here!" Thor bellowed, walking towards the team after ransacking the whole place. Thor hadn't exactly ransacked the room, for it was ransacked before they had got in. Steve seemed to be fixated with the blood, face etched in concern.

"Then we should search the tower. He couldn't have gone so far by the looks of the blood."

"We could do that, or we could do something else. Jarvis!" Tony seemed to have remained his cockiness.

"Sir. It seems Loki is in the kitchen on the 15th floor. I suggest going up by the elevator and raising the speed by 60%, for it seems, he is a terrible state."

"We'll do exactly that. Come on!"

The trip towards the kitchen, everything seemed to go in slow motion. A movie played backwards, the team ran to their location, their pants quiet despite how worn they were. There was another noise, much louder than their loud footsteps. As they rounded the corners, the sounds of metal clanging grew louder and louder, along with feral breathing in the kitchen. Once arriving at the scene, many thoughts raced through their minds in less than a split second. They had seen many terrible things, seen many corpses with dead white eyes and bleeding mouths, wounds fresh as the morning dew to the rotten corpses. Many of the sights had scarred them, caused them to wake up in fits, but none were as violent as what they saw.

Thor froze, the Mjölnir heavy upon his belt. His breathing came to a stop, chest tight. Vile probed at his throat and he clenched his fists, struggling to utter one word.

Loki stood hunched before them, back facing them. There was blood everywhere on the kitchen, Loki stepping on to the puddles. Pots and pans were scattered everywhere, the cupboards wide open and empty of its' possessions. Cutlery lay loose upon the wide tiles, wet blood marking the fridge as it hung open. The messy black hair bobbed slowly, showing a bit of the high pale cheek bones covered in blood. The god continued to breathe louder, not noticing the team as they stared in shock.


Loki stopped. Slowly, he turned, body first, head rotating the second. Silent gasps echoed through the room as the god revealed his face. Blood covered his mouth, decorating the pale skin like how wine did with the white carpet. The emerald eyes were wide and dilated, darting as it met the warm blue of Thor. His hands were tight around his chest, clenching an object tightly. The dazed eyes grew wider by the second as the tired mind seemed to process what he was looking at. Tony couldn't help but let out a small sound.

"Oh my God."

Loki slowly approached, his steps stumbling, hand slowly reaching out.


It was quieter than a whisper, almost afraid that Thor would disappear once he said anything. Thor swallowed, eyes brimmed with tears.

"It is I Loki…"

Loki violently staggered back, unbelieving the words the god said before him.

"No… It can't be you. It can't be you…"

"Why not Loki?" Thor took a step forward. Loki took a step back.

"Because… because… you're dead… you're dead… you're not alive anymore…" Loki looked up, face filled with such anguish.

"You killed yourself. I watched you die. It's my entire fault… We can escape this together… escape this chain of cruel fate… This cycle… look!" Loki slowly brought out the object he was holding, "I found the second key. We can get out. We can escape. We can be together. Thor… Don't die… Thor…"

"Loki, I am not going to die…!"

Loki seemed to not have heard him as he staggered back, bringing the key back to his heart. His knuckles whitened and he gave a ragged sigh. All of a sudden, it all changed. His whole demeanor changed. As Loki looked up, his eyes were more wild, the shaky hands dropping to the side. It was like seeing a complete different person.

"You're dead. I watched you die."

Tony watched and realized Loki was reaching for an object on the table.

It was a knife

"You died. I watched you die. You're dead."

The pale hands gripped tightly among the handle. Violent green met the morbid blue.

"Who are you?"

Something like an animal snarl emitted from the god's throat as he hunched forward with the knife and charged. Natasha leaped forward in action, swiping at Loki's feet, making him stumble. Barton came to the side, dislodging the knife painfully from the god's hold. There was a sound of bone breaking, but Loki didn't seem to notice. His eyes were livid; perhaps even a different color, a morsel of black. His face showed no sign of pain… as if he was possessed. The two assassins secured the irate god, hooking their arms under his arm and pushing at his head. Loki laughed, dropping the key he had in his hand. The laugh too was different… very different. It wasn't the usual laugh they heard from Loki where he mocked them as 'mortals', it wasn't emotional, it didn't cover the lies nor the truth. The laugh was pure menace, full of malice and savage intents.

