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~Kaito's POV ~

Kaito got what he wanted. He got to sleep in Shinichi's bed. He found himself in the same position as the night on the cruise, with Shinichi lying half on top of him and nestled into his neck. It took him a long time to fall asleep as he couldn't help spending the first few hours just enjoying the moment. He really liked the feeling of having his arms around the detective. It made him feel like Shinichi really was his. When he finally did fall asleep he wore a satisfied smile on his face.

The next morning he actually managed to sleep until afternoon. He sat up in the bed and groggily ran a hand through his messy brown hair. It took him a while to register that the bed was empty. He heard some rumbling coming from downstairs and figured Shinichi was probably already getting started on his daily routine. He tried to remember what he'd learned about the detective's habits while spying on him. Shinichi's mornings were very monotonous. Every morning he got up around 12:30, went down to start the coffeemaker, went outside to get the paper and then sat down with his coffee and newspaper.

Kaito got out of bed when he heard the coffeemaker and went to the window in the hallway. And sure enough, there was Shinichi on his way to the mailbox. He opened the window with the intention of yelling out to Shinichi but was distracted by a figure looming in the shadows across the street. The sunlight reflected in something in the person's right hand and Kaito's eyes widened as he recognized the object that was being raised to point at Shinichi.

"Shinichi, get out of the way!" he cried in panic just as the man fired his gun at the high school detective.

Luckily, Shinichi had amazing reflexes and upon hearing Kaito's warning he quickly jumped out of the way just as a shot was fired at where he'd stood. The man in the shadows fled and Kaito ran down the stairs to get to Shinichi.

Shinichi was getting up from the ground looking confused and alarmed. He spun towards where the man had been a minute ago, comprehension invading his eyes as he clutched his right upper arm tightly. Kaito saw something red soak through the long-sleeved tee. He hurried to the other's side.

"Are you alright?!" he asked, completely terrified at the thought of Shinichi being hurt. Shinichi carefully removed his hand from his arm to look at the damage.

"Yeah, it appears the bullet only brushed the skin," he said relieved. "Thank God."

Kaito grabbed Shinichi's arm to get a look. Shinichi was right. The bullet hadn't entered but it had left a shallow wound, and that wound was bleeding. Warm red liquid spread down the arm.

"We should get you inside. We need to clean this up," Kaito spoke worriedly. "And bandage it, too," he added after looking at the red arm again. Shinichi nodded absentmindedly, caught up in thoughts. Kaito took his hand and lead him back inside. He sat him down on a kitchen chair, vaguely noting that the coffee was done.

"Do you have a first aid kit somewhere?" he asked. Shinichi nodded and pointed to underneath the sink. Kaito rummaged through cabin and found what he was looking for. Shinichi reached for the kit as he sat down next to him. Kaito shook his head at him.

"I'll do it," he explained. Shinichi looked like he was about to complain but then just pulled his tee over his head in silence. If it had been any other time he would have loved to have Shinichi shirtless next to him but he had to focus on the task before him. He began cleaning the wound, relieved when it turned out to be even smaller underneath the blood. Shinichi gasped every once in a while but didn't say anything. After cleaning the wound, he bandaged it. He gently ran his fingers across the bandaged wound a little before shaking his head.

"Ran's right. You are a trouble magnet," he sighed before getting up to retrieve Shinichi and himself some coffee. After sitting back down he stared at the detective, thinking of how many times stuff like this might have happened to him in the past.

"… comes with the job," Shinichi mumbled into his coffee. Kaito clenched his fists in aggravation. He wasn't going to tell Shinichi to quit his job as a detective, it made him who he was, but it still made him angry to know he could practically get killed any day because of his profession.

He sighed in frustration and left the room. Did he really have to just get used to that in order to be with Shinichi? He wandered the halls on the second floor for a while before stopping in front of a half open drawer that caught his attention.

He opened it carefully. Finding a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and a picture of little Conan and some other kids. With Ran standing behind them it was easy to guess that the picture wasn't much older than a few months tops.

He heard footsteps behind him. Shinichi came up to him silently and took in the sight of the picture with minor dread in his eyes. Kaito already knew that Conan and Shinichi were the same person but he couldn't very well just say that. Not yet at least. He held the photo between his thumb and index finger and raised a questioning eyebrow, very interested in what Shinichi looked like he was struggling to say.

"That's… um… one of the trouble magnet things again, I guess," he tried nervously, clearly still trying to piece his thoughts together to a coherent and reasonable explanation.

"And just how did that happen?" Kaito asked. That question had been troubling him for as long as he'd known about Conan not being a real child. Shinichi sighed resignedly.

"I saw some suspicious-looking men when I was at an amusement park with Ran. I followed them into a secluded part of the park where they were clearly meeting someone they were blackmailing. Unfortunately, they saw me, knocked me out and forced a pill down my throat. When I woke up… I looked like that," he explained and pointed at the boy in the picture. Kaito felt the frustration return.

"So, you see some suspicious and dangerous types and decide to follow them?" Kaito asked, feeling upset. "Maybe you're not a trouble magnet as much as just plain looking for trouble."

Shinichi nodded embarrassedly. "I know it's stupid, it's just… I see something illegal… something unjust, and I just have to do something about it. I can't help it, I guess," he mumbled.

Kaito's heart was aching at the defeated look on Shinichi's face, so he kissed his forehead lovingly. "I get it, it's who you are. You just have to understand it's not easy to care about someone who clearly doesn't care much about his own safety." Shinichi nodded and leaned on Kaito.

"Does Ran know?" Kaito asked, still holding the picture.

"No," Shinichi said sadly. "I was afraid of them hurting her. And when I finally got the antidote it had been going on for too long so I never really told her. I think she's happier off this way, even if I hate lying to her."

Kaito ran his free hand trough Shinichi's hair.

"Thanks for not lying to me, though," he whispered sincerely. Shinichi kissed him softly. "Like I could lie to you," he whispered back. Kaito hugged him close. It was nice to have one of their secrets out of the way – even if he had known already. But that also left one big secret. His big secret.