When Natsu walked back to kitchen after taking a long but what seemed to be a quick shower, the scent that filled his nostrils made him drool. Whatever hardness in his life, food always made him feel better.

"I wish you could make me breakfast every morning," he said entering the kitchen.

"Maybe I should," she laughed back at him cheerfully. "Now sit down before you drool yourself to death."

Natsu did what he was told and didn't hesitate to eat the full plate of food she put in front of him. She sat across him at the table and slowly ate her portion.

"You know I love your cooking!" He exclaimed without thinking and did not notice Lucy's blush.

"You know... I love you!" She smiled at him.

The words didn't sink into his mind until all the food was gone for good. Only after drinking his glass of juice dry did he understood what she just had told him.

"You know... I love you too..." she said again and this time both of them sat and smiled foolishly at each other.

[weeks later]

Lucy was next to Natsu in his bed, again. It was early morning and they have spent the night together, again, after Juvia and Gray have gone to yet another party. Truth to be told, they all four went together but this pair decided to come home earlier.

"Do you think it's ok that we haven't told anyone about us?" Natsu asked, slight worry could be heard in his voice.

"You know I still have no idea how to tell this to Juvia. I mean… she's your sister AND my best friend. I guess I am just so very unsure how she will react…" Lucy whispered to Natsu, drawing circles with her fingers on his naked chest. The man enjoyed the her touch. One could swear that he almost purred.

After that unlucky night Lucy spent crying and Natsu confessed, following by the morning of Lucy revealing her feelings they both have been going out secretly. And actually not knowing why they tried to hide it from everything. Well, Natsu had an inkling that Gray knew everything, and maybe Lisanna knew too. Either way he was not sure, not to mention that Lucy did not know that Lisanna knew anything at all.

Yes, they were officially together, only no one knew about it, sort of.
But they for sure knew that they can hear Gray and Juvia coming home, the girl was laughing out loud. What they heard next was something that made them alert.

"Hey, do you know if Natsu has a girlfriend? He is being rather absent in the evenings. But so does Lucy. Maybe they both are dating someone?" Juvia was thinking out loud, too loud actually. All what Gray could think was you have no idea sweety!

Then the girl's voice become quieter and few minutes later the just now mentioned couple were sure Juvia was asleep.

"Let's tell them today?" Lucy asked looking up to Natsu. He smiled and nodded a yes. Moments later they both have dozed off again.

When Natsu woke up he was alone in the bed. His room's door was slightly open and he could smell breakfast. He smiled, he just loved Lucy's cooking, and her. The man got up, yawned and walked to the kitchen after feeding his little gecko.

He walked soundless to the kitchen and stood in the doorway just to look at his girl, smiling and very much used to her presence in his life. Lucy was humming along a song that could be heard on the radio and cutting tomatoes. She was once again wearing one of his t-shirts. Natsu walked towards her and hugged her, kissing the back of her head.
"Morning, beautiful." Natsu whispered into her ear.

Lucy put down the knife and turned to her half naked man. "Morning, handsome." She gave him a peck but that was no enough for her boyfriend. He pulled her closer and gave a passionate french kiss. Lucy only responded in happiness and put her hands around his neck to stop him from breaking the kiss.

That's when they heard a glass breaking and looked at the source of the sound only to find a very bewildered bluenette standing in the kitchen's doorway.

"I guess I took one cocktail too much yesterday and am still drunk," they heard Juvia say. Now what?! Lucy was thinking franticly.

Juvia bent down too pick up the shards of the glass she just broke. And looked back up again to see the exact same think she saw second ago, well, minus the kissing. The couple in front of her were in each other embrace, both wearing almost nothing and clearly very affectionate about each other.

The disturbed pair watched as Juvia stood up again and started to walk and dump the broken glass in the garbage can. She walked past the pair, turned around and when she was almost out of the kitchen Juvia spoke.

"Am I dreaming?"

"Nope," replied Natsu and Lucy nodded, her hands still around Natsus neck. Juvia then proceeded to walk out of the kitchen. Natsu stepped back from Lucy and scratched his head, Lucy just stood there wondering what had just happened.

Then they heard Juvia again: "Wait, are you like going out or what?!" she had come back, realising she was not dreaming or drunk. And she just needed to understand what she just saw. Seriously, since when they are THAT friendly with each other?

"Yeahh…" Natsu and Lucy spoke at once.

"Oh… ok then…" Juvia nodded and left again. Her face was expressionless.

Natsu and Lucy looked at each other and smiled. "I guess it went better than expected?" Lucy let out a laugh.

"Ok, and since when is this going on?" Juvia once again popped in the kitched. "I just can't quite get a grip on this yet. But one thing I know for sure, if you too break up, I don't know… I just don't know. So, don't break up, deal?!" and she was gone again.
"Yeah, that went better than expected." Lucy laughed again and kissed Natsu on lips, knowing that Juvia had nothing against them dating. Well, almost nothing.

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