It was unlike Loki.

But then again, what did they know of him?

"Do you remember Thor? When you held that needle? When you sawed me with that leather twine?" A maniac smile graced his features as he continued, "Well guess what? I got it out! You can't silence the god of lies! The god of trickery! The god of CHAOS!" Loki spat the thick black string out from his mouth and laughed and laughed…

It was a blink of an eye that Loki stood before them covered in blood. The next blink and he was limp in the assassin's arms, than on the ground, drowning in the crimson blood of his own. Bruce rushed past Thor who stood there in silence, eyes glued to the thick string that lay in the pool of blood. Tony along with Rodgers brushed past, helping the doctor.

"The blood… it's not coming from his mouth." Bruce informed, examining Loki's mouth worriedly.

"It's from the foot Banner!" Rodgers said, hurriedly covering the wound with his shirt.

"But I stitched it…" He eyed Thor slowly bending down and picking up the black string Loki had spat out before. It was the same string he had used to saw up Loki's injured foot. Thor twirled it around his fingers, eyes not quite focusing.

"You will not make a mockery of everything Loki."

It came out as a whisper, laced with nostalgia, but it was loud enough for Banner to hear as Rodgers hoisted Loki's limp body up. Barton watched as Loki's body was taken away and eyed the rest of the group.

"I think… we need to look at the security cameras to understand what the heck just happened, 'cause I sure as hell don't understand what just happened here."

Stark gave a wearied nod as he looked at the mess around him. "I'll send the damn cleaning bots in I guess." He muttered, kicking at the pots and pans scattered about.

It was a long trip back to the medical wing of the tower, stitching back the wound and washing away the blood, bandaging the broken wrist. Bruce eyed the stitching string that Thor held in such dim focus, as he settled the unconscious god back to bed. During the whole process down to the medical ward and taking care of Loki, Thor was not himself. Usually he would be the one holding Loki, eyes laced with salt water; nose flared with compassion and breathes short and fast. He would never take his eyes off of his precious brother. But ever since Loki spat the string out, he never took his eyes off it, never lay his eyes on Loki. It wasn't just him who seemed to notice something was awfully off. Rodgers often had looked back at the thunder god as he carried Loki, wondering if Thor was going to ask to carry him. Barton continued to glance at Thor, even now, wondering if he was going to yell at him for breaking Loki's wrist. Tony and Natasha exchanged worried looks, as they could obviously tell something was very wrong with the loud obnoxious happy-go-lucky god. It was just as Bruce finished mending Loki's wrist that he couldn't take enough of it.

"Thor, come clean; what happened?"

Thor blinked a several times, as if he hadn't closed his lids for days. He cocked his head to the doctor's direction, slowly lowering the string.

"What dost thou ask of?"

"You know what I'm talking about. What just happened there? What did he mean by what he said? How did he get out?"

Tony clapped his hands, pointing to the screen behind them.

"Jarvis, show us the surveillance take of Loki's room after Bruce's left his room."

"Yes sir."

The black screen fuzzed and shortly appeared the night vision of Loki's room, 3 hours and 13 minutes ago. It showed Loki sleeping quietly, no unusual activities.

"Fast forward."

The screen obliged, showing Loki moving about quickly in sleep, nothing was wrong until 10:38pm, until the screen gave a loud static.

"What's going on Jarvis? Slow down!"

"Sir, it seems we are missing some footage of tonight for 5 seconds."

"How is that possible? Did we get hacked in? is there a virus?"

"Problem cannot be identified sir."

"…Play the video back before the missing footage."

"Yes sir."

The screen whirred back to Loki lying down, sleeping, no problem. It cut off with the static for a few seconds and the screen came back.

The room was upside down.

In the missing 5 seconds, Loki had done something, for the curtains were ripped, the drawers were all flung open, the mirror broken, book case tipped over, spilling book everywhere. The lamp beside Loki's bed was on, flickering on and off every few seconds. In the middle of it all was Loki, hair wild and crazy, standing in the middle of the room. He was looking at something, staring and staring. The screen gave fuzz and the team could see Loki sitting on the bed, dazed. Suddenly he grabbed his feet and it seemed… it seemed…

"Oh my God…"

It was a whisper, even for the archer.

"He's tearing it off with his teeth."

