The blond haired girl sat on the porch pouting. She should be here by now. She was holding her purse, her stuff – several boxes and some suitcases – were in front of her reminding the reason she was there, sitting by herself. People were walking by and giving her strange looks.

She had found a job and applied for Masters Studies in the city's best university. However, until two weeks ago she was had no idea where she would be living. And then her childhood friend called. From a country she heard for the first time.

Her friend was traveling around the world for the past year. They managed to keep in touch via e-mails, because both were busy, or the time zone was in the way of actually having a conversation with both of them speaking. They both had found jobs in the same city. But her friend decided to take a break from studying.

So two weeks ago her friend called and said she had found the perfect place to rent in Magnolia, the city they wanted to move to. It was a big apartment, so they needed to find a third person. Her friend told she had already took care of that, she just needs to pack her stuff and meet her at the apartment building. That was two weeks ago, now her friend was an hour late.

A car stopped at the sidewalk. The door opened and the blonde heard her name.

- Lucy! I'm sorry for being late, but I had my reasons.

Lucy stood up and hurried to hug her friend she hadn't seen for a year.

- Juvia! I missed you so much.

Lucy and her blue haired friend hugged each other tightly.

- Me too, my dear heart. Are you ready to see out new home?

- I would, if I had the keys!

- Here you go! – Juvia held out two silver coloured keys with small engravings on them that looked like flames.

- Are you for real? Who has that kind of keys? – Lucy said, admiring the keys.
She was a hobbyist-photographer and the thing she liked to photograph were keyholes, locks and everything that was connected with doors being locked with keys.

- You go ahead, I think I better park my car. And I have already seen the place, all my things are there. I took the liberty of choosing my room first, since I was the one who found this place. But I think you won't have it hard to choose between the two others. And it's the top floor. We have the whole top floor to ourselves!

Juvia smiled and got into her Volvo.

- If I like your room better, I will think of something and steal it from you. – Lucy shouted and laughed.

She took one of her suitcases and opened the front door of the apartment building. She found the elevator and pressed the button with the number 5 on it. Yes, it was a small apartment building, near the park, in what looked like a good neighbourhood. The rent was surprisingly small for someone younger than 25, still a student and just starting to work.

- It better be a place I fall in love with! – Lucy said, as the elevator stopped at the fifth floor, making quiet beep signalling it's her stop.

She took a deep breath and unlocked the brownish door with the number 50 on it. Each floor's apartment's number began with the floors number, so this was the only apartment with the 5 as the first number.

She opened the door and some boxes were standing in front of her. It was a hallway with light yellow wallpaper and a closet for coats and footwear. The closet's door had a big mirror on it. She walked further and a big living room with couch, few armchairs, a TV, bookshelf and coffee table invited her to feel comfy. To her right she could see three doors. To the left two doors and a door opening revealing the kitchen.

She dragged the suitcase behind her and opened the door to see the first room, it was coloured reddish. She went to the next one, the room was in coloured light blue - the bathroom with shower, two sinks and a bath, toilet. She decided to check out the next one, when she opened the door, she understood that it will be her room – it was light green, with red ornaments, and a window with a windowsill big enough to sit on. She put the suitcase down and went to look at the view from her new window. She could see other apartment buildings and the park.

- I think, I could live here. – Lucy smiled and decided to see the rest of the apartment.

She found another room, blue with a big painting of a waterfall. Of course this is Juvias room, I don't need to see the boxes in this room to know that. Lucy smiled and wanted to know what was behind the last door. It was a study, big bookshelves along the two walls and a desk with a computer. There were also some armchairs and couch. So I can use this as a library if I want, some of the shelves are empty.

- So, is it good? – Juvia asked, standing behind Lucy.

- Are you sure, we can afford it? I mean, all the furniture look expensive and the building itself looks, you know, like we can't pay for living her. – Lucy asked, not wanting to leave this place, after only being here for less than 10 minutes.

- Yes, we can. I met the owners when I was travelling. They are some rich people without kids. They actually are so nice that I feel sorry for them not having kids. The couple is currently travelling around the world and the apartment is empty. When I told them I'm looking for a place in Magnolia, they offered to rent me the place pretty cheap if I keep an eye on the apartment and keep it in good condition. It's ours for the next two years, amazing, right?

Juvia was smiling and gleaming from happiness. And Lucy felt happy for having such a brave friend who went around the world with barely any money and meeting rich people who have great apartments in good neighborhoods. She hugged her and they started to jump in circles.

- So, who is the third person? Lucy let go of Juvia and asked the question Juvia feared to hear.