Loki thrashed his head back and forth, face full of anguish as it got painted with blood. It lasted for 20 seconds, until the visual torture was done, Loki putting the string into his mouth. By now his whole face was covered in blood, the t-shirt ruined along with the bed covers. Bruce glanced over at Thor to see how deeply it affected him. Thor was no longer in his trance. As a matter of fact, he was fully out of it, staring wide eyed at the screen, teeth biting at the bottom lip, great arms hugging on to the plain clothes he now wore.

"Hey, it's 10:38 and 35 seconds! Isn't that when we heard the scream?"

"Yes Mister Barton, it is."

"How come we aren't hearing anything right now?"

"Jarvis, is the audio system off?"

"No sir. It seems it has been deactivated throughout this event."

The team eyed each other in stun. Who would do that? How could anyone do that?

"Hey what the –"

The team turned their attention back to the screen, where Loki was exiting through the door.

"What, Jarvis, go back!"

The screen gave a whirr. It showed Loki sitting on the bed, than in the door that could be seen in the corner of the screen opened. Loki stood up, and exited.

"Whoa, wait, replay in slow motion! Zoom up on that door!"

In the night vision, the door handle slowly turned, and the door creaked open a little. Tony watched in horror as Loki stood and exited. He whipped behind him in annoyance and betrayal.

"Who opened that door?"

Rodgers narrowed his eyes. "Why are you looking at us? Why would we open the door for him?"

"I don't know! Who else would I be asking? Huh? I made sure that it was only us who could open the door, no one else can touch those handles except us!"

Silence filled the room, all eyes filled with suspicion eyeing each other. It was until Jarvis spoke;

"Sir, it seems the door did not open from the outside. It opened from the inside."

Everyone was filled with shock. Tony whipped back to the screen in disbelieve. "Give me a video play back of the camera outside the room!"

The screen now showed Loki's door at 10:38 and 35 seconds. It remained closing, and Tony expected someone to open the door. No one came. It stopped everyone's heart as the door simply opened. They continued watching to see Loki come out, but in their shock, he did not. The door remained slightly ajar for 2 minutes than suddenly closed, just a few seconds before they arrived.

"But… he went out…"

Tony ignored Barton and turned to Thor who seemed just as confused as they were.

"Is this one of your brother's tricks?"

"Nay, it could not have been. Loki with his remaining hand cuffs could not have achieved such a deed."

"Then how is this possible?" Tony felt as if he would explode. "Jarvis, I want you to search every inch of the tower for any intruders and viruses, malware, ANYTHING that could have done this. Scan and check and double check and triple check for all I care!"

"Yes sir."

Tony rubbed his temples and gave a tired sigh. Bruce patted his back. Tony turned and gave the doctor a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry. I'll get to the bottom of this."

"Well, I think the easier way is to ask the escapist rather searching the whole tower." Barton eyed angrily at the unconscious god before them. "Maybe it was the Chitauri. Maybe it was the 'the other.' We should wake him up and find out now!"

Natasha shot Barton a glance. "Don't be an idiot Barton. You know better than I that he needs his rest." Barton gave a useless frustrated growl and sat down at one of the chairs next to the bed.

"I know… it's just… I just want to know the truth, you know?"

"Speaking of truth… Thor, what is it with you and Loki and that stitching string?"

Thor looked at Banner with a questioning look. It quickly turned to a face that tried to cover another emotion. "I… I do not know what ye speak of."

"Come with it Thor. Leather twine I know is a thick material and it's different to the string I used to stich his foot… However, it's the same material I saw stitched onto Loki's mouth."

Thor's eyes widened, his whole body coming to a stiff standstill in shock. The god seemed out of words. The rest of the team eyed the two men in suspicion.

"What? What's going on? Leather twine was stitched on reindeer game's lips? Come on, is this a joke?" Tony gave a small laugh, Barton quietly joining in the nervous sound. It stopped when Thor hung his head in shame, the breathing coming ragged.

"How… how do you know Doctor Banner?"

Bruce gave a sharp intake. So it was true. What he saw much earlier was the truth. "Loki showed me." Thor's head whipped up in shock. "He showed me an image. His mouth was stitched shut with leather twine. There was blood everywhere. Thor… what happened."

Thor gave a quiet laugh. "Yes… My brother does sometimes have the power to show the people he can connect to images with his mind. It was a gift… nothing connected to magic. If only he used his powers for good… such a deed would not have happened."

Silence filled the room as everyone looked at Thor in shock. Natasha reached and touched her lips, imagining them being pierced with a needle.

"Did you… did you do that to him? He said you held the needle –"

Thor's fist slammed against the white wall, indenting it, dust and debris tumbling out as he removed his shaky hands.

"It was not I who did it. I would have never… I … did not mean to…."

"Thor... Tell us." Steve laid his hand on the great shoulders, trying to sympathize with the god. Thor gave a huge breath of intake. He sat down on one of the many chairs and rested his head on his hands.

"My brother... many years ago, he was very different. He loved adventure, especially with me. Back then, he did not know of his true heritage. My brother is a frost giant from Jotunheim; they were fearful monsters whom killed many mortals and tried to take over Midgard. They are… were savages. My father fought against them in a great battle and stole their winter casket; an object that could freeze about anything its' frost giant user wanted. He did not only take that, but also Loki, son of Laufey, the king of Jotunheim. My brother, when magic is fully drained out of him, will turn into it, but also turn into one in contact with frost giants or the winter casket. From growing up, he was seen very differently. He was weaker, less fair, the odd one out. He did not have the same hair as I, the same eyes as I, not the bravery as I. because of me, my brother was bullied relentlessly… all because of me. But he was strong, determined not to let such trivial things as others bring him down. We loved each other, did everything with each other. I knew his secrets, he knew mine. That time, I knew none of the frost giants, and we saw them as bedtime story monsters, nothing that could haunt us. My brother was always full of tricks to make us laugh. That is why he is called the god of trickery, god of mischief. It was nothing nasty, it never truly hurt anyone. Father disapproved of his actions. He disapproved… of everything Loki did. Loki had countlessly tried to win father's love and approval. I believe that unknowingly, father pushed him away, and favored me more. I believe it was unintentional. As we grew older, Loki became more and more bitter. He realized he was different, but he did not know how. It was there that he won the title of 'god of lies', for he kept all truth sealed behind those lips, only lies coming out. That was what others thought. My brother one day came to my chambers and confessed his feelings. He had told me not to tell anyone, for he knew others would think he lied. But the true reason why he was named, the reason he chose the title itself, was because he could tell if others were lying. But that was back then. That was before the incident, when his heart was still pure and filled with compassion for his family. It was one night, when he did the unthinkable; he cut of lady Sif's hair. He confessed to the deed and promised to get her hair back. He went to the dwarves that are called the sons of Ivallda, to fix Sif new golden hair along with more beautiful items. He wanted to please everyone, make them happy, to make them approve of him. He made a wager with two other dwarfs, Brokk and Eitiri, that if they could make something better that they could have his head. It was there where my hammer was created, Mjölnir. They came back and Sif's hair was back, father given his spear that he uses to this day, and many other valuables to many Asguardians. He finally gave me mine, and I am filled with shame to say that I never realized that he went through the wager, for the sake of us. He waged his own head to the dwarves for he trusted us. But we betrayed that trust. When it was time to be judged, everyone saw the Mjölnir created by Brokk was deemed most beautiful. We did not know of the wager, but it was fine, for Loki had said to have his head, it would mean to cut his neck off, which was not part of the wager. Brokk came to me in plea for justice and I… "

Thor stopped. He hung his head lower and gave a quiet sob.

"… I told Loki, who looked to me with such trust, with such honesty, that he would not make a mockery of everything. I was filled with such anger of what he had done to lady Sif, I was not thinking clearly and I helped… I helped the dwarves sew his mouth shut with leather twine. He screamed and cried for mercy, for help, to me, to stop. No one listened. No one cared. No one even thanked him for the gifts that everyone now uses with happiness. Once sewing his mouth shut, everyone laughed and laughed. After that, things weren't the same anymore. Sif's hair turned black in a reason I do not know why after that day, and Loki was rarely seen. We spoke as little as possible. Loki trusted no one after that."

Tony had a hand over his mouth in shock, Natasha was sitting next to Barton looking sick, Bruce had his hands in his wavy locks, not wanting to believe what he heard, and Steve was staring at the thunder god with horror and disbelief. Barton's face was blank, staring at the unconscious go before him.

"I was naïve and unwise back then, every bad thing that happened in Asguard was pointed to Loki, and when he denied, when he looked to me for help, I did not listen but point fingers. My brother was left alone to solve problems that he did not create. We grew apart, and it was all because of me. One day, my coronation came, for me to become king. Although we had grown apart, it was time to come back together, and I did not remember any of the hatred, nor the incident. Loki looked happy, but I did not see the disappointment and hurt in his eyes. It was only last year I found out how much Loki had tried to gain my father's affection and approval, and gained nothing. It is a long story, but I will say that I would not be the god you see before me if it weren't for Loki, who helped become who I am now. Loki fell from the bifrost after learning his true heritage and trying to kill his own people, the frost giants, for father. To please him. Father still did not approve when Loki was hanging by a thread to death and Loki…. He let go… and I could do nothing but watch and cry. What I did not know was that he fell through many universes and realms, finally ending up with the other, being fuelled with hatred and cold emotions. The disaster of Chitauri invading Midgard would not have happened if that incident… of Loki's lips being sewn shut… had not happened. To this day I am still naïve, for when I took Loki from your ship, all I did was question of the tesseract and point Mjölnir at him."

Once Thor was done talking, no one else talked. What was there to talk about? How shocked they were in finding such a secret behind Loki? Natasha heaved and finally stood, approaching Thor. Thor looked up, quite confused, until Natasha slapped him. Hard. The room moved forward, Barton coming to a stand and holding Natasha back who looked to murder the thunder god. Thor just blinked a several times, shocked by what just happened. He rubbed his cheeks and turned to Natasha who was seething, silent tears falling out of her eyes. Her voice came out in hushed tones.

"How could you… how could you do that to him? He may not be your true brother… but he loved you… and you betrayed his trust…!" she lunged forward.

Barton tried to keep her still as she kicked and growled, Rodgers coming to aid him.

"Stop it agent Romanoff! Thor already is filled with guilt!"

"Guilt... just guilt isn't going to help Loki! Look at him, tearing his life away because of you! Feeling shame and guilt is going to take you nowhere! You have to take action before its' too late… because it's too late for me. My adopted brother… Vindiktor… he loved me so, but I broke his heart, I betrayed his trust. I knew how much he cared for me, but it was too late to apologize. Our house was burnt by the Nazis, and he was consumed by the flames along with mother and father. I was rescued by a Russian soldier whom took care of me. It was too late for me to make amends Thor. Don't let it be too late for you too."

Natasha stopped her kicking and sobbed quietly, the two men holding her and comforting her. Thor looked down, unable to see the woman he made cry. Barton turned to Loki and sighed.

"She's right. You've got to make amends. WE need to make amends."

Steve nodded. "Monsters aren't born. They're created. We can change things for the better."

The Avengers glanced at one another. Tony gave a small smile.

"Then let's make an agreement! From now on, we'll take care of Loki, and create happy memories to take with him when he goes back to Asguard or even stays here. We've got to get rid of those bad memories, so we'll replace with something more positive that he'll be able to treasure for years to come. Everyone agree?"

Tony brought his arm in front of him. Bruce looked at it and smiled, placing his hand over Tony's.

"I'm in."

Steve placed his hand over Bruce's.

"You can count me in."

Natasha staggered forward, wiping her blurry eyes with a small smile. She gently placed her hand over Steve's.

"I'm in, whether you men like it or not."

They laughed. Thor got up shakily, giving an apologetic nod to Natasha who returned it. He placed his hand over hers.

"Aye. Let us make my brother smile!"

Everyone turned around to Barton who stood at the bed of Loki. He glanced back and watched as Loki gave quiet breathes, blood dripping into the tube. He sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

"He may have controlled my mind and make me do the unthinkable… but he endured worse, and by the looks of it…"

He placed his hand over Thor's.

"He deserves better. I'm in, and I want these memories to be great."

The team nodded at each other and left the room, all in agreement of laying happy memories for Loki. They left the room to go to bed, for it was truly a long tiring day and they were exhausted. They left the room, filled with hope and excitement for the next day, to open out to Loki of the joys in life.

They left the room

They left Loki

Left him to the entity that waited in the shadows.

Left him to his nightmare

To death

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